Assault at Walmart

C2-014367          Occurred: 2/20/22

The customer shown in the images went into the Walmart located at 3400 N. 85th Street. He told the cashier he was looking for a certain laptop to create content for his YouTube channel. The cashier wasn’t able to locate the specific laptop he had in mind, but talked to him and helped him locate a similar one. The customer asked for two of them. He tried to pay with a cash card, but the cash card wouldn’t work. The customer then became verbally aggressive with the cashier and two other customers in line. When the customer began calling the cashier names, he informed him he wasn’t going to make a sale to him, so the customer reached behind the plastic shield and assaulted the cashier. He then left the store with two other individuals and they left in a dark colored sedan. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!