C1-000882            Occurred: 01-04-2021

Help us identify the driver of this dark colored SUV!  On 01-04-2020 at about 9:30 AM, the owner of the red truck found his vehicle damaged from a hit and run by the suspect vehicle!  Help us find the driver of the errant SUV.  If you have information on this, say it here!

Sticky Fingers

C0-084345                    Occurred: 09-10-2020

This unknown male above, along with an identified female and her child, entered Scheels at SouthPointe and began putting many items in their cart.  As they progressed through the store, they amassed a large dollar amount of clothing and other items.  They then leave the store without paying for their cart full of items.  If you know who this party is, please help and say it here!

Funny Money!

C0-084458                    Occurred: 09-10-2020

These two individuals entered Walmart at 2500 Jamie Lane and used counterfeit bills to purchase items and get change back.  With the items they “purchased” and the change they got back, the store’s loss was approximately $300.  Please help us identify these two individuals!  If you know something about this case, say it here!

Angry Return!

C0-084007                    Occurred: 09-09-2020

This individual returned an item to Walmart at 2500 Jaime Lane and became very upset when the money was not immediately put back on his account.  He became very verbal and hit a plastic safety partition and then left.  We need to talk to him and get his side of the story. The victim was not able to identify the suspect.  If you know this person, say it here!

I Don’t Care!

C0-083435                    Occurred: 09-07-2020

The t-shirt for this individual says it all….. He walked into Ulta Beauty and started shopping.  He selected some hair care items and then began asking about prices.  When told how much the items would cost, he lived up to his t-shirt and left after saying he was going to take the items.  And that was just what he did!  If you know who this is, say it here!

The Yeti Strikes Again!

C0-077934                    Occurred: 08-23-2020

The Yeti has left the mountain and decided to shop!  He entered Scheels at SouthPointe and selected a item and set it down.  He left and then came back later and took the item and left the store.  Help us identify “The Yeti”.  If you know who this is, say it here!


C0-072973                    Occurred: 08-09-2020

This person is a suspect in a credit card fraud at Target.  He used the victim’s credit card to purchase some items and then left!  The victim needs some closure to this fraud!  Help us identify the suspect!  If you know this person, say it here!

Moving Right Along….

C0-078171            Occurred: 08-24-2020

Anyone know this bike aficionado?  He was in the area of 1044 F at about 7:30 am. He liked the victim’s bicycle so much that he broke the railing on the front porch getting it free from being locked up tight!  Help us find the suspect in this case!  If you know this person, say it here!

“Mystery” Shopper

C0-073607                Occurred : 08-11-2020

Help us identify this Mystery Shopper!  She entered Casey’s at 1001 S. 13th Street and attempted to charge items to the  victim’s credit card.  She also used it at the Smoker’s Corner at 1440 S. 17th St. prior to using it at Casey’s.  If you know who this person is, say it here!

I Love Shiny Things!

C0-082353                Occurred:  09-04-2020

Goodwill, 6300 Apples Way reported that this individual REALLY like things that sparkle.  So much so that it is suspected he took some jewelry from them!  If you happen to know this finicky shopper, say it here!

Water….Water…..I need Water!

C0-082126            Occurred: 09-03-2020

Can you help us identify this thirsty suspect?  He entered Russ’s Market at 1709 Washington St. and removed ten gallons of water and 10 bottles of sparkling water and then walked out the front doors not paying for the water.  He loads his water into a green 4 door sedan.  If you know who this dry person is, say it here!


C1-001465             Occurred: 01-06-2021           

Can you help us identify this suspect?  He may be responsible for attempting to break into Randolph Jewelry, 2700 Randolph Street.  He has very light colored shoes and driving a van. Know anything about this crime?  Say it here!


C0-107186            Occurred:  11-19-2020

 Do you happen to know who these individuals could be?  They were seen leaving the area of a possible Arson in the 4500 Block of Tipperary Trail on 11-19-2020.  Help us put out this burning investigation!  If you know who might be responsible, say it here!

