Backpack Stolen & Credit Cards Used

C3-092575      Occurred:    10-13-2023

The Victim reports her Backpack was stolen from her Vehicle in the 56th & Pioneer area, and immediately afterwards, this woman was using her credit cards at the Walgreens at 7045 ‘O’ St.   She was seen leaving as a passenger in a Silver 4-dr sedan.   If you recognize her, say it here.

Scotch & Roast Beef for Dinner?

C3-091931          Occurred:   10-11-2023


This man entered the Super Saver @ 233 N. 48th St. and selected a bottle of Scotch and a Roast Beef Sandwich, hiding them in his sweatshirt.   He left without paying in a White Chevy Tahoe or similar vehicle.   If you know who this person is, say it here!

Two Men Stealing Two Bikes

C3-091664     Occurred:   10-9-2023

The victim’s Two Bikes were locked to the bike racks outside the Walgreens @ 815 N. 27th Street.   These Two unknown males did some shopping and then left with the Two Bikes.   If you recognize them, say it here!

Shoplifting a Laptop

C3-091248     Occurred:    10-10-2023

This man was shopping at Staples @ 4940 ‘O’ St. and would ask random questions when employees tried to help him. He had a red scruffy beard and was wearing a balaclava. He selected a laptop on display and secreted it in his brown satchel. He then walked out without paying, activating the door alarm. He was last seen leaving in a Black & White Convertible. If you know who he is, say it here

Porch Pirate on a Bike

C3-091154    Occurred:    10-9-2023

The man rode his bike up to the porch of a house in the 37th  & Cleveland area.   He took a package from the porch and put it inside his bag & rode away.  The victim is missing a Zombie Plush Toy and Cat Chews.  If you recognize this Porch Pirate, tell us here!

Assault & Broken Phone

C3-091089     Occurred:    10-9-2023


The Victim was shopping at Casey’s @ 4411 N. 27th St. when she was confronted by another shopper who started using racial slurs about her and her kids.   She used her phone to capture the incident, and a different customer slapped her hand, knocking her phone to the ground, breaking it.  If you know who this slapper is, say it here!

Stolen Wallet & Fraudulent Charges

C3-090286                         Occurred:    10-6-2023


This woman and her driver arrived at the Pub Bar & Grill @ 4947 Holdrege.   She entered and sat next to the victim at the gaming machines.   Shortly after the woman left, the victim received a Fraud alert of her credit card being used.   Video showed the couple leaving in a Silver Dodge Avenger with no front plate.   If you recognize this woman, say it here!

Shoplifting Clothing

C3-089508       Occurred:   10-3-2023

This male entered J.C. Penney’s @ 6100 ‘O’ St. and began selecting numerous clothing items.  He walked out of the store without paying for them, and was last seen driving away in a Black Toyota sedan.  If you know who he is, tell us here!

Shoplifting Groceries

C3-089121     Occurred:    10-3-2023


A Women and a Male entered the Russ’s Market @ 130 N 66th St to do some shopping.  The male was observed to hide 3 Pkgs. of Beef in his jacket and leave without paying.   The women was still inside with the cart, and was observed to hide some items in her purse. She also left without paying.   Both were contacted in the parking lot, but refused to stop for employees.   If you recognize them, say it here

Return Fraud

C3-088512     Occurred:   9-30-2023

This man entered the Walmart @ 4700 N. 27th St. and selected some items.   He then went to the Service Counter said he needed to return them without receipt. He left with more than he came in with.   If you recognize him, say it here

Remember to Lock your Cars!

C3-087496      Occurred:    9-29-2023

These two masked men were rummaging through cars in the 7800 Block of Northshore Dr.    They stole cash from this vehicle, but are both wearing masks and carrying bags, so they likely came for more!?!    If you recognize them, say it here!

Shoplifting from Goodwill

C3-087224     Occurred:     9-28-2023

This woman was shopping at Goodwill @ 6300 Apples Way and instead of filling her cart, she filled a bag with clothing and electronics that was hidden under her sweatshirt.  She was confronted by employees and ran out of the door without paying. She left as a passenger in a Black Chrysler Sedan driven by a B/M.   If you recognize her, say it here!

