Not Normal on Normal Blvd.

C2-047294          Occurred: 6/3/22

Five cars in the 6500 block of Normal Boulevard were entered into and items taken from the cars. The two male suspects shown above were captured on camera using the cards to attempt to make purchases at a Lincoln Walmart. If you know anything that could help solve this case, say it here!

That’s Not Cool

C2-049448        Occurred: 5/7/22

The victim in this case suspects her wallet was stolen while she was at work near 17th/South. Her cards were quickly used at CVS on 15th and South Street. Images of the suspect and suspect’s vehicle are posted above. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Swipe and Sell

C2-015275          Occurred: 2/24/22

The cashier at the Kwik Shop, 2811 N. 48th, went to unlock the bathroom for a customer. When she returned, she saw this male bent over with his hand in his pocket then walking out of the store without paying for anything. She suspected he may have taken something from the store. Another customer came in shortly after and said this male was outside trying to sell a bottle of alcohol. Cameras were reviewed and it was discovered he did in fact take a bottle of alcohol from the store. If you know who this is, say it here!

Here’s the Kicker…

C2-038649         Occurred: 5/9/22

The victim in this case came home to his garage open and two Kicker speakers missing in the area of 8th/West C Street. Cameras captured the suspects and Honda Odyssey suspect vehicle shown above. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Airpods on an Adventure

C2-060239          Occurred: 7/8/22

An employee at Thunder Alley Indoor Shooting Range (47th/Hartley) dropped his Airpods in the parking lot as he was leaving one day. He reviewed the surveillance footage and located this man picking them up and walking off with them. If you know who this is, say it here!

BBQ Rib Run

C2-043644          Occurred: 5/24/22

The cashier at Super C on 17th/L Street reported a male came into the store, walked directly to the sandwiches, grabbed two BBQ rib sandwiches, and walked right out of the store. If you know who this is, say it here!

Drinks to Go

C2-018747          Occurred: 3/7/22

Walmart (N. 85th) employees reported the woman shown here came into the store and purchased a bottle of vodka. She then came back later, grabbed another bottle, and drank out of it while in the store. She was asked to leave, but came back a THIRD time and did the same thing. Ultimately, she ended up leaving with one of the bottles and didn’t pay for it. Do you know who she is? Say it here!

Door Check

C2-017264          Occurred: 3/2/22

Multiple vehicles were entered into in the area of S. 46th/Old Cheney and items taken from the vehicles. The best image captured from home surveillance is shown above. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

illegal shopping spree

C2-020966          Occurred: 3/14/22

The victim lost his wallet near the student union at UNL.   When canceling his cards, he learned that 6 transactions had been charged on one of the cards.   researching the charges, this male was seen at two of the locations at the time of the fraudulent charges.   If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Masked Man

C2-045380          Occurred: 5/29/22

An employee at Home Depot (N. 27th) stopped the man shown here with a cart full of items. He flashed a receipt and said he paid for them, but then abandoned the cart and items and took off. If you know who this is, say it here!

Sneaking Suspicions

C2-040439          Occurred: 5/13/22

A Walmart (Jamie Lane) employee reported the woman above was acting suspicious at the self-checkout and when employees weren’t looking, she walked out without paying for any of her items. She left in a Toyota Corolla. If you know who she is, say it here!

No ‘I’ in team

C2-032308         Occurred: 4/20/22

Home Depot reported that the man in the black shirt and glasses came in and bought a brand new lawn mower on a debit card.   He pulled a ‘Superman’ and changed his appearance by taking off his glasses and putting on a blue shirt, so no one would recognize him.  He then went back into the store and grabbed a second lawnmower, but  used his receipt to scam the staff.   He left in the van pictured.  A few days later, another male returned the previously purchased lawn mower at another Home Depot store.    The owner of the debit card used, has refused to talk to officers.  We are looking for any info on these suspects, their van or the stolen mower.   If you have any info, Say it here!


C2-026033          Occurred: 3/31/22

Walmart reported that this woman hid a bottle of coconut oil in her jacket sleeve.  She didn’t pay for it and Walmart security attempted to stop her, but she slipped past them.   Do you recognize her? Say it here!

In a vacuum

C2-047584          Occurred: 6/2/22

The South 27th St Walmart reported a theft and said that this male and female both approached the self checkout line together.   The male never paid for the vacuum he brought up to the register though.  The female left and the male hung around for about 3 minutes before walking out with the vacuum.  They both then left in the same car.  If you know who they are, say it here!

Pioneer Woman

C2-038694             Occurred: 5/9/22

Walmart on N. 85th captured this suspect concealing a Pioneer Woman knife set in his backpack. He was confronted on his way out and handed the knives over, telling the employee he just got out of prison. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Crash and Dash

C2-082087          Occurred: 9/13/22

Around 6:30pm on a Tuesday evening, a 79 year old female was driving near 13th/L when a white pickup truck ran a red light and slammed into her. The driver of the white pickup truck, described as a white female in her late 40’s, drove off after the accident. The victim’s air bags deployed and she was taken to the hospital for chest pain. A witness followed the white truck and was able to get a license plate for the truck. We were able to make contact with the male owner of the truck, however through that investigation, we were told that his truck had gone missing a few days prior and he knew nothing about the accident. This truck stands out and we are hopeful someone in the area has some information about the female that was driving the truck that day. If you have a tip that could help us solve this investigation, say it here!