Prying into Parking

C2-009394          Occurred: 2/4/22

The man shown above pried his way into a locked parking lot at an apartment building near North Cotner and O Street. He rummaged through multiple vehicles, some of them by breaking out windows to gain access. At least five victims have been identified, and a total loss of over $1,700. If you know anything about this case, help us out and say it here!

Super Smash

C1-121557         Occurred: 12/30/21

The Super C, located on N. 26th and Ticonderoga Drive, captured a burglar on camera around 3:30am this particular morning. The burglar smashed out the front glass window with a landscaping stone. They made off with $500 worth of cash and caused over $200 damage to the store. We are seeking any information that would be helpful in solving this crime. If you know anything about this incident, say it here!

Printer Ink

C2-004347          Occurred: 1/17/22

Office Depot near 31st/Pine Lake reported three men came into the store, loaded up on printer ink, and ran out with the items. They left in a dark colored SUV. If you know who any of these suspects are, say it here!

Forged Fakes

C2-002761          Occurred: 1/10/22

A business in Lincoln reported a forged check had been passed under their business account. Lincoln Police received footage of the suspect they say took the check to a bank near S. 40th/Old Cheney and passed the forged check for over $1,500. He has a unique tattoo on the right side of his neck. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Fraudulent Purchase

C2-004282          Occurred: 1/9/22

Walmart, 2500 Jamie Lane, reported three men came into the store and made fraudulent transactions purchasing over $6,000 worth of electronics. They provided video of the suspects as shown above. If you know who any of these suspects are, help us out and say it here!

Shoe Store Show-Off

C2-011029          Occurred: 2/9/22

A woman was shopping at DSW Shoe Warehouse, N. 48th/R Street, when she says a man came into her aisle and exposed his genitals to her. She reported her encounter to store employees right away, and the man left the store. The victim and store employees observed the man to get into a small black car in the parking lot and move his car over to where the victim’s car was parked. He remained there for approximately five minutes while the victim remained in the store waiting for police to arrive. The male eventually left. Above is an image of him. Do you know who he is? If so, say it here!

Fraud Alert

C2-009449          Occurred: 1/25/22

Employees at Target, 48th & O Street, report they were frauded out of over $3,000 cash during multiple transactions. They say these two women, whom they described as potentially a mother/daughter duo, handed over cash for the transaction but held onto the bottom portion of the cash pile, making the cashier believe they paid in full each time. If you know who these suspects are, say it here!

Speedy Surgery

C2-008227         Occurred: 1/27/22

A different type of surgery happened at St Elizabeth’s hospital…in the parking garage.   This male arrived in a Nissan Murano.  He never entered the hospital, but spent some time under the car he parked next to, before leaving the garage.   The owner of the other vehicle  later discovered that someone had cut off the catalytic converter.    If you know who this ‘parking lot surgeon’ is, say it here! 

Bathroom = No Phones

C2-004913          Occurred: 1/19/22

A female employee at Dick’s Sporting Goods reported she was in a stall using the restroom on break when she heard a noise behind her. She turned around and realized there was a cell phone slid between the stall next to her and aimed into the direction of her stall. This male suspect is of interest and Lincoln Police would like to speak with him regarding this incident. If you know who he is, help us out and say it here!

Pink Sweats

C2-002315             Occurred: 1/9/22

Walgreens, 14th/Superior, became the victim of a theft this particular Sunday evening. The female in the pink sweats tricked the cashier into selling her over $2,000 worth of gift cards. If you know who this pink person is, say it here!

Five Cases

C2-001914         Occurred: 1/8/22

Residents in the area of N. 91st/Adams reported at least four other cases linked to this one. The victim on this case, who lives in the 3000 block of N. 91st, reported his car was entered into overnight and items removed from his vehicle. Others reported windows broken out, a purse taken, and thousands of dollars of damage/loss in total. Nearby surveillance captured a white truck in the area during the time, possibly a Ford F150, and the suspect as shown. If you know who this is, say it here!

Cinnamon Rolls

C2-001451          Occurred: 1/6/22

Super Saver, 27th/Cornhusker, reported a man came into the store and bought a package of cinnamon rolls. They say he then walked around the store and loaded other items up into the bag with the cinnamon rolls. He exited without paying for the additional items. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Steel Reserve

C1-113044            Occurred: 12/1/21

Casey’s Gas Station near 27th/Superior reported  a shoplift. They say the man shown above came into the store with an empty bag, and as they watched him throughout the store, the bag began to visibly fill up with Steel Reserve alcoholic beverages and other items. They confronted him and gave him the chance to hand the items over, but he insisted he came into the store with them. He left without paying for the items. If you know who he is, say it here!

Purse Chicken

C1-110224          Occurred: 11/21/21

A Street Market reported  a shoplift. They say the two women shown above came into the store and concealed items in their purses, including chicken breast. They left in the car shown. If you know who these suspects are, say it here!

Breaking Bottles

C1-119040            Occurred: 12/20/21

Russ’s Market, 17th/Washington, reported this male came in and attempted to walk out with groceries and a bottle of vodka. When an employee confronted him at the door, he dropped the bottle of vodka and it shattered. He took off with the other items. If you know who this Vikings fan is, help us out and say it here! 

Pajama Party

C1-112503            Occurred: 11/29/21

Employees at Casey’s Gas Station, 9th and South, reported two women came into the store, one of them in pajamas, the other in camo pants. They say the woman in pajamas attempted to purchase snacks and tobacco without an ID and was turned down. The female in the camo overheard this and said “Watch me steal this.” as she grabbed the products and attempted to exit the store. An employee stepped in her way as she tried to exit the store and she said to the employee “I should hit you in your face, get out of my way!”. Do you know who either of these women are? If so, help us out and say it here!

Sandwich Smackdown

C1-120105             Occurred: 12/24/21

A customer shopping at A Street Market (S. 33rd/A) reported the male shown above was concealing items in his clothing as he was walking around the store. A store employee confronted him when he was leaving. He threw on the ground a drink and a sandwich then took off. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!


C1-115016          Occurred: 12/07/21

The victim in this case was doing laundry at the Indian Village Laundromat. When he returned, his comforter was gone. Surveillance video was reviewed and showed this woman above, taking his comforter and leaving with it. If you know who she is, say it here! 


C2-008483          Occurred: 2/1/22

An officer located a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of the N. 14th/Superior Walgreens. The officer followed the stolen vehicle and the driver of the vehicle took off into the residential neighborhood.  The officer called off the pursuit when the driver reached dangerous speeds of up to 70mph in a residential neighborhood. The officer returned to Walgreens to get information on the customer and this video was provided of the suspect making a transaction. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Fast at the Fast Mart

C2-005517       Occurred: 1/21/22

The victim in this case was parked at the Fast Mart on 33rd/A. She went into the store, and when she came back out, her 2020 Jeep Cherokee (white) was missing. Witnesses say this suspect shown above got into her vehicle and drove off. The suspect had a tattoo on his left hand. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Kia Optimist

C2-005104          Occurred: 1/20/22

The person shown above took advantage of a vehicle left running in the 200 block of Belmont Avenue. The vehicle was recovered the following day, but we’d still like to know who this suspect is. If you know anything about this Kia Optima that went missing for one day, say it here!