I-Phone theft

C3-085122 Occurred: 9/22/2023

An Employee of the Good Neighbor Center at 2617 Y St., set her phone down on her tray. A male entered the building and asked for food. She explained that they would not have any food until Monday. The male then grabbed her phone and left running east on ‘Y’ St. If you know this male, say it here!

Quick Change Artist

C3-088502    Occurred:  9-29-2023

At the Walmart 4700 N. 27th, a female wearing a medical mask, made a nominal purchase with a $100 bill.  Speaking a foreign language and gesturing, she relayed she was disputing the amount of the change.  After several exchanges of cash, she and her friend left.  The clerk then noticed several hundred dollars missing.  If you know this female, say it here!

Forgotten Wallet

C3-080829   Occurred:  9/8/2023

An employee left her wallet near the cash register at Stop N Shop, 2200 N. 48th St, and did not realize it until the next day.  She found that several unauthorized transactions had been made during that time.  Video was obtained from a purchase at the N. 84th HyVee.  If you recognize this person, say it here!

Road Rage: Assault & Damage

C3-084989 Occurred: 9-21-2023

Victim was driving to Walmart at 4700 N. 27th, and he was involved in a near miss traffic incident. When parked, the other driver walked up on foot and punched him in the face while he was seated in his car.   W/M with Tattoos covering head, face,  arms, & legs broke his windshield with a bottle, driving away in the Grey Sedan.  If you know the suspect, say it here!

Quenching a Thirst?

C3-082824   Occurred:  9-15-2023

This blonde female was shopping at Russ’s Market at 63 & Havelock.   She selected two bottles of alcohol and a Sunflower globe, stashing them in her black purse and leaving the store without paying.  She left in a Dark colored Ford Escape.  If you recognize her, say it here


Purse Snatch

C3-075533   Occurred:  8-24-3023

Cash taken from Sam’s Club, 4900 N 27th St.  Victim advised she unknowingly left her purse in a shopping cart.   When she returned for her purse, the cash had been taken from it. Video images show a possible suspect.  If you recognize him, say it here!