Pocketed Phone!

C1-044436                                  Occurred:  05-17-2021


The dark haired female in this video is seen picking up the phone that belongs to the victim in this case when he forgot it at the Shell Station at 2700 South Street.  She is seen arriving in the van and then leaving via the van.  Anyone who recognizes this phone bandit, please Say It Here!

Shopping the Wrong Way!

C1-014382                                   Occurred: 02-16-2021

Russ’s Market at 33rd and HWY 2 reported that the person pictured above entered the store alone and began loading up his cart with items.  While he was in the isles, he began to open some packages and place items in his pockets.  He then leaves the store without paying for the items.  Anyone know who this sly shopper is?  If so, Say It Here!

Good Golly, Missing Dolly!!

C1-019146                                    Occurred: 03-03-2021

Does anyone recognize the vehicle in this case?  The person in the pictured pulls up to 5600 Cornhusker Hwy and backs up near a 2 wheeled towing dolly.  He then hooks up and drives away.  If there is anyone who can help identify the dolly bandit, Say It Here!

Card and Cash – GONE!

C1-004254                                  Occurred: 01-14-2021

The victim in this case reported that he accidentally left his bank card in an ATM near 48th and Holdrege.  He stated that he checked later and found that he had an unauthorized charge on his account for $194.00!  The person pictured above is seen using the credit card.  Is there anyone out there that knows who this might be?  If you know this individual, please Say It Here!

Maybe They Don’t See Me……..

C1-006258                                 Occurred: 01-22-2021

Does anyone know this young lady?  She went into the Walgreens at 1301 O Street and selected some items and left without paying for them.  It appears she has very noticeable red or maroon hair.  If you happen to know this person, Say It Here!

Hey, Kool Aid Thief!

C0-112598                                   Occurred: 12-07-2020

The above person walked into U Stop at 240 North 17th and picked up a bottle of Kool Aid and ran out without paying for it.  The clerk chased him but he evaded capture.  Know who he is, Say It Here!  

The Face of North!

c0-100697                                  Occurred: 10-30-2020

This intense face walked into the Russ’s at 17th and Washington and purchased alcohol, but failed to pay for a bottle of Advil that he also picked up.  He was confronted outside by staff, but ran off threatening to ‘taze them’.   Does anyone know this electrifying shopper?  Say It Here!

Erratic Behavior!

C0-091319                                   Occurred:  09-30-2020


This individual entered the U-Stop at 3747 South 27th St behaving in a very erratic manner.  He picked up a package of cigarettes and a ice cream sandwich and walked out the door.  He had been saying things about needing money and keeping his hands in his waistband.  This worried the clerk and then the party left without paying for the items.  If anyone knows this person, Say It Here!

Purloined Pampers!

C0-102654                                  Occurred: 11-04-2020 

Employees at Super Saver at 840 Fallbrook reported this couple entered the store separately .  The male picks up a box of diapers and meets the female in the back of the store and hands her the diapers.  She leaves out the front door with them and he leaves through another door.  They meet up at a brown older model Chevrolet Impala and leave without paying for the diapers.  Anyone know the people responsible for this “stinky” crime?  Say It Here!

Tooth Time!

C0-107201                                   Occurred: 11-19-2020

Employees of Walgreens, 2502 North 48th, suspected that these two individuals managed to steal toothbrushes from the store by finding the packages open in the restroom.  If you know the two individuals who obviously practice good oral hygiene, Say It Here!

After Hours Tattoos?

C1-040539                                  Occurred: 05-07-2021

This individual approached The Ink Alley during the overnight hours of 05-07-2021 and allegedly broke into the building.  Business and personal checks were stolen by the suspect.  If you recognize this person, please Say It Here!

No receipt, no return

C0-107079            Occurred: 11-18-2020

These 2 suspects went to Russ’s at 4400 S 33rd on 11-18-2020 where they concealed a few food items and a package of vitamins, only to return a few minutes later and try to return the items without a receipt.  When they were refused a return they left in a hurry.  If you know who either of these 2 no receipt returners are say it here.

Missing keys

C0-107813            Occurred: 11-21-2020

The suspect in this case may also be the same as in Bring the Gnome home, this time the suspect went into a back yard in the 4100 block of Pace Blvd and took the keys to two separate motorcycles but left the bikes behind.  If you see this suspect with 2 keys or a scared and homesick garden gnome say it here.

Bring the Gnome home

C0-108108            Occurred: 11-22-2020

This shadowy figure is suspected of kidnapping a defenseless garden gnome from the front porch of a residence in the 3800 block of Pace Blvd on 11-22-2020.  If you are able to help bring the gnome home by identifying this gnome bandit, say it here.

Milwaukee’s Best man

C0-106691            Occurred: 11-17-2020

The Casey’s at 5500 Superior fell victim to this Milwaukee’s Best man when he came in on 11-17-2020 and took a can of the sudsy brew and hid it down the front of his pants.  The clerk confronted him and he left the store with the can still hidden in his pants.  He is described as a white male about 6″1″ in his 40’s and a slim build.  If you know who this Milwaukee’s Best man is say it here.

Vanishing Vodka

C0-107014            Occurred: 11-18-2020

On 11-18-2020 at about 1 pm this 20-25 year old white male suspect entered the Super Saver at 27th and Cornhusker and made a bottle of Vodka vanish.  He is suspected of hiding the bottle of vodka in his waistline when he left the store.  If you know who this thirsty thief is say it here.