Return Fraud and Theft

C3-085950      Occurred:    9-24-2023

This man entered the Petco at 4701 ‘O’ St. and selected several packages of Dog Treats.   At the cashier he presented a questionable receipt and tried to return the Dog Treats for cash.  He was denied, but grabbed the Dog Treats and left without paying.   If you recognize this man, say it here!  

Stolen DQ Sheet Cake!

C3-085278       Occurred:     9-22-2023

This male arrived at the Dairy Queen @ 5545 S. 16th St. in a Red Chevrolet 4dr sedan.   As he entered the DQ, the Red Vehicle drove around the lot and stopped close to the doors.   The male selected a cake and immediately exited DQ with no attempts to pay.   He jumped into the back seat with the cake, and they drove away quickly.   If you recognize him and this car, say it here!

Buy One, Take One

C3-084996      Occurred:    9-21-2023

At the Stop & Shop @ 5640 S. 16th St., this man road in on a bike carrying a tree trimmer and having an injury to his leg.  He purchased a bottle of alcohol, but made clanging noises as he left.   Checking the Video, he was observed to secret a bottle of Jagermeister in his shorts.   If you recognize him, say it here!

Shoplifting Sugar

C3-084350      Occurred:    9-19-2023


This man was doing some shopping at Walmart @ 4700 N. 27th St. He selected two bags of Sugar and a new Hat, and placed them inside his backpack.    He attempted to leave without paying, gave a fake name, then left in an older Bluish Purple Ford Ranger.   If you recognize him, say it here!

Wire Return Fraud

C3-082228    Occurred:   9-13-2023

This man entered Menards @ 8900 Andermatt Dr. and selected two different types of Electrical Wire.   He then went to the returns counter “returned” one of the rolls of wire for cash, then “paid” for the second roll of wire with the stores money.   If you recognize this man, say it here!

Theft from Church

C3-082153      Occurred :  9-12-2023

This unknown man entered the ‘Cross The Line Church’ @ 5925 Adams St. on a Thursday evening and selected several small electronic items and a women’s jacket.   He put them in his bag and left.   If you recognize him, say it here!

Taking 2 Beers from a 6 pack

C3-079587       Occurred:   9-5-2023

Employees report this man entered Walgreens @ 1301 ‘O’ St.  and went directly to the alcohol aisle.   He took 2 Corona Bottles from a 6 pack, and put them down the front of his shorts.   He then walked directly out the doors without paying.   If you recognize him and his Husker back pack, say it here!

Shoplifting Alcohol

C3-076607     Occurred:   8-27-3023

This male entered the Casey’s @ 3003 N. 70th St to use the restroom.   When he was finished, he grabbed two bottles of Royal Crown Apple and ran out of the door without paying.   If you recognize his, say it here!

Theft of Teens Mini Bike

C3-101666     Occurred:   11-12-2023

The victim’s homemade Purple & Black Mini Bike was stolen from the Luxury Inn @ 2940 NW 12th St.   Three days later a H/F aprx 40yrs and a W/M attempted to sell the Mini Bike.   However, the intended buyer recognized the bike as stolen, held on to it, and called the police.   They left in this early 2000’s Blue Pearl Volvo S60 Sedan.   If you know who they are, say it here!

Theft & Credit Card Fraud

C3-100306      Occurred:    11-7-2023

The victim took his kids to Roberts Park @ 1822 S. 56th St. to play. While he was away from his truck, someone stole his wallet.   Within minutes, several Fraudulent Credit Card charges were made at Target @ 233 N. 48th St.    Video shows this person making those charges.    Do you know her, say it here!

Sore Thumb ??

C3-092413    Occurred:   10-12-2023

This male entered Russ’s Market at 4400 S. 33rd St. Ct. with a Sore Thumb, selected a Thumb Stabilizer, and put it on.   He then left wearing it, and without paying for it.   If you recognize him, say it here!

Slashed Tires

C3-089954     Occurred:   10-6-2023

The victim reports that this man slashed 3 of the tires on his Blue Subaru shortly after mid-night in the 1500 Block of So. 19th St.   The victim has no enemies, and feels this was a random act of Vandalism.   If you recognize this person, tell us here!

Shoplifting Candy Angry

C3-085347     Occurred:     9-22-2023

The clerk at Casey’s, 1001 S. 13th St. asked this guy to come back in and pay for the Laffy Taffy he pocketed.   He became angry, swore, refused, and drove away in a Grey Mazda 4dr.   If you recognize him, say it here