UNL Bike Theft

UNL Case # 19002306     Occurred: 7/13/19

UNL Police Department is asking for assistance from the Lincoln community in identifying these three who were involved in a theft of a bike from the west side of Memorial Stadium. If you have any information on this case, you can leave a tip here.

Make it Good

B9-075463     Occurred: 8/16/19

Casey’s at SW 6th and West A Street reported these two men came in and tried to purchase alcohol without proper ID. They caused a bit of a scene, so they were told the police were being called. One of them responded with “If you’re calling the police, we might as well make it good.” and grabbed the alcohol off the counter on his way out. You may notice the male with the longer hair has a Lincoln Industries shirt on, and may be an employee at the nearby factory. Lincoln Police Department is actively working to ID the possible employee. In the meantime, if the public has any assistance on who these two may be, you can leave a tip here!


B9-076903     Occurred: 8/20/19

The victim in this case was at work in the Haymarket (7th and L) when he forgot his wallet and phone on a bench outside. When he went back to get it, it was gone. Nearby surveillance caught this shirtless man as a suspect. We’d like to figure out who he is so we can talk with him. If you recognize him, leave us a tip here please!

Trading up

Case # B9-077432    Occurred: 8-21-19


This man with the long red hair attempted to pawn a bike. He showed up with another white male and a white female. The pawn was denied, so the man took the bike out and put it on a trunk mounted bike rack on a white car. The female then walked next door and scoped out a bike waiting for it’s owner at the Plasma center. The same male then walked over and stole the bike. If you have info on these suspects or what they are doing with these bikes, please give a tip here.

Giant No-No

B9-072367     Occurred: 8/6/19

The victim in this case locked his Giant brand bicycle up at Innovation Campus. The man shown in the photos above was seen cutting the lock off the bike and riding off with it. If you recognize him, leave us a tip here!

15 Beers

B9-067481    Occurred: 7/25/19

U-Stop at 17th and Q reported this man came into their store and walked out with a 15 pack of Keystone Light. If you have a tip that could help us solve the mystery of who he is, let us know here!

Dressing Room Diversion

B9-074476     Occurred: 8/13/19

Dick’s Sporting Goods at Gateway Mall reported a shoplift. They provided video footage of these two. Store employees reported after exiting the fitting room, they ditched a piece of clothing and located inside that item was a bunch of clothing security sensors that had been removed from various items. If you recognize either of them, you can leave a tip here!


B9-077064     Occurred: 8/20/19

The victim in this case reported he had his green Honda lawnmower stolen from his residence near N. 43rd and Baldwin. Upon review of his surveillance recordings, he found this man taking his mower. If you have any information that could help us solve this case, leave it here!

Just Checkin’ It Out

B9-074864     Occurred: 8/13/19


Pinnacle Bank, located inside HyVee on 50th and O Street, reported this man came in with a forged check and attempted to cash it for just under $400. Bank employees caught onto him, and when he sensed it, he took off. If you recognize this man, please call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000 or click here to report a tip. 

Cart Dart

B9-063102     Occurred: 7/12/19

Dick’s Sporting Goods at Gateway Mall reported this man pushed out an entire cart of goods without paying. He threw his items into a white Dodge Pickup and took off. If you recognize him or know anything about this event, please leave a tip here!

Bike Theft

B9-074676     Occurred: 9/5/19

The victim in this case parked his bike outside the Casey’s gas station near 13th and E. While he was in the store, the man shown above with the backpack walked by and swiped his bike. The last photo shows the person that was seen with the suspect. If you have any information about this case that could be helpful, leave a tip here please. 


B9-074197       Occurred: 8/12/19

Scheel’s reported a shoplift and provided video footage of this girl whom they report stuffed two pairs of sunglasses in her clothing for a total loss of $529. If you recognize her, leave a tip here!

Bad Burglar

Case # B9-075823   Occurred: 8-17-19

The iRepair Smartphones store at 27th/Superior was burglarized. A dark colored vehicle parks in the lot and a skinny, light skinned male walks up to the window. He threw a rock through the window and steals computers from the business.  He left in the dark colored vehicle. Leave us a tip here.