The Ghost Took My Car!!


C1-013255                                    Occurred: 02-12-2021

While our victim ran into Super Saver to just pick up a few things, he left his vehicle unlocked, lights on and keys in it.  These two are just leaving at about the same time from the store.  They go to their own vehicle and then one of them is alleged to have taken the victim’s vehicle.  It appears there is a skull or ghost face on the mask of the male.  Anyone who knows who this couple of sly shoppers are, please Say It Here!

They Can’t See Me!!


C1-002992                                  Occurred: 01-10-2021

Employees at Walmart, 3400 North 85th reported that this individual wearing camouflaged pants entered the store and loaded up her cart with food and clothing.  She then went to the self checkout area and scanned all of her “purchases”, but neglected to actually PURCHASE them!  She then walked out the door with the items.  If anyone recognizes this camouflaged character, let us know by Saying It Here!

Just Slid By……..

C0-094798                                 Occurred: 10-08-2020


This gentleman was shopping at Russ’s at 33rd and Hwy 2.  It must have slipped his mind that he forgot the small tube of personal lubricant he selected when he paid for the rest of his groceries.  But, he just slid on by paying for that item.  Know this slick shopper?  Say It Here!

Strawberry Sundae Shots?

C0-104771                           Occurred: 11-10-2020

Cornhusker Bottle at 2310 North 1st reported that this unknown individual entered the store and selected a 4 pack of Strawberry Sundae shots.  She promptly decided to conceal them and leave the store.  She got into a gold Chevy Suburban.  If you know who this thirsty soul might be, Say It Here!

Seeing Pink!

C0-102732                    Occurred: 11-04-2020 at Walgreens, 13th/O

This individual entered the Walgreens at 13th and O and stashed a bottle of wine behind his back and wheel chair.  He then selected other items and paid for them using an EBT card.  Know who this individual is?  Please Say It Here!

I Want It All!

C1-037626                                   Occurred: 04-29-2021

Employees of U-Stop at 110 West Fletcher were surprised when these two suspects entered the store and one pulled a knife on the clerk and demanded money.  But they did not stop there.  They took cigars, alcohol and the clerks back pack that had collectable game cards in it.  Anyone who was in the area at approximately 12:30 AM on 04-29-2021 that may of saw these individuals, please let us know by Saying It Here!

Glass(bottle) Half Empty???

C0-119365                                  Occurred: 12-30-2020

Know this mysterious person?  He entered Walmart at 2500 Jamie Lane and must have gotten the urge to sample items in the liquor department.  He was reported to be opening bottles of alcohol, taking a drink  and then recapping them and moving on to another bottle.  He was confronted and caused a disturbance and then broke a window to a customers car when he threw an unknown item.  If you know who this angry individual, Say It Here!

Crafty Crafter!


C1-003819                                  Occurred: 01-07-2021

Hobby Lobby was the victim of a Crafty Crafter!  This young lady entered and placed a lightpad into a tote bag she had picked up as well and then walked out of the door without paying for it.  Anyone know who this sticky-fingered shopper is?  Say It Here!

Running Ram

C1-003601            Occurred: 1-13-2021

On 1-13-2021 at about 2:20 pm this mystery shopper went to the Orschelns on Cornhusker and ran out the front door with several clothing items.  When confronted by an employee this suspect claimed to have a gun before leaving in a white Dodge Ram pickup.  If you know who he is say it here.

Super Savings

C1-037873             Occurred: 4-27-2021


Maybe this shopper misunderstood the sign, Super Saver doesn’t mean free for the taking.  On 4-27-2021 at about 11:25 pm this suspect went to the Super Saver on S 56th and left without paying for his bottle of Tequila.  If you know who he is say it here.

Turf and Turf

C1-037503            Occurred: 4-25-2021


Sometimes it’s Turf and no Surf for dinner.  On 4-25-2021 at about 3:24 pm this female went to the Russ’s at 33rd and Highway 2 where she concealed a package of New York Strip steaks and Russ’s ribs in her grey bag before she walked out without paying.  If you know who this is say it here.

Those Aren’t Yours!

C0-116849                                  Occurred: 12-21-2020

This person decided Christmas had come early for her!  She entered the Walmart at 2500 Jamie Lane and made two purchases for over $800 with someone else’s credit cards.  The victim had her purse stolen from her vehicle earlier the same day.  Do you know who this person is?  If so, Say It Here!


C1-003044                                  Occurred: 01-10-2021

This car contains the suspects in a vandalism at Scheels.  The car pulls up and a person runs up to two of the Scheel’s delivery vans and breaks out the glass of one window each and then grabs items from inside the van.  The victim thinks the items taken were just cleaning type items .  Anybody know who the car belongs to and who might have a cleaning compulsion?  Help us see that they meet the title of this post….BUSTED!  Say It Here!

Smile! We See You!

C0-118145                                    Occurred: 1900 Block of G Street

The owner of an apartment building was reviewing his cameras and saw this individual using the laundry room in the apartment building.  This person sees the camera up in the corner and reaches up and removes it from the wall and takes it with him.  If anyone knows this video star, Say It Here!

