Dodge Rammed

C3-082700          Occurred: 9/13/23

This Dodge Ram shown here pulled up to the Subway drive-thru near 10th/High Street. The U-Haul trailer the truck was pulling hit the ordering kiosk at Subway and damaged it. The driver drove off without letting anybody know. If you know who this is, say it here!

Door Ding

C3-083379          Occurred: 9/17/23

The four suspects here arrived in two different cars to the Cloud9 smoke shop on 48th and Dudley. They used one car, a stolen Hyundai Elantra, to ram the front door of the business, knocking the front wall off the foundation of the building and breaking the glass door. They used the broken door to gain entry into the building and took approximately $1000 worth of vape products, but causing over $25,000 worth of damage to the building. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Exclusive Hype

C3-073522          Occurred: 8/18/23

A burglary occurred at a clothing store near 16th and O Street around 4am on August 18th. The VW Atlas (sample image) appeared on camera and three suspects tried to use a strap to pull the door open, unsuccessfully. They then broke into the building through a window and stole a bunch of … left shoes. You heard that right, single shoes. If you know anything about this burglary, say it here!

Tacoma To-Go

UNL23002743          Occurred: 9/6/23

A UNL student dropped her keys in the parking lot and this suspect picked them up and took off in her new white Toyota Tacoma. The vehicle has since been recovered, but we’d like to know who he is. If you can help, say it here!

Bikes, Burritos, and Burglary

C3-082631          Occurred: 9/15/23

These two suspects arrived on bikes at the D’Leon’s restaurant near 48th and Van Dorn. They broke a glass door and made entry to the building. One suspect entered the building while the other acted as a lookout. Stolen from the store were redemption tickets to a gaming machine and cash. The total loss including the damage to the building was just over $1,000. If anybody knows anything about this case, help us out and say it here!

Knox Shooting

C3-081074         Occurred: 9/10/23

Lincoln police were dispatched to an area near Knox and Portia streets at 5:10 a.m. on a report of a man that had been shot.   

When officers arrived, they located a 47-year-old-man had suffered at least one gunshot wound. The man was transported to an area hospital by Lincoln Fire and Rescue with serious injuries. The injuries do not appear to be life threatening. 

If you have information on this incident or information on the suspect, please say it here!

Wandering Wallet

UN23002759          Occurred: 9/7/23

On September 7th, a UNL staff member reported her wallet had been stolen from her office and fraudulent charges were being made on her credit cards. The transactions were all made at a Lincoln area at Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Kohl’s for a total of over $8,700 in charges. Video was obtained from the transactions and three suspects were located on camera believed to be responsible. One of the females had noticeable tattoos on her arms. They were seen driving a newer black Hyundai Santa Fe. If you know who they are, say it here!

Ticket Master

C3-081888          Occurred: 9/11/23

The suspect shown here faked a gaming ticket at Huskerville Pub and Pizza in Air Park. He falsely made off with $400. They said he’s not a regular and they didn’t recognize him, but do you? If so – say it here!

Fast Break

C3-081477          Occurred: 9/10/23

On this early Sunday morning around 4am, this suspect was captured on camera at the Fast Break gas station on 33rd/A Street. It was found someone unsuccessfully tried to break into the side entrance door. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Nissan Pathmisser

C3-082419          Occurred: 9/14/23

An accident occurred near 27th and P Street. The vehicle shown above, a white Nissan Pathfinder, is reported to have hit another vehicle and then drove off. It will likely have red transfer paint on the driver’s side rear fender or bumper. If you know where we can find a white Nissan Pathfinder with new damage, say it here!

Mask Off

C3-080055          Occurred: 9/6/23

This suspect shown here stole a 2013 Hyundai Elantra from the area of 14th and Van Dorn. The vehicle was later located parked near 16th and Smith the following day. There was a dash cam inside the car that captured a suspect, but they didn’t take their mask off. If you can recognize this suspect, help us out and say it here!

Patiently Waiting

C3-081281          Occurred: 09/10/23

The suspect shown here went into the Kwik Shop on 33rd/Holdrege and demanded the cashier empty the register into his bag. The cashier hesitated and negotiated with the suspect for around five minutes, asking him “Are you sure you want to do this?”. Eventually the cashier gave him the small amount of money in the register and the suspect left. The cashier said he was a black male with lighter colored scars above his right eye and on his knuckles. If you can help us out with who this might be, say it here!


C3-078169          Occurred: 8/31/23

The suspect shown here arrived to the GOOD2GO gas station on 27th/Fairfield in the black Nissan SUV. He walked into the store and down a back hallway where the staff office is located. You see him peek his head into the door to see if anybody is in there, and then come back just moments later to snag a wallet that was in the staff office. We’re hoping someone can help us identify who he is. If so, say it here!

Softly Served

C3-078509       Occurred:  9/1/23

A 4 door pickup with running boards and tinted rear windows parked in an adjacent lot to the Dairy Queen near 27th and I-80.  Just after the staff left for the evening, an unknown male walked over to the DQ and walked around the building.  He broke out the glass door on the south side of the building by throwing a concrete planter through it.  He then carried the planter to the office door and repeatedly beat on the door with it.   The planter was broken near the office door and the office door had damage from being hit, but he was not able to get into the office.   Surveillance video shows the male gave up on the door, but was attempting to gain access to the office thru the ceiling.  He was still unsuccessful and walked out the back door of the business without anything.  The video shows the suspect has a hoodie over his head and a mask over his face.  He is seen wearing some glossy, dark shoes. 

Fake Benjamins

C3-074374      Occurred: 8-20-23

On Sunday August 20th at 12:30pm the Walmart on N 27th reported that $1000 of counterfeit bills were used to purchase multiple items. A B/M and a B/F purchased the items with 10 counterfeit $100 bills. The suspects completed the purchases through 3 transactions so that during each transaction they would be given change back totaling less than $100 to ensure they would be given real currency as change and not their counterfeit currency back. The male purchased three 10 inch portable DVD players and a king size candy bar. The female purchased 2 box sets of Gunsmoke on DVD and a box of Lipton tea.   

Grab Bag

C3-070252          Occurred: 8/7/23

The suspect shown here is reported to have brought his own bag into Old Navy and loaded it up with $200 worth of clothing he walked out with. If you know who this is, say it here!

Into the Wild 🐶

C3-072490          Occurred: 8/14/23

The suspect shown here went onto private property and unlocked a dog kennel, releasing the dog from the kennel. Thankfully a neighbor was able to intercept the dog, but we’d like to know who this person is. If you can help, say it here!