Nicotine Fix!

C1-024172                                   Occurred: 03-19-2021

The Casey’s at 4715 W. Adams reported that this individual broke the front door glass out of their store and ran in.  He only took two boxes of cigarillos and then fled the store.  Any ideas who the party is?  He has distinctive red tennis shoes that should stand out.  Any ideas as to who the party is, Say It Here!

Bungled Burglary

C1-034165                                   Occurred: 04-19-2021

Russ’s Market and a private contracted floor employee were the victim’s of a burglary on 4-19-2021.  The person pictured entered the store and began to go through any open doors he could find.  He took approximately $300.00 from the contracted floor employee’s lunch box.  Do you know this person?  Say It Here!

Credit Questions!

C0-107500                                  Occurred: 11-20-2020

These individuals entered the Sinclair at 951 West O street and attempting to use a credit card at the pump, but kept putting in the wrong zip code.  The female entered and paid for $20 worth of gas inside with the credit card.  The male was with in the the gold van.  Anyone recognize the pair?  Say It Here!

Bike Be Gone 2

UN20003668                             Occurred: 11-23-2020

A familiar tune, you say?  UNL Police say that this party rode off on a bike that was not his!  This happened in the area of 1710 Arbor Drive.  Know who this person is?  Say It Here!

Fair Trade? NOT!!!

C1-000631                                  Occurred: 01-03-2021 

This person needs to learn the art of fair trade!  He pulls up in a small blue car near the victim’s house in the area of 27th and Arlington.  He then removes the victim’s snow blower from the back of his pickup.  The suspect leaves a pile of old clothes in trade for the handy dandy snow blower.   Do you feel the victim was treated unfairly?  Recognize the suspect with the lack of bartering skills?  If you do, Say It Here!

Bad Bills!!!

C0-116736                                      Occurred:  12-21-2020

This individual decided that he would try to pay for some items using two $100.00 with the same serial number!  The clerk caught the same serial numbers, but, the subject left the store without any comment.  Know who this is?  Say It Here!

Ongoing Orschlen’s!

C1-001385                                  Occurred:  01-05-2021

Orschlen’s reported that they had been burgled.  These two went through the store and loaded up totes and a large trash can.  The unknown female in the gray was caught trying to exit the store via the emergency exit, but could only get away with a loaded tote of items.  She scaled the fence and left in a black Chevy Impala or similar.  The second female in the Chicago Bears coat left just before the other female attempted to flee.  Any ideas as to who these two might be?  Say It Here!

On a Mission!

C0-096498                                 Occurred: 10-15-2020

Russ’s Market had a shopper on a mission.  He was so focused on his phone call, he must have forgot to pay!!  He gathered his items and walked right out the door!  What a focused shopper—–NOT!  Know who this person might be??  Say It Here!

Going, Going, Gone!

C0-095181                                   Occurred: 10-12-2020

Dick’s Sporting Goods lost some clothing to these two enterprising shoppers.  They both entered with large bags.  They proceeded to “load and go” with approximately $260.00 of merchandise.  They left in a white Honda Accord with no plates.  Know these two?               Say It Here!

This Is Just PEACHY!

C0-096424                                 Occurred: 10-16-2020

The employees of ETO’S Liquor at 807 S. 11th St., said this individual walked in selected beer and a bottle of Peach Vodka and then when it appeared he was going to pay for things, ran out of the store.  Know who this “not so peachy” guy is?  Say It Here!

Vodka Teaser!

C0-093488                                 Occurred: 10-07-2020

At Schmick’s Market at 1340 West O Street, this individual walked in and selected two bottles of vodka and slipped on down his pants.  He was about to do the same with the second one, when the employee confront him.  The individual said “Don’t touch me!” and ran out.  Know who this person is?  Say It Here!


That’s My Sign, Part 2!

C0-095462                                  Occurred: 10-13-2020

The saga of the signs continue!  This time, a different female runs into the area of the 5000 block of Baldwin, approaches the residence and rips the flag off the pole.  The subject then runs away. Anyone know this person?  Say It Here!

Who Got In My Car?

C0-094813                                  Occurred: 10-10-2020

The victim was notified by her video doorbell by these two going through her vehicle.  This occurred in the 4000 block of A Street at approximately 4:00 AM in the morning.  Anyone up that saw people in the area?  Anyone know the shady characters?  Say It Here!

Vaped out!

C1-028485                                 Occurred: 04-02-2021

These two individuals did some late night shopping at Northstar Express, 5700 North 33rd.  They broke the window out at approximately 1:50 AM and ran in and took some cigarillos and vaping devices.  Know who they might be?  Say It Here!

