Lenovo Liftoff

UNL22001122          Occurred: 4/22/22


A Lenovo laptop and mouse were stolen from the Yes Chef cafe at UNL campus. The suspect above was captured on camera as a person of interest. If you know who he is, say it here!

Reverse Donation

C2-022516           Occurred: 3/20/22

A donation box for the People’s City Mission captured some visitors doing a reverse donation by taking items from the box for themselves. This was at the donation box near Speedway Motors, 340 Victory Lane. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Targeted Attack

C2-022329            Occurred: 3/19/22

Target on 48th/O reported a shoplift. They said the above two individuals allegedly shoplifted numerous items totaling almost $500. They left in the Toyota Solara in the last image. If you know who these folks are, say it here!

Lingering on Lafayette

C2-009477          Occurred: 2/4/22

This guy was caught on camera lingering on 26th/Lafayette. One homeowner in the area captured him on their Ring cam, attempting to get into two cars in their driveway. If you know anything about this case, say it here!


C2-009022          Occurred: 2/2/22

Super Saver on N. 48th/O reported the suspect above came into the store and attempted to steal a bottle of Fireball whiskey. She was confronted upon exit and handed the whiskey over. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Fishnet Leggings

C1-101377          Occurred: 10/25/21


Last Halloween, a package was stolen from a building near 8th/R Street. The cameras captured this suspect who made off with a package of fishnet stockings and a tutu. If you recognize her, say it here!


C2-002668          Occurred: 1/10/22

Employees at Russ’s Market, 66th/O, reported the man above came into the store and attempted to purchase two packages of Newport cigarettes. When his card was declined, he began to walk out with the cigarettes anyways. An employee confronted him at which time he threatened the employee. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Bike Theft v1

UNL22000564          Occurred: 2/27/22


UNL Police Dept. reported a bike theft. The first four images are of the first suspect, and the last three images are of the second suspect. They are suspects in a bike that went missing from the area of 600 N. 15th Street. If you can help, say it here!


C2-014058          Occurred: 2/15/22

The suspect shown above was captured on camera allegedly shoplifting from Russ’s Market near 33rd/Highway 2. If you know who they are, say it here!

It’s a [Blue] Ford Ranger!!

C2-022989          Occurred: 3/21/22

Cameras captured a blue Ford Ranger driving onto the property of an automotive business in the 1800 block of West O Street. The owner later found the catalytic converter to be damaged as if someone attempted to take it off with a saw. If you know who drives this blue Ford Ranger, say it here!

Cash Me Outsideee

C2-009194          Occurred: 1/31/22

The victim in this case put a check in her mailbox for $17 to make a payment. The check was stolen from her mailbox and altered to read $322 to HyVee, which was scratched out and replaced with U-Stop and ultimately cashed. The suspects shown above were captured on camera at U-Stop during that transaction. If you can help ID them, say it here!


C2-028689          Occurred: 4/8/22

Walgreens on N. 27th/Vine reported someone came into the store and scammed the cashier out of $500. If you recognize the suspect shown above, say it here!


C2-025294          Occurred: 3/29/22

The victim in this case forgot his wallet in a Z-Trip cab. He was notified shortly after that his card had been used at Aladdin’s tobacco. Surveillance was reviewed and showed these two suspects reported to be responsible for the transaction. Do you know who they are? If so, say it here!

Counterfeit Mula

C2-022081          Occurred: 3/18/22

The suspects shown above are reported to have gone to the customer service area at Super Saver (27th/Cornhusker) and purchased a box of M&M’s using a counterfeit $100 bill. They were given change and made off with real cash. If you know who they are, say it here!

💳 Fraud 💳

C2-022555          Occurred: 3/20/22

The victim in this case had his credit cards stolen during a larceny from auto. The cards were then used at various stores around Lincoln. These two were captured making transactions at Walmart on N. 27th. Do you recognize them? Say it here!

