Sausage, Egg, and Cheese

B9-071834          Occurred: 8/6/19

Kwik Shop on 33rd/Holdrege reported this man came into the store and stole a breakfast sandwich and a bottle of whiskey. We are seeking to ID him. If you know who he is, leave your tip here, or call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000. 


Case #B9-095016          Occurred: 10-7-19


A Hit and Run occurred at 17th/washington. The jeep, driven by a white female, backed into another car. It paused for a while, then left the area. If you have info on this case, call LPD or Say it Here.

Motel Mischief

B9-084774     Occurred:  9-9-19

The Oak Park Motel at Cornhusker and I-180 reported a Robbery.  A Nissan Quest minivan arrived, a male and female then entered the lobby. They convinced the staff to show them a room. While the staff member was showing the room, 3 more women exited the van. 2 robbed the motel while the 3rd acted as a lookout. If you have information on this case, Say it here!

Quick Money

Case: B9-081802 & B9-081817      Occurred:  9-1-19

Suspects Identified!

The HyVee at 50th and O St. reported a quick change scam had occurred to one of their clerks.  The male in the floral shorts reportedly wanted to exchange 7 $100 bills for smaller currency.  While counting, he interjected and distracted the clerk.  In the confusion, he pocketed money.  It was then learned that the Hyee at 84th and Holdrege had the same male pull the same scam.  he left in the white car pictured above.   If you have any info on this male, Say it here.

P S Fraud

B9-077505              Occurred 8-21-19       

The victim discovered their credit card was lost or stolen.  The victim’s statement indicated the card had been used five times at Walmart at 27th and Superior.  The surveillance video showed this male in a white hoody using the card 5 different times for a total of $847.19.   The transactions were made for PS4 games, a PS4 gaming system, a playstation network subscription and two straight talk phone cards.  The male tried an additional transaction for another PS4 game, but it was denied because he was too young to purchase the game.    If you have any information on this case, Say it Here.