Crash and Dash

C2-082087          Occurred: 9/13/22

Around 6:30pm on a Tuesday evening, a 79 year old female was driving near 13th/L when a white pickup truck ran a red light and slammed into her. The driver of the white pickup truck, described as a white female in her late 40’s, drove off after the accident. The victim’s air bags deployed and she was taken to the hospital for chest pain. A witness followed the white truck and was able to get a license plate for the truck. We were able to make contact with the male owner of the truck, however through that investigation, we were told that his truck had gone missing a few days prior and he knew nothing about the accident. This truck stands out and we are hopeful someone in the area has some information about the female that was driving the truck that day. If you have a tip that could help us solve this investigation, say it here!