Catalytic Converter Theft

C3-008467          Occurred: 01-31-2023

A citizen reported their vehicle’s catalytic converter was cut off. Video surveillance shows this Chrysler 300 arriving and two suspect exiting. One of the suspects stands watch while the other removed the catalytic converter. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Low E String

C3-015856          Occurred: 02/25/23

These two suspects went into Dietze Music near 48th/Nebraska Parkway and walked out with a $2,145 guitar. They got into a maroon Chevy Equinox with stolen plates on it. If you can help us solve this case, say it here!

Car Break In

C3-008566          Occurred: 01-31-2023

A citizen in the area of 37th and Cornhusker Highway reported this male took items out of their vehicle, to include two magazines with ammunition and a large subwoofer. If you know  anything about this case, say it here!

Menards Run

C3-009974          Occurred: 02-06-2023


Menards reported these two males were involved in a shoplift where one of them ran out of the store with a basket full of items. The left in the pictured pickup truck. If you recognize either of them, say it here!

No Parking Signs?

C3-009811          Occurred: 02-05-2023

These two males are responsible for stealing no parking signs from King Ridge complex near 32nd and Folkways. They can be heard on video surveillance talking about living in the area. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

That’s Not Your Purse

C3-005848          Occurred: 01-22-2023

A citizen reported they had forgotten their purse at Dollar General, and when they returned to retrieve it, it was gone. This female is observed taking the citizen’s purse and leaving in the pictured vehicle. If you recognize who she is, say it here!

Express Pawn

C3-008946          Occurred: 02-01-2023

A citizen reported fraudulent activity on their credit cards at Express Pawn on 19th and O Street. This male is observed to purchase a $250 ring with the stolen credit card. If you recognize who he is, say it here!

A New Hat

C3-008596          Occurred: 01-31-2023

G&G Smoke Shop reported this female placed a ball cap into her jacket and left without paying for it. She was seen entering the pictured red pickup truck. If you recognize who she is, say it here!

No free money

C3-009268          Occurred: 02-03-2023

The victim in this case used the register at Target to get extra cash with her transaction, but forgot to grab it when she left.   This male came up and found the money, taking it as he left.   If you recognize who he is, say it here!

Mail Un-Delivery

C3-008415          Occurred: 01/31/23

A white Cadillac has been seen over the past year or so pulling up to mailboxes and taking mail. We need some help figuring out who this person is! If you can help us solve a strong of mailbox thefts, say it here!


C3-008408          Occurred: 01/01/23

Hyvee near 40th/Old Cheney made a report that a man came in on two occasions and shoplifted alcohol. In total, he was able to walk out with over $1,300 worth of alcohol. If you can help us solve this case, say it here!


C2-093507          Occurred: 09-19-2022

A citizen reported someone opened a credit card in their name, and then took the mail out of their mailbox from the card company to activate the card. The card was then fraudulently used throughout Lincoln, and this male was developed as a suspect. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

With Sprinkles

C3-010538          Occurred: 02/08/23

The Dunkin’ Donuts near 84th/O Street was burglarized around 3:45am on the morning of Wednesday, February 8th. The suspect rode in on a colorful bike, parked it at Aldi, then entered into Dunkin’ Donuts. Over $1,800 worth of cash was taken from the business. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Best Buy Again

C3-007339          Occurred: 01-25-2023

Best Buy reported this female took over $1,300 worth of merchandise from their store. She then attempted to do the same thing two days later, although was confronted by employees. She is associated with the two pictured vehicles. If you recognize who she is, say it here!

A New Coat

C3-006653          Occurred: 01-25-2023

Menards reported this male entered their store, and put on a brown coat, pictured above. He left the store without paying for his new coat, and after being confronted by employees he left in the pictured red Ford Pickup. He appears to have tattoos on both of his hands. If you recognize who he is, say it here!


C3-014641          Occurred: 02/13/23

A bad check was written at the Too Fast Supply store near 21st/Cornhusker. This suspect was shown to arrive in a black Ford Expedition and write the bad check. He had a large tattoo on his left arm and a small one on his right arm. He bought lots of Milwaukee Packout supplies. If you have information that could help solve this case, say it here!

Blue Flame

C3-013913          Occurred: 02/18/23

The victim in this case parked his car at the Walmart on N. 27th while he ran into the store real quick. The female above was seen interacting with a vehicle that was parked near the victim’s 2014 Cadillac ATS in a blue flame color. Someone from that vehicle entered into the victim’s blue vehicle and drove off in it. If you know who this person of interest is, say it here!

Digging Around at Dawes

C3-013451          Occurred: 02/16/23

A burglary occurred at Dawes Middle School which is currently under construction. Cameras captured these individuals rummaging through the job site and loading up items. All in all, they took off with over $3,500 worth of tools and supplies. If you know who these suspects are, say it here!

The Electric Slide

C3-011411          Occurred: 02/10/23

The victim in this case was at The Joint, 333 North Cotner, when she set her phone down on the counter. The suspect shown here moves in and sneakily slides the phone into her red purse. She arrived and left in a Chevy Silverado with paint chips. If you know who this is, say it here!

Do Not Enter

C3-011873          Occurred: 02/12/23

This SUV was captured on camera in the area of 44th and Sheridan. Someone exited the SUV and rummaged through a car parked on the street. Nothing was taken but we’d like to know who the suspect is. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Purse Grab

C3-008709          Occurred: 02/01/23


The female shown here grabbed a purse left behind in a motorized scooter from another shopper. She arrived with the male pictured (associate) in the car shown. If you know who this is, say it here!