Softly Served

C3-078509       Occurred:  9/1/23

A 4 door pickup with running boards and tinted rear windows parked in an adjacent lot to the Dairy Queen near 27th and I-80.  Just after the staff left for the evening, an unknown male walked over to the DQ and walked around the building.  He broke out the glass door on the south side of the building by throwing a concrete planter through it.  He then carried the planter to the office door and repeatedly beat on the door with it.   The planter was broken near the office door and the office door had damage from being hit, but he was not able to get into the office.   Surveillance video shows the male gave up on the door, but was attempting to gain access to the office thru the ceiling.  He was still unsuccessful and walked out the back door of the business without anything.  The video shows the suspect has a hoodie over his head and a mask over his face.  He is seen wearing some glossy, dark shoes. 

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