Gas it Up

C2-044211          Occurred: 5/25/22


A black Lincoln MKX was stolen from the area of SW 16th and West A Street on 5/25/22. Since then, it has been seen at various gas stations  during gas drive offs. The Lincoln MKX was located just a couple days ago (6/5/22) near S. 10th/Park. If you know anything about the adventure it went on, help us out and say it here!

Lingering Near the Laundry Room

C2-048187          Occurred: 6/6/22

The suspect shown above tried to pry his way into a locked laundry room at an apartment building near 27th/A Street. He used a pry bar to try and force entry into the building. If you know who this suspect is and can help with this case, say it here!

Bolt Cutters

C2-041821          Occurred: 5/18/22

Employees at Ace Hardware near 45th and Vine attempted to stop a shoplifter in their store. They say he took his backpack to the back of the store and attempted to leave with bolt cutters and a pair of gloves. Multiple employees contacted him and one even directed him on where he could pay for his items, but he walked past and out the door. When an employee followed him, he hit the employee on the head with the bolt cutters. The victim was transported by Lincoln Fire and Rescue to the hospital where he was being seen for swelling on his head and a broken cheek bone. If anybody knows who this suspect is, say it here!

Hit and Run at Leon’s Food Mart

C2-045715          Occurred: 5/30/22

The victim in this case was shopping at Leon’s Food Mart, 2200 Winthrop Road, when she came back out to her truck damaged. Video was reviewed and showed a 2005-2009 Volkswagen Jetta responsible for driving off after the accident. If you know where we can find this car, say it here!

Grab N Go

C2-043772         Occurred: 5/24/22

The cashier at 27th Street Liquor and Tobacco was assisting two customers at the front desk when they grabbed their items and ran off without paying for them. They left in a dark colored vehicle. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Fraud Alert

C2-043450          Occurred: 5/23/22

The victim in this case reported his wallet, credit card, Air Pods, and other items stolen from his vehicle in Seward. Within a couple hours, his card was used at Walmart on N. 27th for over $400.  Walmart provided images above of the person they say is responsible for that transaction. If you know who this is, say it here!

Harley Davidson Trailer

C2-034645          Occurred: 4/15/22

A custom Harley Davidson trailer was stolen from Big Red Storage located near 6th/Van Dorn. The pickup shown is responsible for driving off with it. If you have seen this trailer and know where we can find it, say it here!

Do Not Enter

C2-005473          Occurred: 1/20/22

A couple went into HyVee on 50th and O Street and forgot to lock their vehicle. While inside the store, someone entered into their vehicle and took both of their cell phones and some cash that was in the car. HyVee surveillance captured the suspect and vehicle shown above. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Smoked ‘Em!!

C1-090269                                     Occurred: 09-25-2021

These swift suspects entered the Lincoln Vapor Store at 6891 A Street Suite 100 by kicking out the bottom of the front door glass.  Once inside, they swiftly gathered their loot to the tune of approximately $1,500.00!  Help us smoke these suspects out and Say It Here!

More Than A Door Ding!

C1-046194                                   Occurred: 05-23-2021

Do you recognize the driver or the black Blazer or Trail Blazer in these photographs?  The driver of this vehicle struck the victim’s parked vehicle and continued on with their drive.  The hit and run caused about $1500 in damage.  If anyone recognizes the vehicle or knows the owner/driver, please Say It Here!

Feeling “Blue”

C0-106759                              Occurred: 11-17-2020

These two individuals ran into the Kwik Shop at 3301 Holdrege St. feeling “a little blue….UV Blue specifically.  They each grabbed one bottle of UV Blue vodka and ran right back out of the store.  If you recognize the subjects, Say It Here!

Getting “Personal”…..

C1-006114                                    Occurred: 01-22-2021

This suspect must be extremely sore……as he took approximately 8 “personal massagers” from CVS at 7002 O Street!  The suspect walked in and grabbed a hand basket.  He then went to the area where the massagers are and swept the entire shelf into the basket.  The employee saw this as a clue that the subject was not intending to pay for the items.  He was correct!  The subject ran from the store and got into the red pickup which had an unknown driver.  Anyone who recognizes the pickup or the massager thief, Say It Here!

No Sale!

C0-105441                                  Occurred: 11-13-2020

Kwik Shop at 4400 Cornhusker Hwy, reported that this individual entered the store and took two bottles of liquor and then left the store without paying for them.  He dropped one bottle as he ran out.  Know who this individual is?  Say It Here!

The Shirt Says It All!

C0-113069                                   Occurred: 12-08-2020

Employees of the New Market at 1111 North 27th St. reported this individual came into the store selected some food items and left without paying for them.  His shirt says “Outlaws”….kind of ironic, isn’t it?  If you know who this suspect is, Say It Here!

Can’t Miss This!! The Continuation…….

C1-003678                                  Occurred: 01-07-2021

Remember a post that was Can’t Miss This?  Well, she’s baaaaaack!!  She returned to Russ’s and brought the infamous green tote bag with her again.  She fills it up and then pays for two bags of chips in her cart, but neglects to pay for the items stuffed away in her large green tote!  Help us identify this person and stop her filching of property without paying for it!  Say It Here!

