Hair Today……Gone Today 2

C1-055514                                   Occurred: 06-18-2021

At Dry Goods, this shopper entered and picked up some items, however, she used a stolen credit card to pay for the items!  The victim had reported her credit cards lost and indicated they had been used to the tune of approximately $835!  Anyone know who this might be?  It is the same person in Case # C1-055518, the original Hair Today, Gone Today posting!  Know who this person is?  Say It Here!

She Tried!!!!



C1-056055                                  Occurred: 06-20-2021

This person entered Home Depot on North 27th and selected three Milwaukee power tool items and placed them in her purse.  She then makes for the front doors, by passing all points of payment.  She ws contacted by Loss Prevention and dropped her purse and ran.  Anyone know who this might be?  Say It Here!

Who Hit My Car!!

C1-078100                                  Occurred: 08-21-2021

The victim reported her vehicle had damage on her driver’s side of her vehicle after parking it in the Target lot at 8201 South 40th.  These individuals were in a vehicle that appeared to strike the victim’s vehicle and left without leaving any contact information.  If you recognize any of the three or the white SUV, Say It Here!

Trailer Tow-Away!

C1-069333                                 Occurred: 07-11-2021 to 07/26/2021

The victims in this case reported they parked their RV Trailier at their storage place.  They arrived on 7-26-2021 to find it missing. A maroon cargo van drives into the storage lot and then you see it pulling the RV out of the facility.  If you recognize the van or have seen the trailer recently, please Say It Here!

Battery Burn!

C0-097642                                 Occurred: 10-20-2020

Dollar General on West O Street was the victim of this individual who was apparently out of juice!  She grabbed a shopping basket and began filling it full of items as she strolled about the store.  She grabbed everything from batteries to underwear.  She ran out the emergency exit after she noticed the employee were watching her closely.  If you know her, Say It Here!

I Gotta Wear Shades!

C1-002703                                  Occurred: 01-10-2021

We all know the dead of winter can be very bright at times.  Apparently, that thought was echoing in this persons’ head.  He walked into Walgreens on 13th and O street and took one pair of sunglasses and perched them on his head.  He then walked out the store after asking questions of some employees.  He never did pay for the glasses.  If you know who this person might be, Say It Here!


C0-116854                                 Occurred:  12-21-2020

Suspect Identified!!

Russ’s Market at 17th and Washington reported that this individual walked in and got a prepackaged tray of fried chicken.  He then walked out of the store and sat down to eat it As he was eating it, Loss Prevention came out and took back the chicken and requested the suspect accompany them back inside.  The suspect then became scared and ran off.  Anyone know who this might be?  If so, Say It Here!


C1-032198                                     Occurred: 04-13-2021

While this gentleman was shopping at Git & Split, he allegedly may have had contact with another gentleman where an accident might have occurred.  We would like to talk to this person so we can get the full story!  If you know who this is or are the person in the photograph, Say It Here!

No Comfort Here!


C0-110499                                        Occurred: 11-30-2020

Super C on West A lost 2 bottles of Southern Comfort and believes the person in the LEVIS sweat shirt  concealed them on her person.  The driver of the silver  SUV was with the party.  Anyone know these people?  Say it Here!

Slick Shopping!

C1-003562                                    Occurred: 01-06-2021 @ Scheels

This individual entered Scheels and began shopping around. He selected a GO PRO camera and possibly took it out of a package and place it in the front of his pants.  He then leaves after buying other items.  Loss Prevention found the empty Go Pro package in the area he had been seen manipulating the package.  Know who this might be?  Say It Here!

Friday the 13th!

C0-106439                                 Occurred: 11-13-2020

Jason Vorhees, this person is not!  But they are haunting the dreams of our victim! The victim in this case reported that his debit card was used without his permission after he had lost his wallet.  This well insulated individual used it twice at Super Saver at 27th and Cornhusker.  The bad luck was this happened on FRIDAY, November 13th!  If anyone knows who this person might be, Say It Here!

Debit Madness!!

C0-116631                                  Occurred: 12-19-2020

The victim had her purse taken and then later had her debit card used.  These three individuals are suspected of using her card at least twice!  Anyone who might know these three, please let us know by Saying It Here!

Car Open-Money Gone!

C0-091819                                  Occurred: 10-02-2020

The victim in this case left her car unlocked which had her keys and debit card inside of it.  She returned to find her keys and debit card gone.  She later found that someone had used her debit card to the tune of just over $158.00.  That someone who possibly used her card is pictured above.  If you know who this might be, Say It Here!

Speedy Win…..False Ticket!

