B9-087384          Occurred: 9/16/2019

A tenant at Home Base Storage near 66th and Vine reported his rented office was broken into overnight, and the ghoul seen above is the one responsible for five missing guitars. If you can help us solve this case on Halloween, that would be SPOOK-TAC-ULAR. If you have any information, Say it Here!

Bag It Up

B9-098106          Occurred: 10/16/19

Super Saver in Fallbrook saw this visitor who came in, filled some grocery bags with meat, and then loaded them up in her Cadillac SRX without paying for them. If you know who she  is, Say it Here!

Stocking up

Case #B9-087189  Occurred: 9-16-19

Leon’s Market (about 31st/South) reported a burglary.   The suspect appears to be a w/m, mid 40’s wearing khaki shorts, a dark shirt, a blue baseball cap, dark gloves a face covering.  The burglar forced his way in through one of the businesses walls and then spent almost 2 hours in the store.     When he left, he took 2 cases of bacon, a case of baby back ribs, a case of Jim Beam, a case of Jose Cuervo, a bag of other alcohol items and a hard drive.   If you have info on this case, call LPD or Say it Here.

Bad Vibes

Case #B9-091600    Occurred: 9-28-19

The Romantix store on South 10th Street reported a burglary. A white male in blue jeans, a white sweatshirt and a black ski mask used a hammer to break out the drive thru window.   The male climbs in the window and proceeds to place numerous adult toys into a bag.  He then climbs out the window.   He never attempted to locate any cash in the business.    If you have info on this case, Call LPD or Say it Here.

Louie Vuitton

B9-083331          Occurred: 9/5/19

Von Maur in Omaha, NE alerted Von Maur in Lincoln, NE of these two women caught stealing high dollar purses. They were able to get away with a $950 Louis Vuitton purse from the Lincoln store this day. If you recognize either of them, you can Say it Here. At the time of this incident, they were driving a rental car with Oklahoma plates. 


B9-077410            Occurred: 8/12/19


The victim in this case reported his credit cards were stolen at used at various retailers around Lincoln. This man, shown above, is responsible for some of the transactions. If you recognize him, Say it Here!

Going Green

UNL19002898          Occurred: 9/1/19

UNL Police Department received a report of a stolen green mountain bike in the area of 12th/R. Surveillance was able to capture the person responsible taking off on the bike, but the identity of the person responsible remains a mystery. If you have any information that could help us clear this case, Say it Here!

Car B Gone

UNL #19003646    Occurred:  10-9-19

A silver 2003 Saturn with South Dakota plate # 44SC26 was stolen from a UNL parking garage.   The individual pictured above could be seen checking other cars in the UNL parking lot, prior to stealing the car.   If you have information about this individual or the stolen car, Say it Here!

Minimum Wage

Case #B9-087201      Occurred: 9-16-19

The Wash and Roll Car Wash at 33rd/Pioneers had a larceny of one of their machines.   At about 4:30 am two males are seen on surveillance video walking around the area of a machine.  One of them in black clothes and a green bandanna starts prying on the machine with a crow bar.  He causes thousands of dollars in damage to the machine.   He pried on it for almost 2 hours until he finally accessed the change drawer, where he made off with a whopping $10 in change.     A part time job pays better by the hour.   If you have info on this case, please Say It Here.

Beat It

Case #B9-098642        Occurred: 10-16-19          

These three walked into Walmart at 84th/Hwy 2.  The female broke into an electronics cabinet while the two males stood at each end of the isle acting as lookouts.  They took a large number or iPods, Airpods, and Beats headphones.  They then moved to another isle and took at least 19 scientific calculators.   They loaded all of this into two clothes bins while the male in light blue went out and moved their dark colored car to a side door.  The female and the male in the dark blue jacket with red shorts each carried a bin out an Emergency door and jumped into the car which quickly took off.     If you know who they are or where the merchandise is, Say it Here.

Family Dollar Hauler

B9-092106          Occurred: 9/29/19

Family Dollar on 48th/Leighton reported this woman hauled away a bunch of personal care items without paying for them. She was described as a 40-50yo black female who may live nearby. If you have any information that could help us ID her, Say it Here!

Stirring up the Neighborhood

B9-080320          Occurred: 8/29/19

Residents in the neighborhood of South 56th between A and South Street had their night shook up as these individuals scoured for vehicles to steal from. These individuals are believed to be responsible for numerous reports taken in this area. If you have any information that could help us solve this case, Say it Here!

Skater Boy

B9-078325         Occurred: 8/23/19


This man, and his skateboard, entered into Casey’s gas station on 13th/E and walked out with phone charging accessories, none of which he paid for. If you recognize him, Say it Here!

