The Daily Riot, Part 4

Case # C0-048323


Individual was found to be a minor, so images have been removed.

In the early morning on Sunday, May 31st, video captured this individual breaking out windows and  throwing lit objects into the buildings along Lincoln Mall.   Upon search of the buildings, firework shells were located.    If you have any information, you can leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers here.

If you have information and wish to speak with an officer, please call Sergeant Vigil at 402-441-7215.

If you have video clips that you are willing to share, please upload them HERE.

Please contact the Lincoln Police Department if you or someone you know were the victim of a crime during the recent demonstrations in Lincoln. After reviewing video footage, we are attempting to identify anyone who was assaulted or had property damaged by the small group of individuals who assaulted or threatened demonstrators, damaged property, and started fires. It’s not too late to make a report.