What A Work Out!


C1-088303                                  Occurred: 09-17-2021

HyVee reported that this individual entered the store and picked up some very specific items, brownies and caramel apple pops.  She placed them in her large purse she had with her.  Apparently the workout she was dressed for took a lot out of her as she left without paying for the items!  Anyone know who this is, please Say It Here


C1-103721                                     Occurred: 10-31-2021

The victim in this case reported that his wallet had been stolen from his vehicle.  He said that the credit and bank cards had been used at multiple Walmarts and other stores in Lincoln to the tune of $840.00.   Please note the hat the suspect is wearing in the pictures.  If you happen to recognize this “Anti-Security” man, please Say It Here!

Home Depot Hits!


C1-093799                                  Occurred: 10-04-2021

The Home Depot has been popular lately!  This individual attempted to get away with some items to the tune of approximately $1500.00!  He got scared off and pushed the cart away and ran to his vehicle.  As he drove out of the lot, he struck at parked vehicle!  If anyone recognizes this person, please Say It Here!

Taking “Target” Too Seriously!!

C1-090496                                  Occurred: 09-25-2021

Target on South 40th was the location of this hit and run.  This dark colored truck pulled into the lot and as they were doing so, struck the rear of the victim’s vehicle.  The vehicle then leaves the lot.  No image was available of the truck’s license plate or the driver.  If you know the truck, please Say It Here!

Depot Drive Off!


C1-092165                                  Occurred: 09-24-2021

Home Depot reported these serious shoppers got away with A LOT of high dollar items without paying for them.  The amount is approximately $3,400 dollars!  If you recognize the car or the people in the photographs, please Say It Here!

Firework Furor!



C1-061508                                       Occurred: 07-04-2021

This individual went into a Fireworks tent at Southview Christian Church that was being run by a local Scout troop.  The individual drove up and parked across the street in a black SUV.  He then walks up to the tent, loads up one of the baskets with approximately $75 dollars work of items and then runs away.  People working the stand gave chase and were able to recover the items, but the suspect still left the scene.  If anyone knows who created this Firework Furor, please Say It Here!

Cider Soured!

C1-091695                                     Occurred: 09-29-2021

The owner of Saro Cider at 1746 N Street reported this individual rode up on his black bike and took a cement block and threw it at a large plate glass window.  However, the glass does not break and the cement bounces off.  The individual picks up the concrete block and rides to the east side of the business and throws the block at another window.  It bounces off this window too.  The glass windows were damage with deep scratches and some cracks.  The suspect never gains entry or breaks a window out. If anyone knows this persistent vandal, please Say It Here!