Who Were Those Masked Men??

C1-012101                                    Occurred: 02-05-2021

Menards at 3500 North 27th, reported that these two individuals entered the store and made some selections, paid for them using a credit card and left the store.  Unfortunately, they were using a STOLEN credit card!  The victim reports they charged almost $500 for their Menard’s purchases.  Anyone know who these two masked men might be?  If you recognize them, Say It Here!

CAT-alytic Conversions!

C1-011153                                     Occurred: 01-29-2021

World Of Green lawn care reported that an unknown party entered the business property and in 30 minutes removed a catalytic converter from one of their vehicles.  If anyone recognizes the vehicle in the pictures, please let us know by Saying It Here!

Cost-GO Shopping!

C1-035325                                  Occurred: 04-17-2021 @ Costco 

Costco suffered a loss when these two individuals came into shop. These two are accused of taking two vacuum’s and a electric toothbrush, which totaled about $1,500 loss.  Anybody know who these people might be?  If so, Say It Here!

Snack Attack!

C1-029336                                  Occurred: 03-31-2021 


Russ’s Market at 130 N. 66th, reported this individual entered the business and loaded up his basket with various foodstuffs and then left the store without paying for any of the items.  Know who this individual is?  If so, Say It Here!

Hit Me!

C1-012157                                    Occurred: 02-08-2021 @ 11/N Bus Stop

This individual became verbal with a person waiting for the bus at 11 & N Streets bus stops.  The above individual allegedly strikes the individual at least once in the head and eventually leaves the area.  The victim had to be treated at the hospital. Do you know who the party is?  Can you identify him?  If so, Say It Here!  

Can You Hear Me Now?

C1-012242                                    Occurred: 02-28-2021 @ 1516 hrs.

This individual apparently hated being unconnected with the world.  So, he pocketed a TracFone from Walmart, 2500 Jamie Lane.  He asked to look at the TracFone and then wandered around the store for about hours.  He then walked out the door after opening the packaged in the bathroom.  Know who this unknown caller is?  Make your connection and Say It Here!

The Ghost Took My Car!!


C1-013255                                    Occurred: 02-12-2021

While our victim ran into Super Saver to just pick up a few things, he left his vehicle unlocked, lights on and keys in it.  These two are just leaving at about the same time from the store.  They go to their own vehicle and then one of them is alleged to have taken the victim’s vehicle.  It appears there is a skull or ghost face on the mask of the male.  Anyone who knows who this couple of sly shoppers are, please Say It Here!

They Can’t See Me!!


C1-002992                                  Occurred: 01-10-2021

Employees at Walmart, 3400 North 85th reported that this individual wearing camouflaged pants entered the store and loaded up her cart with food and clothing.  She then went to the self checkout area and scanned all of her “purchases”, but neglected to actually PURCHASE them!  She then walked out the door with the items.  If anyone recognizes this camouflaged character, let us know by Saying It Here!

Just Slid By……..

C0-094798                                 Occurred: 10-08-2020


This gentleman was shopping at Russ’s at 33rd and Hwy 2.  It must have slipped his mind that he forgot the small tube of personal lubricant he selected when he paid for the rest of his groceries.  But, he just slid on by paying for that item.  Know this slick shopper?  Say It Here!

Not Your Job (Box)!

C0-102131                                   Occurred: 11-01-2020

The victim whose business is in the 3600 block of North 39th reported this individual in his rusted truck pulled up and loaded a metal Job Box belonging to the victim into the back of the pickup and left.  Anyone know this box thief?  Say It Here!


C1-031970                                    Occurred:  04-11-2021

Sam’s Club at 4900 North 27th had some vacuums ‘ swept away” by the above pictured person at about 6 pm. Anyone recognize the individual?  If anyone recognizes this “neatnik”, Say It Here!

Seeing Red!

C0-114535                                  Occurred:  12-13-2020

Employees at Family Dollar, 2400 N St., reported that this individual walked into the store and when all employees were distracted, walked directly into the back room/office area and unplugged the power strip to the surveillance system.  He then walked behind the counter and took a carton of cigarettes.  This person MAY BE related to previous burglaries to the same Family Dollar.  Anyone know who this is?  Say It Here!

Where Is My Money??

C1-024230                                  Occurred: 03-15-2021

The above party managed to gain access to the victim’s credit card number and password and used it at a various amount of loss to the victim to the tune of approximately $1500 dollars at a variety of stores!  Please take note of the tattoos and tells us if you recognize this individual.  Say It Here!

Hair Care!

C1-030060                                   Occurred: 04-06-2021

This beauty conscious individual was at Super Saver at 2525 Pine Lake Road and pocketed some face and hair care items and then walked out without paying for them?  Know who this might be?            Say It Here!


C0-113087                                 Occurred: 12-08-2020

We see another Christmas Grinch attempting to take the victim’s LED snowman.  Frosty and the Victim prove to be too much for the Grinch as he stumbles as he runs away from the victim who confronts him!  He drop Frosty in the yard and continues to run southbound on 20th Street from C Street.  Any idea who this Christmas Grinch is?  Say It Here!