Bad to the Bone

C2-066406          Occurred: 07-28-2022

A citizen living in the 1500 Block of David Drive reported this suspect took their daughter’s lime green BMX style bicycle from their property. The bicycle has four pegs and a skull sticker on the frame near the seat. If you’ve seen a bicycle matching this description or know who this is, say it here! 

Grand Theft Printer!

C2-066517          Occurred: 07-29-2022



Office Depot at 333 N. 50th Street reported this pair entered their store and began browsing some items with help from an employee. They select a $500 printer and run out of the store with it, without paying for said printer. If you know who they are, say it here!

6-Packs and Some Paper Towels

C2-066828          Occurred: 07-30-2022



The above suspects were reported to have placed several items in their cart and then left Hyvee without paying for their items. This occurred at the Hyvee on 40th and Old Cheney.  If you know who they are, say it here!

BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag!

C2-066893      Occurred: 07-25-2022


This suspect is reported to have placed unpurchased grocery items in a SuperSaver plastic bag she brought with her, and left the store without paying for the items. This occurred  at SuperSaver on 27th and Cornhusker Highway.  If you know who this is, say it here!


Nice Tattoos!

C2-067842          Occurred: 08-02-2022


The suspect shown here is reported to have used a credit card from a wallet someone dropped on the ground. This occurred at the Kwik Shop at 27th and W Street. If you know he is, say it here!

Poor Planning

C2-101202         Occurred: 11/8/22

A blue Power Horse 7000 Watt generator/invertor was stolen from the area of 20th and Y St.     This unique vehicle with a shattered windshield, white objects on the doors and a fictitious plate (WKI597) was seen on video taking the generator.   It was too big to fit in the trunk, so they left it hanging out, but it quickly ended up falling out of the trunk and they had to come back to get it.   Once they loaded it a second time, they can be seen with a long sheet of fabric trailing behind the vehicle as the two men drove off.   If you know these two men, the car, know where the generator is or anything else about this case, say it here!

Rock Vandal

C2-105622          Occurred: 11/25/22

This male is a suspect in multiple vandalisms over the last 2-3 months.    He is suspected of throwing rocks through multiple different apartment windows.   If you know who this is, say it here!

Night rider

C2-090191        Occurred: 10/9/22

A male and female left their motorcycle parked on 21, just North of O while they were in the park.  They attempted to leave, but couldn’t find the keys.  While they were off looking for the keys, a male on  a bike rode up and stole the items they left near the motorcycle.    If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Bryce and Hannah

C2-064419          Occurred: 7/23/22

While shopping at Walmart, the victim said the male in teal shorts walked up to him.  His first name was reportedly ‘Bryce’ and he asked if the victim remembered ‘Hannah.’   Then ‘Bryce’ punched the victim and a big fight broke out in the store.   ‘Bryce’ arrived with a group of people seen above and some of them were involved in throwing merchandise at the fighting men.    ‘Bryce’ lost his sandals in the fight and ran out to a silver car in the lot.  He waited for the older couple to join him at the car before leaving.   If you know who this individual is, say it here!

illegal shopping spree

C2-020966          Occurred: 3/14/22

The victim lost his wallet near the student union at UNL.   When canceling his cards, he learned that 6 transactions had been charged on one of the cards.   researching the charges, this male was seen at two of the locations at the time of the fraudulent charges.   If you know anything about this case, say it here!

No ‘I’ in team

C2-032308         Occurred: 4/20/22

Home Depot reported that the man in the black shirt and glasses came in and bought a brand new lawn mower on a debit card.   He pulled a ‘Superman’ and changed his appearance by taking off his glasses and putting on a blue shirt, so no one would recognize him.  He then went back into the store and grabbed a second lawnmower, but  used his receipt to scam the staff.   He left in the van pictured.  A few days later, another male returned the previously purchased lawn mower at another Home Depot store.    The owner of the debit card used, has refused to talk to officers.  We are looking for any info on these suspects, their van or the stolen mower.   If you have any info, Say it here!


C2-026033          Occurred: 3/31/22

Walmart reported that this woman hid a bottle of coconut oil in her jacket sleeve.  She didn’t pay for it and Walmart security attempted to stop her, but she slipped past them.   Do you recognize her? Say it here!

In a vacuum

C2-047584          Occurred: 6/2/22


The South 27th St Walmart reported a theft and said that this male and female both approached the self checkout line together.   The male never paid for the vacuum he brought up to the register though.  The female left and the male hung around for about 3 minutes before walking out with the vacuum.  They both then left in the same car.  If you know who they are, say it here!