Home Entertainment

C1-005074            Occurred: 1-18-2021

This sleepy shopper went to Target at 333 N 48th where he took off with a blanket/pillow, TCL TV and a Sky Viper drone before leaving in an older red Ford pickup truck with no plates on it.  If you know who this Husker fan and high visibility vest wearing suspect is say it here.

Bananas for a drink


C0-101268            Occurred: 10-31-2020

Russ’s at 17th and Washington is where this suspect went bananas for a drink.  On 10-31-2020 this suspect tried to take off with a Body Armour Strawberry Banana drink.  When he was confronted this male dropped the drink and beat feet.  If you know who he is say it here.

Tricky Try On


C1-001598              Occurred: 1-6-2021

These 2 shoppers went onto a fitting room at Scheels on Pine Lake with 19 items. When they left only 13 were left behind in the fitting room.  They were seen on video leavin in a gold Chevrolet SUV.  If you know who these shoppers are say it here.

Quite a thirst

C1-002970            Occurred: 1-11-2021


It seems that this male suspect had quite the thirst when he got to the Hyvee at 50th and O st on 1-11-2021.  The suspect helped himself to a package of bottled water and to help wash down the water he also took some Tequila, Effin Vodka, Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey and New Amsterdam Red Berry.  If you know who this thirsty thief is say it here.

Triple A amp

C1-004192            Occurred: 1-9-2021

This thinly built male in a brown coat, jeans and brown boots went to the AAA Pawn shop at 14th and South, once there he concealed an amplifier underneath his coat and left the store.  If you know this amplified male say it here.

Credit cards swiped

C1-002772            Occurred: 1-10-2021

This suspect is believed to have swiped the victim’s credit cards while they were in Planet Fitness on Folkways working out.  The credit cards were then later swiped in an attempt to make some fraudulent purchases.  This all happened on 1-10-2021 at about 3:39 pm.  If you know who this suspect is say it here.

Swiped acne cream

C1-004424            Occurred: 12-26-2020

This suspect is seen going onto a porch in the 1500 block of SW 9th on 12-26-2020 at about 10:08 am and taking off with a package of acne cream that had just been delivered.  If you know who this is say it here.

Right out the front door



C1-004752            Occurred: 1-15-2021

The Walmart at 27th and Jamie LN is where these two tried to walk right out the front doors with about $1,000 worth of merchandise without paying.  One is a hispanic female and the other is a black male.  If you know who either of these 2 suspects are say it here.

Shattering Development

C0-107881            Occurred: 11-21-2020

This suspect wearing black sweatpants with a white stripe and a black coat and mask shattered the windows of a few vehicles in the 400 block of N 27th and stole several items from both vehicles.  He arrived in a red 1999-2007 Ford Focus and this all happened on 11-21-2020 at about 5:50 in the morning.  If you know who this window shattering thief is say it here.

Self Pay Scammer

C1-005348            Occurred: 1-19-2021

On 1-19-2021 at about 2:46 pm this Self Pay Scammer went to the Walmart at 27th and Jamie LN where she took several grocery items to the self pay checkout lane where she attempted to pay with a credit card.  When the card was declined she packed her groceries up and left without paying.  If you know who this white female wearing a black trench coat, pink hat and mask is say it here.

Need those tunes

C1-022363            Occurred: 3-12-21

This Carhart cap wearing suspect couldn’t help himself and just had to have some tunes so he went to the Ace at 14th and Superior where he helped himself to a pair of3M worktunes headphones.  He is described as a male wearing a Carhart hat, gray coat, tan pants and boots with a tan backpack.  If you know who this music loving suspect is say it here.

Frosty Down, Part 2!

C0-116520                                   Occurred: 12-20-2020

Remember the previous Frosty Down post?  We suspect the person was back at it and was again thwarted by the Spirt of Christmas and was unable to get the Christmas Snowman.  He left in an unknown car.  If you live in the area of 1900 Block of C Street, please help us in identifying this Grinch!  Say It Here!

Can’t Miss This!!

C0-118933                                  Occurred: 12-27-2020

Well, here is a shopper with items you can’t miss!  Bright yellow hat and bright green bag!  She entered Russ’s Market at 33rd and Hwy 2 and loaded a variety of things into the large bag (sushi to shampoo) and only managed to pay for two boxes of cereal!  Know who this stand-out individual is??  Say It Here!

Head in The Cloud (9)!

C0-086420                                Occurred: 09-15-2020

Know this lady in red?  She entered the Cloud 9 shop at 5022 Old Cheney and grabbed the tip jar with approximately $380 in it and ran out to the waiting red car.  The car comes back to a person in Hastings.  If someone knows these two, Say It Here!

Rum, Rum, Run-away


C0-098073                                Occurred:  10-21-2020

Russ’s Market at 33rd and Hwy 2 had these two individuals visit the liquor section and peruse the choices.  The one in the dark colored sweatshirt  picked a bottle of Bacardi Limon and put it in his sweatshirt pocket and then immediately runs out of the store.  Both got into a vehicle, but images of it were not of viewable quality.  Know these to Bacardi bootleggers?  Say It Here!