Hyundai Sonata

C3-100880          Occurred: 11/09/23

The victim in this case reports the driver of the dark gray Hyundai Sonata we’re sharing here displayed some acts of road rage towards them. It started near 27th and South Street with the suspect cutting the driver off and then following them. The passenger of that car then threw a drink at the victim’s vehicle. The victim was followed to 21st and L Street where the driver of the Sonata then rear ended the victim’s vehicle. The suspect, described as a white male in his 20’s, finally let off the victim about 2 miles from where the incident began. The victim decided to pull into a busy business parking lot and the suspect drove off. We’re hoping someone can tell us where we can find this vehicle, or better yet, who would have been driving it. It has some damage to the back passenger side and a black bumper that doesn’t match the charcoal color of the vehicle. Have some info? Say it here!