Scanner Planner

Case # B9-075520       Occurred: 8/10/2019

Suspect Identified!

GP Customs near S. 14th and Old Cheney reported a burglary. Their check engine scanning device went missing from their showroom. Upon review of their surveillance, this man is seen wandering around making and following through with a plan to steal the scanner. He has a number of tattoos that could help identify him. If you have any information that could help us solve this case, please leave your tip here!


Case # B9-071127     Occurred: 8/4/19

Around 1am on August 4th, Lincoln Police Officers happened to be driving by the Star Tran office on their way to detox when they spotted a fire at Star Tran. They stopped and found a bucket on fire near a door. They were able to pull the blazing bucket away from the door, and called Lincoln Fire and Rescue for assistance to put the fire out. Once the fire was out, LFR found three containers of lighter fluid and paper in the bucket. The Fire Investigator determined this was definitely an arson and someone’s attempt to set fire to Star Tran had ‘backfired’. Lincoln Police Department is looking for the community’s help  in identifying the vehicle and/or persons possibly involved. This vehicle shown above was caught on multiple security cameras during this time frame. The vehicle was occupied by a black male driver and a front passenger with light skin. If you have any information that could help solve this case, please call LPD at 402-441-6000 or provide an anonymous online tip here. 



Case # B9-089133          Occurred: 9/21/19

Suspect Identified!

Walgreens on 13th and O caught this man stealing pain medication. He opened the bottle of pills, shook some into his hand, and took them. If you recognize this person, leave a tip here. 

Burger and Chips

Case # B9-076995            Occurred: 8/20/19


Surveillance video at Walgreens on 13th and O captured this man shoplifting a burger and chips from the store. After leaving with the items, he came back into the store and asked to use their microwave to heat his stolen food. If you recognize him, leave us a tip here please!

Five Finger Discount

Case # B9-083656         Occurred: 9/6/19


This man was caught shoplifting at JCPenney’s in Gateway Mall. He appeared to have a tattoo on his right forearm. If you recognize him, click here and leave us a tip. 

Vanisher on Vine

Case # B9-088608          Occurred: 9/20/19

Shortly after 1am in the very early morning of September 20th, a vehicle drove into a yard near the area of 67th and Vine. Damage occurred to their lawn and fence. It wasn’t until daylight that the owner realized what had happened and called police. A nearby surveillance camera happened to capture the incident and spotted the vehicle above quickly vanishing after it occurred. If you recognize this vehicle or know anything about this case, please leave us a tip here

Tequila Team

Cases # B9-075321 & B9-074981

Occurred: 8-10-19

2 males and 2 females were caught on Surveillance video stealing Vodka and Tequilla from the Super Saver at 48th/O St.   One of the females was caught stealing more alcohol, but refused to name her friends.   12 hours later, 2 men exit a black cargo Van and steal 4 bottles of tequila.   They also assault a store employee before leaving in the black cargo van.   If you have information on this case, please leave a tip here.

Men in Black

Case # B9-079203           Occurred: 8/26/19

The victim in this case reported someone stole her credit cards from her purse which was left in her unlocked vehicle overnight. The cards were used at Dunkin’ Donuts and Walmart on Jamie Lane. Walmart provided footage of these two men that have been identified as the suspects in this case. If you recognize either of them, please leave us a tip here!

Full Speed Ahead

Case # B9-041786          Occurred: 5/12/19


Kwik Shop on 48th and Calvert reported this man came into the store and walked out without paying for a bottle of vodka. When the cashier followed him outside, he took off running “full speed”. If you recognize him, please leave us a tip here!

Cable Cutter

Case # B9-077454          Occurred: 8/21/19


The victim in this case reported when he came back out to his bike on Innovation Campus it was gone. He had locked it with a cable lock and the lock was also gone. If you recognize the person seen above who took off on his bike, please click here to leave a tip!

Link Up

Case # B9-082765           Occurred: 9/3/19

A student at Lincoln High School forgot to “link up” his bike this day while he was at school. When he came back later in the day, his bike was gone. Surveillance video was reviewed and the male in the black shirt was seen wheeling in another bike, and leaving on the student’s bike. He was accompanied by the male in the white tank top who was also on a bike. If you know the identity of either of these guys, we’d like to talk to them. Please click here to leave a tip. 

Truck and Roll

Case # B9-086515          Occurred: 9/13/19

This small light colored pickup was seen in an alley near S. 8th and Park Street dumping a pickup bed full of brush into the alley. City employees had to be called to clean up the alley way so vehicles could pass through as it was so large, it blocked the drive. If you know who this could have been, leave your tip here. 


