Here Comes the 🧨

C3-059245          Occurred: 7/6/23

The victim in this case was sitting in his vehicle around 3:50am waiting to go into work at Target on N. 48th. He said a group of individuals pulled up in a black Nissan Armada and threw a firework into his vehicle, catching his front seat on fire. A nearby witness was able to see this and captured a plate number for us. We ran that plate and it turned out the vehicle was stolen. It has since been recovered, but we are trying to figure out who the occupants of that vehicle were. Not only do we believe they were responsible for the theft of the vehicle and throwing the firework into the car, but we have other reports that they may be involved in other burglaries and robberies in the Lincoln area over the last couple weeks. If anybody has any information, we would encourage them to say it here!