Anonymous Sex Assault Reporting

What is Anonymous Sexual Assault Reporting?

It is estimated that only 16 percent of all rape victims report their crime to the police. In an attempt to make it easier for the victims of sexual assault to report these offenses, and at the same time expand the Lincoln Police Department’s database concerning these crimes, an anonymous reporting system has been created.

How Does it Work?

The Lincoln Police Department has developed a form on our website to allow a victim to complete and submit the anonymous report on-line. A report can also be made though our Emergency Communications Center. Victims may call (402) 441-3866, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This line is dedicated to receiving anonymous sexual assault reports. The employee will walk the caller through the same questions listed on the Anonymous Sexual Assault Report Form, but will not ask for the victim’s name or other identifying information.

Once the report is completed, online or over the phone, a report number is generated (similar to SA172) for reference.

If the crime took place within the last 120 hours (5 days), there may be physical evidence on the victim’s body or clothing that could be critical should the victim later decide to pursue prosecution. This evidence can be collected at any Lincoln area hospital. If the victim provides the report number he or she was assigned, the City of Lincoln will pay for the cost of the examination. Examination reports will only be made available for prosecution if the victim signs a release of information form.

The Lincoln Police Department has an excellent working relationship with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department, so if the incident a victim is reporting occurred on campus or outside the city, we will forward the report to the appropriate agency. Those agencies support this effort.

Will I Remain Anonymous?

Victims should be assured that we will protect their desire to remain confidential. These reports will be filed in our Crime Analysis Unit and will not be made a part of a case file unless the victim later decides to come forward with an official report.

Who Else Can I Call For Assistance?

Voices of Hope advocates are familiar with and able to provide assistance with the process of anonymous reporting. Individuals may call the office at (402) 476-2110 or utilize walk in services at 2545 N Street. The Voices of Hope 24 hour crisis line at (402) 475-7273 is also available to offer support and answer questions.

Online Anonymous Sexual Assault Report Form