Cart Dart

B9-118539          Occurred: 12/22/19


Walmart on Andermatt Drive reported a man came into the store, loaded up a cart with items, then pushed the cart out the doors and ran to a vehicle and left. They reviewed surveillance and provided video of the male suspect shown above. If you know who he is, say it here!

Too Early for Alcohol

B9-102893                 Occurred: 11/1/19

Pump and Pantry on West O reported two men came into the store and went to the alcohol aisles. An employee told them it was too early for alcohol sales, at which time one of them grabbed a bottle of Fireball and they both ran out. If you know who either of these suspects are, say it here!

Smell Good

C0-000510                  Occurred: 1/2/20

Russ’s Market on 17th/Washington reported a man in all dark clothing came into the store and concealed air fresheners and dryer sheets in his coat. They provided surveillance video of the male suspect above, seen with the male in the red hoodie. If you know who either of these men are, we’d like to know too so we can talk to them. Leave us a tip: say it here!

Case of the Basket

B9-119737                   Occurred: 12/26/19

CVS at 48th & O reported a man came into the store, loaded up a basket with items, then walked right out the front door. They provided video footage of this male suspect they believe to be responsible. If you know who he is, say it here!

Midnight Run

B9-120317               Occurred: 12/2/19

Kwik Shop at 27th and W called to report a man came into the store, grabbed two bottles of alcohol, and took off running out the store. They provided video that shows the above male responsible for this. If you know who he is, say it here!


B9-118995                  Occurred: 12/23/19

Walmart on Andermatt reported a man came into the store, used the self-checkout, and only scanned half of his purchases as he slid the items across the scanner. They provided video footage of this man whom they say is responsible. If you recognize him, say it here!


B9-118923                 Occurred: 12/15/19


A bike, jug of milk, and food went missing from the Latitude apartments at 235 South 11th Street. Video was reviewed and the three suspects shown above are of interest. If you know any of them, Say it Here!

Credit Card Fraud

C0-000689                    Occurred: 1/3/20


A woman reported her purse was stolen from her vehicle and her credit cards were then used at Walmart on Jamie Lane. Walmart provided video surveillance of the above two men as suspects in this case. If you recognize either of them, Say it Here!


B9-112330                   Occurred: 12/1/19

An elderly woman forgot her wallet at the CVS (48th/O) checkout. She then received a message from her bank saying her credit card had an attempted use at Target (48th/O) for $3000 and another attempt at Best Buy (70th/O) for $4200. Target provided surveillance of the persons responsible for the attempted transaction at their store. If you can help with the identity of these two suspects, Say it Here!

Rum Run

C0-003726                  Occurred: 1/13/20


Super Saver on 27th/Cornhusker reported a man came in through the spirits doors, grabbed and concealed a bottle of rum, then proceeded to the front of the store and exited. They provided video footage of this male suspect. If you know who he is, Say it Here!

Fire Exit

B9-112450                Occurred: 11/30/19


Hobby Lobby reported a man came into the store, loaded up a gift bag with a $100 race track set, and exited out the fire door. They provided video footage of this male suspect. If you know who he is, Say it Here!

Mango Lover

B9-119106                Occurred: 12/24/19

Casey’s on NW 20th near the airport reported a man came in to purchase alcohol, and when he didn’t have his ID and was denied the sale, decided to grab the alcohol and walk out with it anyways. On his way out, he grabbed more alcohol, both mango flavored. They provided surveillance of the man above. They said he appeared to be in his late 20’s. If you know who this might be, Say it Here!

Whiskey Walkout

B9-118026              Occurred: 12/20/19

Kwik Shop at 44th and Cornhusker was the victim of a shoplift. A man walked into the store while the cashier was busy with a vendor, and walked out with a bottle of whiskey. They provided video of the man shown above. If you recognize this suspect, Say it Here!

Cell Phone Swiper

C0-000485             Occurred: 1/2/20

A customer at Walgreens on N 83rd and Northern Lights sat her cell phone down on the counter to pay for her purchases and forgot to grab it on her way out. Unfortunately for her, the next customer in line would be the person to swipe her cell phone. Walgreens provided surveillance of the entire incident. It shows this male suspect grab her cell phone, then leave in a white Dodge Ram with passenger side rust on the back fender. If you know who he is, or where to find this vehicle, we’d love for some help on this case: Say it Here!

Late Night Walk

C0-000327                       Occurred: 1/2/20

Residents in the area of 84th and A reported three men walking around the neighborhood getting into vehicles. Police were called to the area, and when one of the suspects saw the police car, they fled through backyards. A security camera on a house caught a glimpse of one of the men wearing a striped top. A police dash cam caught a small glimpse of another one. If you know who any of these three men are, Say it Here!

Footlocker Flop

B9-113704          Occurred: 12/5/19

Footlocker at Gateway Mall saw a group of 3 men walk into the store. They say one of the men concealed a pair of Air Jordan’s in a shopping bag and left without paying. We are looking to identify all 3 of them to figure out what happened here. If you know any of them, let us know and Say it Here!

Bud Light Clamato

B9-118056               Occurred: 12/19/19

Super Saver on N 48th reported a shoplift. They say they followed the woman above on camera as she concealed two cans of Bud Light Clamato in her purse and then exited the store without paying. If you know who she is, Say it Here!