Can You Hear Me Now?

C1-012242                                    Occurred: 02-28-2021 @ 1516 hrs.

This individual apparently hated being unconnected with the world.  So, he pocketed a TracFone from Walmart, 2500 Jamie Lane.  He asked to look at the TracFone and then wandered around the store for about hours.  He then walked out the door after opening the packaged in the bathroom.  Know who this unknown caller is?  Make your connection and Say It Here!

Just Clothes Shopping…..NOT!

C1-005405                                 Occurred:  01-19-2021

These ladies went into Scheels to do a little clothes shopping.  Unfortunately, they forgot to bring their wallets!  They loaded their arms full and ran for the door and to a waiting Dodge Caravan.  This is very similar to case # C1-001598 on 1-6-2021 at Scheels.  The suspects and the vehicle seem eerily familiar….hmmmmm.  Know who these grabby gals are?  Say It Here!

Hit Me!

C1-012157                                    Occurred: 02-08-2021 @ 11/N Bus Stop

This individual became verbal with a person waiting for the bus at 11 & N Streets bus stops.  The above individual allegedly strikes the individual at least once in the head and eventually leaves the area.  The victim had to be treated at the hospital. Do you know who the party is?  Can you identify him?  If so, Say It Here!  

Snack Attack!

C1-029336                                  Occurred: 03-31-2021 

Russ’s Market at 130 N. 66th, reported this individual entered the business and loaded up his basket with various foodstuffs and then left the store without paying for any of the items.  Know who this individual is?  If so, Say It Here!

Cost-GO Shopping!

C1-035325                                  Occurred: 04-17-2021 @ Costco 

Costco suffered a loss when these two individuals came into shop. These two are accused of taking two vacuum’s and a electric toothbrush, which totaled about $1,500 loss.  Anybody know who these people might be?  If so, Say It Here!

CAT-alytic Conversions!

C1-011153                                     Occurred: 01-29-2021

World Of Green lawn care reported that an unknown party entered the business property and in 30 minutes removed a catalytic converter from one of their vehicles.  If anyone recognizes the vehicle in the pictures, please let us know by Saying It Here!

Stolen Credit Cards!

C1-000368                      Occurred: 01-01-2021 at 2302 Cornhusker

Anyone know who this person might be?  He used a credit card that belonged to the victim that had been stolen from her vehicle.  He charged approximately $30 on the card and was refused other locations to use it.  If you recognize this individual, please let us know at Crime Stoppers by Saying It Here!

Three Of A Kind!

C1-000936                       Occurred: 01-04-2021 at HyVee, Village Drive


Recognize this frequent flyer?  He has been on Crime Stoppers at least 3 times so far this year.  He is suspected of numerous shoplifts in the city.  Today, he appears curtesy of HyVee at 6100 Village Drive.  He arrived and loaded up his car full of alcohol and liquor choices to the tune of $160 dollars.  He then ran out after sacking his choices.  Since this is his third appearance (Water, Water, Water, and Quite a Thirst being the other two), we would like to help him with his “issues”.  Know who it is?  Say It Here!

Catalytic Chaos!

C1-E00060                            Occurred: 01-20-2021 – Target on S. 40th

This vehicle and its occupant(s) are suspected of removing a catalytic converter  from the victim’s vehicle.  The vehicle was parked in the lot at Target on S. 40th between 3 pm and midnight as the owner was working there.  This vehicle pulled up near it and then the unknown suspect removed the catalytic converter from the victim’s car.  If anyone was there between those times and saw this vehicle or might remember the driver, Say It Here!

The Catalytic Woes Continue!

C1-038041                      Occurred:  04-30-2021 @ 3100 Blk of S. 7th

This industrious individual removed the catalytic converters from two vehicles.  He is seen crawling under the car and working to remove them around 3:30 AM to 04:30 AM.  Only one converter was taken from each vehicle.  Know who the person is?  If so, Say It Here!

Sign Vandals!

C0-104025                                 Occurred: 11-04-2020/ 4100 blk N. 734d

The victim in this case reported these two unknown females vandalized his political sign that was in his front yard at approximately 0100 hours in the morning.  He did not know who they were.  Anyone know who these people might be? Say It Here!

Raspberry, No-Beret

C0-068669                       Occurred: 07-28-2020 at Casey’s, 4411 N.27

This unknown person walked into Casey’s and selected two bottles of raspberry vodka.  It appeared he was going to pay for the, but then ran out.  If you know who this no-beret wearing Raspberry vodka thief is, Say It Here!

Just Slid By……..

C0-094798                                 Occurred: 10-08-2020


This gentleman was shopping at Russ’s at 33rd and Hwy 2.  It must have slipped his mind that he forgot the small tube of personal lubricant he selected when he paid for the rest of his groceries.  But, he just slid on by paying for that item.  Know this slick shopper?  Say It Here!


C0-099744                                Occurred: 10-27-2020

These two individuals entered Russ’s Market at 17th and Washington and selected pieces of chicken.  They both sat down and ate the chicken.  The employee confronted them about not paying for the chicken.  One male walked out saying “I’ll get my wallet” and the other person said he did not have the money for the chicken.  The clerk went to call and the other male left without paying.  Anyone know who these two people are? Say It Here!