Havoc for Husker parties

Case #B9-092007   Occurred: 9-29-19

at 2am on a Sunday after a Husker game, a group of people were outside a house party.  Numerous individuals in this group were hitting, kicking, punching and slapping a female.   The main attackers were 3 black females, but the group was filming, cheering and encouraging them to attack the victim.  The victim also had numerous items stolen from her during the robbery.   There have been other incidents like this occurring at Husker House Parties recently.  Please use caution allowing people you don’t know to attend your party.    There were lots of witnesses to this attack.  If you know who any of the individuals in these images are, please Say it Here.

Rock Bottom

B9-085238          Occurred: 9/11/19

Hollywood Bowl near 48th/Vine had a visitor after hours. This man threw a rock through the door to gain access. Once inside, he uses a pry bar on a pickle card machine to gain access to a coin machine. When he finds out that the coin machine is empty, he runs out. Video shows he possibly has a compression sock that he wears on his left leg. If you recognize him or have a name to share with us, Say it Here!

Targeted Game Stop

B9-086195           Occurred: 9/13/19

The victim in this case reported her credit cards were stolen from her home or vehicle near 12th/Arapahoe. The cards were then used at Game Stop (Andermatt) and Target (Yankee Hill). The suspects shown above attempted $1900 worth of electronic purchases, some were declined and some were approved. Do you recognize either of them? If so, Say it Here!

Four for the road

B9-079692     Occurred: 8-24-19

A victim reported numerous charges to their credit card.  The card was used at Footlocker, Gamestop and 3 Targets.  Surveillance video from all locations show the same foursome (3 males and 1 female) traveling all around Lincoln, using the stolen card.  If you have information on these individuals, Say it here!

Warmed up

Case # B9-088892    Occurred: 9-20-19

The victim left his pickup running at the EZ Go on 84th near Adams.  The dark colored hatchback car pulled into the lot and a black male exited the passenger door.  The male jumped into the pickup and both vehicles rushed out of the lot.  The pickup was later used in a drive by shooting in Omaha which OPD is working.   We would like to identify those involved in the Lincoln incident.  If you have any info,  Say it here.

Too poor to rock

Case #B9-094409    Occurred: 10-7-19

Robidoux on S 9th St. reported a burglary.  The front door was breached after a whole lot of effort. The burglar then stole a subwoofer from the business before running off.  It is likely related to another burglary they had in August, since it was a matching speaker stolen in both cases. If you have any info on this guy, Say it here.

Backpack Hijack

B9-088403          Occurred: 9/19/19

The victim in this case had his backpack and wallet stolen from his vehicle while it was parked at Bryan West hospital. His credit card was used at Walgreens, Burger King, and the gas station all on the corner of 17th/South. This man is the person responsible for the transactions. He has a number of tattoos that could help us identify him. If you know who he is, Say it Here!

Grab and Go

B9-075938             Occurred: 8/17/19


Kwik Shop at 48th/Madison reported this man came in and shoplifted a 12pk of Bud Light and a bottle of vodka. He walked right in, grabbed the alcohol, and walked right out. He was described as a black male in his 60’s. If you know who he is, Say it Here!


B9-078788          Occurred: 8/25/19

Kwik Shop on 44th/Cornhusker reported this man came in, grabbed three cans of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and walked out without paying. If you have a name for us, Say it Here!

Vodka To-Go

B9-074394          Occurred: 8/13/19

Kwik Shop on 33rd/Holdrege reported this group of folks have come in on more than one occasion and shoplifted alcohol. It’s reported they may live nearby. Do you recognize any of them? If so, Say it Here!

Two for One

B9-082329 & B9-082332          Occurred: 9/3/19

Two crimes occurred this night: the first two photos are of a male entering into a vehicle and stealing contents from it. This occurred in Airpark, Ashley Heights neighborhood. From the stolen contents, a credit card was used shortly after at Shoemaker’s Truck Stop. The woman with the hat in the last two photos was the person responsible. Do you recognize either of them? If so, Say it Here!


B9-070187          Occurred: 8/1/19


An employee at Metro PCS on 10th and South had her personal cell phone stolen off the counter by this man. She utilized the tracking feature to track it just down the street, but he turned it off so she was no longer able to track it.  If you know who he is, drop a name here. We’d like to talk to him. 

Diapers & Wipes | Chicken & Spam

B9-074843          Occurred: 8/14/19

Family Dollar on 24th and N reported this man, with a 2 year old in tow, came in and paid for some items. He was then spotted leaving with more items than what he paid for – diapers, wipes, Spam, and Banquet Crispy Chicken. If you recognize this man, leave us a tip here!