Stolen Purse | Credit Card Fraud

C3-102713         Occurred: 11/15/23

These two are believed to be responsible for stealing a wallet from an elderly woman shopping at Russ’s Market, 66th/O Street. They then fraudulently used her cards for over $3,200. If you can help us identify these two men, one of them with possible a left side of neck tattoo, say it here!

Wire Return Fraud

C3-082228    Occurred:   9-13-2023

This man entered Menards @ 8900 Andermatt Dr. and selected two different types of Electrical Wire.   He then went to the returns counter “returned” one of the rolls of wire for cash, then “paid” for the second roll of wire with the stores money.   If you recognize this man, say it here!

Theft from Church

C3-082153      Occurred :  9-12-2023

This unknown man entered the ‘Cross The Line Church’ @ 5925 Adams St. on a Thursday evening and selected several small electronic items and a women’s jacket.   He put them in his bag and left.   If you recognize him, say it here!

Taking 2 Beers from a 6 pack

C3-079587       Occurred:   9-5-2023

Employees report this man entered Walgreens @ 1301 ‘O’ St.  and went directly to the alcohol aisle.   He took 2 Corona Bottles from a 6 pack, and put them down the front of his shorts.   He then walked directly out the doors without paying.   If you recognize him and his Husker back pack, say it here!

Fake Checks

C3-094024          Occurred: 10/08/23

Glenn’s True Value Hardware on 70th and Van Dorn reported these two came into the store and passed bad checks to make over $1,400 worth of purchases. If you can help us identify either of them, say it here!

Shoplifting Alcohol

C3-076607     Occurred:   8-27-3023

This male entered the Casey’s @ 3003 N. 70th St to use the restroom.   When he was finished, he grabbed two bottles of Royal Crown Apple and ran out of the door without paying.   If you recognize his, say it here!

ATM Break-In

C3-103177          Occurred: 11/17/23

The ATM at Liberty First Credit Union was broken into on November 17th around 1:40am. Investigators are following up on leads, including some of the tools being purchased at Harbor Freight stores in Kearney and in Urbandale, Iowa. This suspect was captured on the footage during the purchases of those tools. If you can help us identify him, say it here!

Theft of Teens Mini Bike

C3-101666     Occurred:   11-12-2023

The victim’s homemade Purple & Black Mini Bike was stolen from the Luxury Inn @ 2940 NW 12th St.   Three days later a H/F aprx 40yrs and a W/M attempted to sell the Mini Bike.   However, the intended buyer recognized the bike as stolen, held on to it, and called the police.   They left in this early 2000’s Blue Pearl Volvo S60 Sedan.   If you know who they are, say it here!

Theft & Credit Card Fraud

C3-100306      Occurred:    11-7-2023

The victim took his kids to Roberts Park @ 1822 S. 56th St. to play. While he was away from his truck, someone stole his wallet.   Within minutes, several Fraudulent Credit Card charges were made at Target @ 233 N. 48th St.    Video shows this person making those charges.    Do you know her, say it here!

Sore Thumb ??

C3-092413    Occurred:   10-12-2023

This male entered Russ’s Market at 4400 S. 33rd St. Ct. with a Sore Thumb, selected a Thumb Stabilizer, and put it on.   He then left wearing it, and without paying for it.   If you recognize him, say it here!

Slashed Tires

C3-089954     Occurred:   10-6-2023

The victim reports that this man slashed 3 of the tires on his Blue Subaru shortly after mid-night in the 1500 Block of So. 19th St.   The victim has no enemies, and feels this was a random act of Vandalism.   If you recognize this person, tell us here!

Shoplifting Candy Angry

C3-085347     Occurred:     9-22-2023

The clerk at Casey’s, 1001 S. 13th St. asked this guy to come back in and pay for the Laffy Taffy he pocketed.   He became angry, swore, refused, and drove away in a Grey Mazda 4dr.   If you recognize him, say it here

Shopping without Paying

C3-075518     Occurred:   8-24-2023

This female did some grocery shopping at Super Saver, 26th & Cornhusker Hwy, but used bags instead of a grocery cart.   She walked out without paying and was followed to a Gold Honda Accord with North Carolina Plates by employees and asked to return to pay. She drove away instead.   If you recognize her, say it here.  