Suspicious at Sonic

B9-112843              Occurred: 12/3/19

Sonic on S. 48th/Hwy 2 reported a man came in, ordered $18 worth of food, then tried to pay with a counterfeit bill. The employee immediately knew it was not a real bill because it felt different. They provided video surveillance of this man whom they believe to be responsible. He arrived in a gray Toyota, but left on foot. If you know who he is, Say it Here!

Vacuum Cleaners

B9-120466          Occurred: 12/29/19

Walmart on Andermatt Drive reported a man came into the store, selected a pellet gun, two vacuums, two welding machines, and exited through the fire door. They reviewed surveillance and found this man whom they say is responsible. Do you recognize this suspect? If so, Say it Here!

Waffle House

B9-119562               Occurred: 12/13/19

HyVee at 40th/Old Cheney had a check returned to them. Upon review of the check, it appeared to be fraudulent as it did not list an address for the bank, and the address of the check owner came back to a Waffle House location in Texas. HyVee reviewed surveillance and pulled images of this woman whom they say is responsible for writing that check. If you know who she is, Say it Here!

Taking Advantage

B9-113259               Occurred: 12/4/19

An elderly woman was grocery shopping at Russ’s Market on N. 66th when her wallet was stolen out of her purse. When she got home, she received phone calls from her credit card companies saying they noticed three fraudulent charges at Target totaling around $1500. Target provided surveillance of the persons responsible for the transaction. Russ’s provided footage of the wallet theft suspects. All of those images have been shared above. If you recognize them, Say it Here!

Crime on Canterbury Lane

B9-117731               Occurred: 12/19/19

A resident in the 2300 block of S. Canterbury Lane reported a car pulled up near her house and an unknown-to-her male exited and knocked on her door. She didn’t know who he was, so she didn’t answer. Her children, ages 2 and 6, were home with her. The male returned to the vehicle which appears to be a newer Toyota Corolla or similar sedan, blue in color. He then exits the vehicle again with a ski mask on, and two accomplices. The woman grabbed her kids and went and hid in her locked bedroom while calling 911 for help. While hiding in her bedroom with her kids, the suspects entered into the residence and stole two guns. Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the commission of this burglary, but we do have missing guns and a family that has been emotionally and physically disturbed in what should have been their safe space. If you have any information on this case, there are a few ways to help out. You can Say it Here, call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000, or Lincoln Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600. Your tip can remain anonymous.


B9-119105          Occurred: 12/23/19

Faith Bible Church at 6201 S 84th reported their mailbox was damaged. They reviewed their surveillance video and found this male suspect as the only person near the mailbox. Do you recognize him? If so, Say it Here!

Twice is not Nice

B9-114087 & B9-114099              Occ: 12/3/19 & 12/6/19


JCPenney’s at Gateway Mall reported a couple came into the store and took clothing into a dressing room on 12/3/19. When they were done in the dressing room, there was no clothing left behind, and they made no purchases. They left before employees were able to catch them. An employee observed this same couple back in the store on 12/6/19. As they were trying to round up other employees to assist with stopping them, the male grabbed a $150 coat off the rack and quickly exited the store. If you know who either of these people are, Say it Here!

Red Jacket

B9-119029           Occurred: 12/23/19

JCPenney’s at Gateway Mall reported a woman exited the store with unpaid for merchandise. They say they confronted her, at which time she apologized for shoplifting, but took off before they could get her name. They provided video of this woman and they say she is the suspect. Do you recognize her? Say it Here!

Up Her Sleeve

B9-109686                Occurred: 11/17/19

Casey’s at 13th and E reported a person came into the store and concealed a box of condoms up her sleeve. When confronted, she left the store and denied taking anything. Casey’s provided video surveillance of this suspect. If you recognize who it is, Say it Here!

Fill Up

C0-005604/C0-005603                  Occurred: 1/20/20


The victim in this case reported she was dropping her kid off at daycare when someone stole her purse from her unlocked vehicle. Surveillance video was obtained from Kwik Shop on 48th/Calvert and Walmart on Jamie Lane where the card was fraudulently used. Video shows the above male suspect as a person of interest.  He was driving a darker colored sedan, possibly a Buick. If you can help us identify him, click and Say it Here!

Jiggle it

Case # C0-003289     Occurred: 1-11-20

An attempted burglary was reported when a male was seen on surveillance video exiting a smaller 4 door sedan.  This male calmly walked up to a van in the driveway and jiggled the handle, but the door was locked. He then walked over to another residence where he tried to force his way into the side door of the garage, but wasn’t able to get through the door. The suspect is described as a heavier set white male with a beard and large earrings in his ears.  If you know who he is, Say it Here or call LPD.

Not as planned

Case # C0-003474    Occurred:  1-13-2020

A robbery was reported at Caseys at 9th/South.  Surveillance video shows this individual pointing a gun at the clerk, however the clerk retreats to the office, leaving him to have no one to open a register.  He attempts to steal cigarettes once he couldn’t get into the register, but drops all the boxes in his attempt to flee.  If you have information for this case, please call LPD or Say It Here to leave a tip with Crime Stoppers.

All dried up

Case # C0-006621     Occurred: 1-23-20


An apartment complex at 15th/E reported a larceny.  This male entered the laundry room of the complex and attempted to cover the surveillance cameras.  He then opened a dryer and stole a thermal shirt and pair of gloves. Video shows the male putting the items on then checking the coin slots of each machine.   The apartment manager reports this is an ongoing issue.  If you have info on this male, Say it here.