Sugar High!

C0-097460                                 Occurred: 10-19-2020

Casey’s at 1445 South 17th reported that this individual walked in and picked up a King Size Snickers bar and then left without paying for it!  Know who this person with a sweet to is? Say It Here!

There’s My Sign!!

C0-097147                                   Occurred: 10-17-2020

There is NOT what being politically active means!  This young lady went too far to express her feelings and took her neighbor’s political signs.  She also allegedly damaged the victim’s flagpole, bending it down.  Know who this person is?  Say It Here!

Saving Money the Bad Way….They Took It!

C0-092852                                 Occurred: 10-05-2020

These three decided to save money at Super Saver the old fashioned way…..They stole stuff!  The female in the gray sweatshirt goes into an aisle and then opens her back pack.  The other female in black, stuffs items inside it.   They then leave the store without paying for anything!  Anyone know who these unsavory shoppers are?  Say It Here!

Credit Woes, Part 2

C1-012090                                   Occurred: 02-07-2021 to 02-07-2021

The victim reported his wallet stolen from his car and then received NUMEROUS notifications that his credit card and bank cards were used to the tune of over $2,100 dollars!  We know the photograph is poor, but if anyone knows who this might be, please, Say It Here!

Funny Money Again!

C0-099661                                  Occurred: 10-27-2020

Super Saver at 2662 Cornhusker was the victim of some funny money.  The gentleman in the black sweatshirt passed a phony $20 dollar bill.  The other two (red had and purple coat) were with the party.  If anyone knows any of the three, please, Say It Here!

It’s All About Comfort!

C1-033560                                  Occurred: 04-17-2021

At Home Store reported this individual entered the store and picked up 4 King Comforter sets and walked directly out of the store.  He got into a blue Toyota Corolla with IA plates that turned out to be a rental car.  Know who this is?  Let us know and Say It Here!

Gas Gone!

C1-001531                                    Occurred: 01-03-2021

UStop at 110 West O Street reported that this person drove up in a 2015-2018 GMC Sierra Pickup and pumped gas into her tank and then left without paying for it.  This happened around 5:30 in the morning.  Anyone recognize the truck or driver?  Say It Here!

That’s Not Right!

C0-116867                                   Occurred: 12-21-2020

The victim parked and locked his car on the north side of Granite City at approximately 9:20 pm.  When he came back to his car 10 minutes later, he saw that his driver’s side window had been broken and his fanny pack with a number of ID items had been stolen.  This is the best we have for a picture.  If anyone can give us more information regarding this case, please Say It Here!


No Batteries!!

C0-117927                                    Occurred: 12-25-2020 

The victim in this case had left his vehicle unlocked and someone removed 8 rechargeable tool batteries and a box of diapers.  This vehicle was seen driving through the lot during the overnight hours when the items went missing.  Anyone know who it belongs to?  If you know the car or the person driving it, Say It Here!

No Sale!

C0-115985                                  Occurred: 12-18-2020 

Do you know this gentleman shopper?  He went into Dillard’s and ran out of of the store with two coats just as they were starting to lock the front doors.  He pushed by one of the employees, causing her to fall down.  Know this rude shopper?  Say It Here!

My Mailbox!!

C1-033079                                  Occurred: 04-15-2021 

This pick up swerved and ran over the mailbox belonging to the victim.  This occurred in the 6400 Block of Morrill sometime in the afternoon.  If anyone recognizes the truck or knows where it’s home is, Say It Here!

Pilfered Purse!!

C0-113987                                   Occurred: 12-11-2020

Git N’ Split, 951 West O St. recorded this sly guy as he finds a purse belonging to the victim sitting in the chair at a game of skill.  He seems to try and fit in while he positions the purse under his right arm.  Know this video star?  Say it Here!

Not Your Job (Box)!

C0-102131                                   Occurred: 11-01-2020

The victim whose business is in the 3600 block of North 39th reported this individual in his rusted truck pulled up and loaded a metal Job Box belonging to the victim into the back of the pickup and left.  Anyone know this box thief?  Say It Here!

Dollar Depression!

C0-089120                                  Occurred: 09-24-2020

This party is responsible for damaging the window of the mini-van and removing items from it belonging to the victim.  If you were in the area of 2400 N street on 9-24-2020 at approximately 10 am, you might have seen these individuals.  If you know who these two are, Say It Here!


C1-029884                                 Occurred:  04-06-2021

The owner of Cooper & CO, 2211 Winthrop Road, report he had damage to his front windows.  Video shows this above individual using a possible slingshot to damage the windows with metal ball bearings.  If you know who this mystery individual is, please let us know and Say It Here!