Cut And Run

C1-002255            Occurred: 01-07-2021

This individual apparently didn’t like the bolt cutters he brought with him to Bryan Heating & Air at 3324 Ox Bow Circle!  After cutting a lock off of a storage container, he left with another single tool.  Help us identify this single minded suspect and say it here!

Guitar Anti-Hero

C0-079894             Occurred: 08-28-2020

This unknown music lover is suspected  of removing a guitar from AAA Ultimate Pawn at 1400 South Street and not paying for it!  Help write the ending to this song! If you know who this suspect is, please say it here!

Where’s My Bike?

C0-082067            Occurred: 9-3-2020

Can you help us identify this suspect?  The victim, who lives in the 1500 block of North 32nd St, was alerted by his video door bell to this individual removing his bike from his front porch and walking it away……probably because it had two flat tires!  If you can identify this subject, say it here!

Illegal Download

C1-003542            Occurred: 1-13-2021

This individual decided that it was better to illegally remove or “download” a new computer from Ace Rent to Own at 11th and Cornhusker.  She picked up the computer and left the store without paying.  If you can tell us who this suspect is, say it here!

Got No Go!

C1-002104            Occurred: 1/8/2021

These two individuals took at car that was a “no go” and left in the street.  It was taken from 55th and Orchard and left at 30th and Starr ST.   If anyone has an idea of the parties responsible, say it here!


UN20002415              Occurred: 8/21/20

A vehicle in a parking lot near N. 19th and Vine was rummaged through overnight. This male suspect was developed from video surveillance. If you know who he is, say it here!

Bag It Up

C0-055642          Occurred: 6/21/20


Super Saver, 27th/Cornhusker, reported a female came into the store and put an item in her bag she failed to pay for. If you know who this suspect shown above it, say it here!


C0-080725          Occurred: 8/31/20

U-Stop, 17th/Q, reported a man came in with his dog and when he was told his dog couldn’t be in the store, he yelled at the clerk and broke a glass window on his way out. They provided video of the suspect shown above. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Dirty Laundry

C0-079231               Occurred: 8/11/20

Super Saver, 48th/O, reported a man came into the store and walked out with items he didn’t pay for. They provided video of the suspect shown above. He left in a dark colored sedan. If you know who this is, say it here!

Wash it Down

C0-076078            Occurred: 8/13/20

Super Saver, 2525 Pine Lake, reported a man came into the store and shoplifted soda, candy, and a jug of water. They provided surveillance of the male shown above who they say had an amputated left leg. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Scaredy Cat

C1-000823             Occurred: 1/4/21

Akala Jewelry, 33rd/Pioneers, had a window broken out and their cats spooked around 2:30am this particular morning. Police responded and took a report, and the owner arrived and stayed on site until the window could be repaired. Around 4:30am, we believe the suspect that broke the window returned to complete his mission. Thankfully the business owner was still on site and spooked him away. Do you know who this suspect is that scared the kitties?? If so, help us out and say it here!

Backyard Bike

C0-107545            Occurred: 11/19/20

A resident in the area of 20th/South had a bike stolen from their backyard overnight. Video surveillance showed the person in the teal hoodie arrive on a bike, and leave on the victim’s bike. The silver SUV then returns to pickup the bike the suspect left behind. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Archie the Mastadon

C0-116713                  Occurred: 5/31/20

Businesses in the downtown area where the protests occurred this past summer are still healing from the damage done. One particular business owner is trying to file an insurance claim for a $3,000 bronze mastadon sculpture that went missing the night of May 31st. He was required to make a police report as part of the insurance claim, and now we’re doing our part to see if anybody knows where Archie the Missing Mastadon is. Have you seen Archie? If so, say it here!

Mail Time

C0-080770              Occurred: 8/29/20

Morrow Collision Center, 3600 N. 22nd, reported a man was caught on camera taking mail from their business mailbox. They provided surveillance of this suspect. They say he had a man bun and goatee. Do you know who he is? If so, say it here!