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Occurred: 10/18/19 and 11/19/19

In the early hours of October 18th, a male used a pry bar to force entry into the freezer at The Pressbox bar. He then exits the freezer and goes next door to Ming’s Auto Detail where he spends a good amount of time tearing up the office and making off with a large amount of cash and a small safe. He’s then spotted again on The Pressbox surveillance, carrying the small safe from Ming’s, and going back into their freezer for a short period of time, before eventually exiting with the safe. Total damage and theft amount from this evening was just under $2,000.

On November 18th, exactly one month later, video shows this same male suspect returned to The Pressbox with another male accomplice. Together, they forced entry to the freezer with bolt cutters. They use a dolly and crates to load up about $700 worth of ham, turkey, and other foods. They also caused another couple hundred dollars’ worth of damage to the freezer door. 

Police are looking to identify the two suspects. The primary suspect is a larger male, wearing jeans and a jacket, with orange and gray colored shoes. The accomplice is a white male with a goatee and an identifiable green hoodie that says ‘Nebraska’ on the front. 

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