C0-108959                                 Occurred: 11-25-2020

These two individuals allegedly ran a scam on Speedee Mart on South 27th.  They came in and allegedly produced fake video lottery tickets to the tune of almost $1250.00!  They paid out one ticket, but not the other.  Know who either person could be?  Say It Here!

Hair is UP!

C0-111598                                     Occurred: 12-3-2020 @ Caseys

This gentleman with the noticeable hair style passed a counterfeit $20.00 bill.  We would like to talk to him regarding that bill!  Help us sort this out so it can be handled in style!  Say It Here!

Shopping on the RUN!

C0-097512                                  Occurred: Scheels on 10-19-2020

This person must have been in a hurry!  They walked into Scheels and gathered up an armful of clothes and then turned and ran out!  The person left in the pictured car.  If you recognize the person or the car, Say It Here!

Bike Theft Migration!

C1-063029                                      Occurred: 07-08-2021

It appears that the bike thefts at UNL migrated south to South Pointe and Scheels!  The victim had parked their bike outside of Scheels and found it missing when they were leaving.  Know who this person is?  Say It Here! 

Catalytic Converter Thefts on UNL!


UN21001999                             Occurred: 07-13-2021

The victim in this case had their catalytic converter removed from their vehicle.  The individual in the photograph on the bike is suspected of being the party responsible.  If you know who that is, please, Say It Here!


UN21001515                               Occurred: 05-28-2021

The victim in this case had parked their bike in the 900 Block of North 14th on campus.  This individual is seen riding the bicycle away.  Know who this person is?  Say It Here!

Who Are You??

C1-052302                                  Occurred: 06-09-2021

Walmart recorded this person coming in and making approximately $440.00 of charges on a now stolen credit card.  The suspect or others attempted to use the card at two others stores as well.  If you recognize this person, Say It Here!

What Was He Thinking??

C1-057773                                  Occurred: 06-25-2021

AAA Ultimate Pawn reported that this individual walked into the pawn shop carrying a large rock.  He walks directly to the jewelry case and throws the rock three times until the glass breaks.  Oh, did I forget to mention this was at 1104 in the morning????  When employees were present???  He does not get any time to grab any jewelry and is chased from the store by two employees.  One question in my mind is “What was he thinking??” If you know who the man with the red shoes is, Say It Here!


Where’d He Come From???

C1-074889                                  Occurred: 08-12-2021

This driver seemed to be astonished that this parked car just “jumped right out in front” of him.  They must have been trying to avoid the “Other” car and their ability to multi-task shut down.  The suspect vehicle literally drives down the road and literally drives into the front end of the victim’s vehicle.  Thankfully, the suspect was not driving fast.  He backs up and then drives off after taking stock of what had happened.  If someone recognizes the vehicle or you have heard someone talking about this incident, Say It Here!

Mighty Casey Struck Out!

C1-073854                                   Occurred: 08-09-2021

With a mighty swing, these youths damaged a window at Casey’s on South 17th.  These two youths made like rabbits and scampered away after they broke the glass out, presumably scared off by the alarm.  When the alarm went off, it set their feet in motion and they ran off, leaving the items they used to break the window.  Anyone know who these two big swingers might be?  Say It Here!

Dribbled Away!

C1-066468                                 Occurred: 07-18-2021

This dazed and confused individual entered Mercato Certified Piedmontese on North 84th through and unlocked front door well after hours.  You can see he is dazzled by the lights turning on for him as he walks in.  He seems to stumble a bit as he goes up the stairs. When he goes upstairs, he eats some beef sticks, cottage cheese and drinks a Gatorade.  He then grabs a signed Fred Hoiberg basketball from a display in the office and walks out of the building. In the last video,  you see him attempt to dribble the ball…..hard to do when there is little air inside it. If anyone recognizes this individual, please Say It Here and help us get the Slam Dunk!

Nebraska WRONG!


C1-051189                                   Occurred: 06-06-2021

Walmart on North 27th Street reported that this individual came in, picked up Nebraska clothing and put it on.  He also collected other items along the way.  Once he came to the front of the store, he walked past the cashiers and started to get on his bike.  Loss Prevention contacted him and retrieved some of the items, but the suspect left riding his bike in the Nebraska attire.   Know who this super fan is?  Say It Here!

Rode Away!

C1-060635                                  Occurred: 07-02-2021

The victim in this case locked their bike up at the rack near Walgreens on North 27.  An unknown male road by on a separate bike and cut the lock.  The subject pictured above was in the store at the time and left the store riding the victim’s bike.  Anyone know who this individual might be?  Say It Here!