The vices

C2-047126          Occurred: 6/2/22

This male entered a Kwik shop and went around behind the counter.  He reportedly grabbed some cash, Newport cigarettes, a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and a 6 pack of Budweiser, before leaving the store.    If you know who he is, say it here!

Packing electronics

C2-038618          Occurred: 5/8/22

Best Buy reported three people entered the store. This female went around on her own and put numerous electronic items into her sweatshirt.   She left without paying and avoided staff when they tried to stop her.  If you know who he is, say it here!

Scan scam

C2-026313          Occurred: 4/1/22

Walmart reported this male was scanning inexpensive items, but bagging expensive items.  When confronted, he denied any knowledge about it, but left behind the items.  If you know who he is, say it here!


C2-071613          Occurred: 8/14/22

A hit and run was reported at La Cabana.  The victim’s SUV was parked, when the black pickup pictured above drove past, swiping across the front, driver’s side of the bumper.    There were two men seen outside the truck prior to it leaving.  Based on the hood scoop and other features, the vehicle appears consistent with a 2015 (or older)  Toyota Tacoma TRD.   If you know anything about this truck or the occupants, say it here!

What a rip off!

C2-071603        Occurred: 8/14/22

After a night out at LaCabana, (33/Cornhusker) this black pickup was involved in a hit and run.  The driver hung out in the lot and talked on a cell phone for a while, but when he pulled out of the stall he clipped the front bumper of the SUV parked next to him and completely ripped the bumper off the SUV.    If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Sweet tooth, sticky hands

C2-023383          Occurred: 3/22/22

The U-stop at 17th and Q reported that the male in black with a red backpack entered the store with the male in the grey jacket.   The male in black took some candy items and stuffed them in a jacket pocket before leaving the store without paying for the merchandise.   If you know who this man or his friend are, say it here!

No sales

C2-016086          Occurred: 2/27/22

U Stop at 17th and Q St reported that this individual came into the the store and grabbed a 12 pack of Bud Light Seltzer Sours.   When the clerk told him that it was too late to sell alcohol, he ignored the clerk and walked out the door with the alcohol.    If you know who this person is, say it here!


C2-031543        Occurred: 4/18/22

Menards reported that this male was seen on surveillance video opening a Butane torch package and concealing the item inside the front of his pants,  He was then observed to grab a butane cylinder spray can and concealed the item in the back of his pants. He reportedly left the store without paying and drove away in this maroon Jeep.   If you have any information on this male, please, say it here!


C2-080184         Occurred: 9/8/22

This male was seen on surveillance video climbing into the victim’s unlocked truck and prowling around inside.   He ran down the street to a waiting vehicle when he left.  If you know who he is, say it here!

night sawing

C2-006454          Occurred: 1-25-22

The driver of the car above pulled into a lot near 15th and Pioneers.  The driver cut off 2 catalytic converters and took them back to their vehicle.   A passenger was in the car, but never exited.  It appears to be a Kia Sorento SX they were driving.    If you know who any of the suspects are, say it here!

Temper temper

C2-038299                         Occurred: 5/8/22

McDonalds at 1028 Saunders reported two women were in the drive-thru in a black Mazda 6.   They were refusing to order food, and were holding up the line.  The females were asked to leave, but then they entered the restaurant.  They began screaming and throwing items, including the register and the cookie case, which shattered.   An employee was kicked in the chin and a customer was  struck in the ear when he tried to stop the females from attacking the employee.   If you know who these two are, say it here!


Case: C2-072071                        Occurred: 8-15-22

The pictured electric bike was chained to a pole near 12th and H St. The bike and the chain were stolen. Surveillance video shows this red pickup arriving, with a bike already in the bed. The pickup stops next to the pole and two people can be seen exiting the pickup and moving bikes around in the bed before leaving the area. A third male approaches them on a bike as well, but it is unclear if this individual is involved. If you know who these bike collectors are, say it here! 

The Daily Riot, Part 19

Case # C0-048323

During the riot on May 30th, video captured this female assisting another female to start a fire inside a building along Lincoln Mall.   

If you have any information you can leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers here or call LPD at (402)-441-6000.

Window Experience Necessary

Case # B9-118252     ‘Window Experience Necessary’

Occurred:   12-21-19

This silver car can be seen moving around the parking lot of a business near 27th/Pine Lake at 9 in the morning.  The driver can be seen looking in several car’s windows, but he finally stops at this 2019 Chevy Equinox.  As he walks next to the victim’s car he shattered the glass window and reportedly stole a wallet out of the vehicle.   He then leaves the lot in his silver car and is then seen at Walmart nearby where he uses stolen credit cards to buy hundreds of dollars in gift cards.  This male appears to have experience with this type of activity, based on the surveillance video.   If you have information on this case, please call LPD or Say it Here to contact Crime Stoppers.