River Rock Thieves

C3-091331    Occurred:   10-5-2023

Victim reports that she was doing some landscape renovations, and had 15 Bags of River Rock stored between the garage and alley in the 11th and ‘F’ Sts area.    Two unknown persons driving a Blue Chrysler Van, pulled down the alley and stole the rocks.   If you know anything about these persons and their Van, say it here!

Testing out Shoes on the Run

C3-089188       Occurred:    10-3-2023

A manager at Famous Footwear at 3120 Pine Lake Road, reported that a W/F, 30’s, Brown Wavy hair and freckles, 5’3″ and 150#, came in and tried on some Coral colored NIKE tennis shoes. The woman immediately ran out of the store, wearing the shoes, and left in this Grey Hyundai Elantra, no plates. There is damage on the passenger side, and the spare on the Passenger rear tire. If you know who this runner is, Say it here!

Denied Alcohol, So takes Pizza

C3-085632     Occurred:    9-23-2023

This women entered Casey’s at 3500 N. 48th St. to buy Alcohol.  The clerk observed her to already be intoxicated, so declined the purchase.   Upset, she grabbed two slices of Pizza and said well I’ll just take this instead.   She left driving a Dark Blue Jeep w/no plates. If you recognize her, say it here.

Taking Candy and a Shirt

C3-085562     Occurred:    9-23-2023

These two entered the Express Smoke Shop @ 3255 Cornhusker and shopped separately. She selected a shirt and laid it by the door. They made a small purchase, and he grabbed the shirt on the way out of the door.   Video also showed him pocketing some candy.   If you recognize them, say it here!

Wallet Snatch & Credit Card Fraud

C3-082786     Occurred:    9-15-2023

While shopping at HyVee at 7151 Stacy Lane, the Victims wallet was taken from her purse. Shortly thereafter, these 2 women were using the Victims credit cards at Walmart.   They were seen driving away in a Black Mazda.    If you recognize these women, tell us here!

Optimal Opportunity

C3-100564          Occurred: 11/08/23

A Kia Optima was left running in front of the Cornhusker Bottle Shop on 1st/Cornhusker. A man was seen getting into the vehicle and driving off with it. Officers later located the vehicle in an airport hotel parking lot with cameras capturing this guy getting out of that vehicle. If you know who he is, say it here!

Watch It!

C3-089488          Occurred: 10/04/23

The owner of Lin Jewelers in Piedmont Shopping Center reported noticing one of his window display watches was missing. He reviewed his camera footage and noticed this man near the watch, concealing it into his back pocket. Thankfully the camera captured some excellent images of the suspect and we’re hopeful someone can help identify him. If you know who this is, say it here! 

Hyundai Sonata

C3-100880          Occurred: 11/09/23

The victim in this case reports the driver of the dark gray Hyundai Sonata we’re sharing here displayed some acts of road rage towards them. It started near 27th and South Street with the suspect cutting the driver off and then following them. The passenger of that car then threw a drink at the victim’s vehicle. The victim was followed to 21st and L Street where the driver of the Sonata then rear ended the victim’s vehicle. The suspect, described as a white male in his 20’s, finally let off the victim about 2 miles from where the incident began. The victim decided to pull into a busy business parking lot and the suspect drove off. We’re hoping someone can tell us where we can find this vehicle, or better yet, who would have been driving it. It has some damage to the back passenger side and a black bumper that doesn’t match the charcoal color of the vehicle. Have some info? Say it here!


C3-090657          Occurred: 10/08/23

The following individuals were present at Casey’s, 606 West A Street, shoplifting alcohol. When confronted by the clerk, they proceeded to physically assault him. The clerk said he was punched twice, hit in the back of the head, and when he fell to the ground, they attempted to stomp on his head which he then escaped. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Custom Built Bike Theft

UNL 23002674     Occurred:   8-30-2023

Near East Campus’s Collum Hall at 1875 N. 42nd St., a student parked his custom built Black Fuji Thrill Bike at the bike rack.   Upon return, found it had been taken.   Video shows these 2 guys approach the bike rack & park their Lime Green bike near the Black bike. They entered a building, then returned to the rack and left with both bikes.   If you know who they are, say it here!

Beer Run x 2

C3-067100     Occurred:    7-29-2023

These two men entered the U-Stop at 610 S. 10th St. and selected three 12pk’s and one 15pk of beer.   They walked directly out the door without paying.    If you recognize these 2 men on a Beer Run, let us know here!