“Dumpster Diving”

C2-109735          Occurred: 12-10-2022

A citizen near the area of N. 48th and Madison Avenue reported they arrived to do work on a residence and found this male in a private roll-off dumpster on private property. The suspect said he was dumpster diving, and when informed he was actually just trespassing he quickly left on the pictured bicycle. If you recognize him, say it here!

Premium Fuel

C2-108847          Occurred: 12-07-2022

A citizen reported they lost their wallet, and their credit card had been fraudulently used at Casey’s. The suspect pictured here put $63 worth of premium fuel in their vehicle with no plates. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Shoplift in a Stolen Vehicle

C2-108199          Occurred: 12-02-2022

Walmart reported this male took over $1,300 worth of merchandise from their store without paying for it. He was seen entering the passenger side door of the picture Chevrolet Tahoe, which had been reported stolen out of Johnson County at the time. The vehicle has since been recovered, but if you recognize this male or know anything about this case, say it here!

A Stolen Backpack and Fraudulent Charges

C2-100553          Occurred: 11-08-2022

A citizen reported their backpack was stolen out of their vehicle while unloading it. Their credit cards were then fraudulently used at Walmart. Video surveillance developed these two males as suspects, who were seen driving the pictured vehicle. If you recognize either of them, say it here!

JD Sports 2.0

C2-103426          Occurred: 11-17-2022

JD Sports reported these four individuals entered their store standing near the front entrance. They then select orange Nike jackets and run out of the store, and down an escalator. In doing so, they struck a random citizen in the head, then left in a silver 4 door sedan. If you recognize any of these people, say it here!

Oooh They Stealing

C2-105064          Occurred: 11-23-2022

Terracon reported these two people arrived on their business lot and removed two concrete air meters, worth over $1,400. The suspects then got into the pictured Chevrolet HHR. If you know anything about this case, say it here!


C2-108068          Occurred: 12-04-2022

A citizen in the area of 14th and Goodhue Boulevard reported someone threw a brick through their window. Video surveillance developed this male as a suspect. If you know who he is, say it here!

RC Cars

C2-110873          Occurred: 12-14-2022

Hobby Town reported these two males took two RC cars worth almost $300 and left without paying for them. The males left in a grey pickup driven by a 3rd person. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Trail Awayyy

C2-099889         Occurred: 11/06/22

A trailer was taken from a landscaping business in the 3100 block of S. 6th. A maroon Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer Edition, was seen pulling up and parking on the street outside of the business. Two people exit the vehicle and manually drag the trailer over to the Explorer. They hook it up and take off. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Sneaky Snag

C3-002341          Occurred: 01/09/23


A store near 13th/F became the victim of a theft on January 9th around 6pm. They reported the female shown in the images went behind the cash register and removed over $2,000 from the register when employees weren’t looking. Thankfully video captured this incident. We are hoping someone recognizes her and can help tell us who she is. If so, say it here!

JJ Hooligan’s Fraud

C2-103616         Occurred: 11-17-2022

A citizen reported their wallet had been taken at JJ Hooligan’s. Fraudulent activity then showed up on their bank statements. Video surveillance developed this male in a Bass Pro Shop hat as a suspect. If you recognize him, say it here!

Gasoline Theft

C2-098946          Occurred: 11-02-2022

This male is observed to park in Fastenal Inc’s parking lot next to a pickup truck. The male then puts a hole in the pickup’s gas tank and collects the leaking gasoline into a tank. He was seen driving the pictured dark colored sedan. If you know anything about this case, say it here! 


Purse Prowlers 2.0

C2-105610          Occurred: 11-25-2022

A citizen reported their wallet had been taken from their purse while shopping at Costco. Video surveillance shows one of the males distracting the victim, while the other takes out the victim’s wallet. Over $500 of fraudulent charges were then made to the victim’s credit card. If you recognize either of these two, say it here!


Phone Pocketer

C2-097000          Occurred: 10-28-2022

A citizen reported they had set their phone down on the counter while picking up and order at Burger King. They accidentally left the phone there when they left. This male is observed to see the unattended phone and place it into his pocket prior to placing an order.  If you recognize who he is, say it here!

Target Shoplift

C2-106114          Occurred: 11-23-2022

Target reported this male concealed a pair of Beats headphones on his person, and left without paying for them. If you recognize the vehicle, that may be because it is the same vehicle from this case! If you know who this male is, say it here!

Menards Blue Van

C2-103661          Occurred: 11-17-2022

Menards reported this male left their store with a cart full of unpurchased merchandise. When an employee confronted him, he accused them of being racist and left in the pictured blue van with a silver front bumper. If you recognize him, say it here!

Service Refused

C2-105261          Occurred: 11-23-2022

This male attempted to purchase alcohol at Jimmy’s Liquor, but the employee refused as the male obviously had too much already. The male becomes angry and punches a display case before leaving in the pictured grey SUV. If you know who he is, say it here!

UNL Catalytic Converter

UNL22003527          Occurred: 11-18-2022

A UNL student reported someone had stolen their catalytic converter from their vehicle, which was parked in a parking lot at 16th and W Street. Video surveillance shows these two suspects arriving in the pictures maroon sedan, going underneath the victim’s vehicle, and removing the catalytic converter. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Sam’s Club

C2-104241          Occurred: 11-20-2022

A citizen reported their wallet was stolen from their cart at SuperSaver and afterwards, several of their credit cards were attempted to be used at Sam’s Club for over $2,000 on each card. The suspects pictured here were developed after reviewing video surveillance. If you recognize either of these four, say it here!

Purse Prowlers

C2-095581          Occurred: 10/24/22

The victim in this case was grocery shopping at Hyvee, 7151 Stacy Lane. When she got done shopping, she realized her wallet was gone, despite her being in possession of her purse the entire time. She recalled a man was talking to her while she was trying to pick out a ham. Store employees reviewed video and located this couple. The male talked to her while the female scooted in and took her wallet from her purse. They attempted to use her card for $6,000 worth of purchases at other stores in Lincoln, but thankfully were denied. If you know who these suspects are, say it here!

Vehicle Vandals

C2-103109          Occurred: 11-16-2022

A citizen in the area of S. 48th and Sherman reported these two individuals arrived in the pictured dark colored sedan. The female in black and white tie dye checks all of the vehicle’s handles prior to going back to the dark colored sedan. Another person exits the sedan, and the pair throw a wrench and a pair of pliers at the citizen’s vehicles and house. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Bundled Up

C2-102150          Occurred: 11-13-2022

Walmart reported this female concealed merchandise and left the store with unpaid items. When confronted by Loss Prevention, she pushed past them and ran out the doors with the cart. If you know who she is, say it here!