The Cleaners

C2-051992                      Occurred: 6/17/22

A white U-Haul pickup pulled into one of the wash bays at the Havelock Car Wash.  Two of the men attempted to use a drill to drill holes in the coin lock box while a man  (who is missing his left forearm) acted as a lookout.   They were unable to get into the coin box and left empty handed, after causing damage to the car wash coin box.   If you know who these men are,  say it here!

Procedural Problems

C2-062859          Occurred: 7/18/22

Citrine Med Spa reported a customer came into the spa and received a cosmetic medical procedure for the cost of $2,400. She walked out after the procedure and didn’t pay for her service. She left in a 4 door black sedan. The image above was captured of the suspect at the med spa, however she provided false information about her identity so we are needing help getting her identified. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

U-Hauled Off My U-Haul

C2-065035          Occurred: 7/24/22

A U-Haul truck went missing from the area of 47th/Cornhusker. Video was reviewed after the person renting it swore up and down they returned it. Sure enough, camera footage captured someone taking off with the truck after it was dropped off. The suspect is caught on camera twice, in different clothes each time. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Sneaky Suspects

C2-062760          Occurred: 7/18/22

The victim in this case was staying in Lincoln from out of town. She paid for a hotel overnight near 48th/O Street, and while she was at the grocery store, these two suspects entered into her room and took personal items from her including cash. Do you know who they are? If so, say it here!


C2-050863          Occurred: 7/25/22

A Honda CR-V was stolen from the area of 1st/Superior. Video from Walgreens on 17th/South captured the suspect driving the vehicle. He came into the store to make a purchase at the pharmacy. Do you know who he is? If so, say it here!

Mitsubishi Montero – Maroon Fender

C2-055922          Occurred: 6/28/22

A kid in Lincoln was attempting to purchase a pair of $200 shoes off of Facebook Marketplace. The vehicle shown above, a Mitsubishi Montero (2001-2006, red fender) came to drop off the shoes, but instead took the $200 from the victim and drove off. If you know anything about this case, say it here!


Case # C2-057464      Occurred: 7-2-22


$1000 reward has been approved for information leading to his arrest!

On July 2nd, Gustavo was driving West on O St., crossed the median and hit an East bound car head-on.  The driver of that car, 19 year old Alexandor Eskra died from his injuries.     Gustavo fled from the scene and has not been located.     

A reward for information on his location, leading to his arrest, is available if you Say it Here! 

Remember, you can always remain anonymous by reporting info to Crime Stoppers.   

Stolen Trucks

C2-048494       Occurred:  6/7/22

LAX Auto at 400 W Cornhusker was the victim of a burglary on June 7th.  A pickup truck pulled into the lot and the burglar collided with the building in order to gain entry.  Once inside, he searched through the business and stole a set of keys for a white 2015 Chevy Silverado.   He then went out to the pickup truck he arrived in and drove that truck to the Royal Grove parking lot across the street and abandoned it.  He returned to the car lot and stole the 2015 Chevy Silverado from the lot.  Officers later located the first truck at the Royal Grove and found it had also been stolen the night before.  The white Chevy Silverado was found to be related to another burglary at CK Powersports that same morning where the man took a Trailer and a small Jeep 4 wheeler.   The stolen trailer was later located abandoned in another parking lot about 2 weeks later.   Finally, on July 13th the Chevy Silverado was located in Minneapolis, Mn. with multiple bullet holes in the vehicle.  If you have any information on this string of events, say it here!

Unauthorized 🤚🏻

C2-051918          Occurred: 6/16/22


The victim noticed he had some unauthorized charges on his credit card. One of them was at Walmart, 8700 Andermatt Drive, and Walmart captured images of the suspect on camera. He had a tattoo on his left arm and another on his neck. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Well, well, well…..

C2-027015          Occurred: 4/3/22

A customer at Walmart on N. 27th had his car rummaged through while he was inside the store. Taken from his car was a Walmart bag with his purchases inside the bag along with the receipt. The suspect above was captured inside the store using the receipt to return the merchandise for a gift card. Do you know who he is? Say it here!