Case # B9-081084           Occurred: 8/30/19

Walgreens located near 84th and Holdrege reported these three men came into the store attempting to use multiple credit/debit cards to make purchases.  One of the cards was declined for an attempted purchase of $500 in gift cards. Due to this the manager was called up to the cash register, and eventually the three of them were spooked off. They exited the store and darted from the parking lot on foot. If you recognize any of them or have any information that could help us solve this case, please leave a tip here!

They Were All Yellow

Case # B9-080864          Occurred: 8/30/19


Target at S. 40th and Yankee Hill had a run in with this females, in yellow. The female picks a suitcase off the shelf, and immediately takes it up to customer service to ‘return’ it. When her return was denied, she purchased some other things, placed the suitcase under her cart, and proceeded to walk out with the unpaid-for suitcase. When she was stopped just outside the doors by a Target employee, she caused a big scene and reportedly assaulted the employee.  She left in a black Nissan Pathfinder. If you recognize her, please click here or call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000 to leave a tip. 

Anger Management

Case # B9-080323          Occurred: 8/29/19

A College View Harmony Health employee arrived to work in the morning to find their exterior business banner had been vandalized overnight. Surveillance from a neighboring business shows the person in the blue hoodie responsible for the vandalism; in the video this person appeared to be angry about something, even flipping the bird at one point. The female in the red did not partake in the vandalism. We are seeking to identify the person in the blue hoodie. If you have any information that could help us with this case, please leave a tip here. 

“Don’t Bother Me”

Case # B9-080866          Occurred: 8/30/19


Walmart on Andermatt Drive reported this man, shown above, came into the store and attempted to shoplift by not scanning some of his items. He paid for $40 worth of merchandise, but attempted to walk out with $500 worth of other merchandise he did not pay for. Thankfully an employee stopped him to check his receipt at which time he was caught. He took off in a yellow SUV that appears to be a Jeep Renegade or similar. We’d like to identify who he is so we can talk to him – click HERE if you have a tip that could help u

Shopping Spree

Case # B9-080236   Occurred: 8-27-19

The victim found charges on her credit card and called police.  An investigation into the charges revealed two black females using the card on surveillance video at Walmart.   They purchased more products at another Walmart and a Target store before being denied at a third Walmart in town.   All together these two racked up over $1500 in merchandise on the victim’s card.   If you know who they are, please leave a tip here.

Trench Coat

Case # B9-079925          Occurred: 8/24/19, 8/27/19, 8/29/19


Sky Park Apartments near 13th and Lincoln Mall has had a visitor on multiple occasions. On the first occasion, he came in this black trench coat and took off with a bike that belonged to one of the tenants. On a second occasion, he arrived on bicycle in a trench coat and left that bike on the ground in front of the building as he tried to gain access to the building. When he couldn’t get back into the building, he left on foot and discarded the bike. Sky Park employees believe they saw him a third time, at which time an employee caught him in the building and escorted him out. If you have any information that can help us solve this case, please click here to leave a tip! 


Case # B9-080595          Occurred: 8/29/19


Walmart on 87th and Hwy 2 reported this woman came into the store and fake scanned a bunch of stuff at the self-checkout. She had a male with her. She also had a very noticeable tattoo on her right arm that appears to say “Lily Grace Anne”. Some other tattoos are circled in yellow as well. If you know who she is, leave a tip here!


Case # B9-083395     Occurred: 9/5/19

An employee at Suburban Extended Stay Hotel on 17th and M Street had her keys stolen from her lunchbox while she was working. She called a locksmith to come unlock her car so she could grab her purse and run home to get her spare car key. During this time, the man above was caught on camera using her stolen keys to steal her vehicle. Her vehicle was a 2014 Ford Focus, 4 doors, gray in color. The vehicle is still missing at this time. If you have any information about this case, please leave a tip here or call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000.

Get Off My Lawn!

Case # B9-079484     Occurred: 8/27/19

This Ring doorbell in the area of NW 4th & Laramie Trail captured a person stealing a chair and bench from someone’s yard. The images aren’t the best, but maybe someone knows something about this case that could help us. If so, leave a tip here!

Gas Stations and Fast Food

Case # B9-069959      Occurred: 7/31/19

The victim in this case reported her debit card was used at various fast food and gas station locations in Lincoln. Super Saver on N 27th and Cornhusker provided us with footage of this man, seen using her card. If you recognize him, please leave a tip here. 

Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert!

Case # B9-073237     Occurred: 7/28/19 – 7/30/19


The victim in this case reported her credit cards were fraudulently used at various stores around Lincoln. Two locations caught the same guy using her cards. Do you recognize him? If so, help us out by leaving a tip here.

Dressy Distraction

Case # B9-068834     Occurred: 7/29/19

Kwik Shop on 23rd and Cornhusker reported two females came into their store. The one in jeans distracted the cashier while the one in the dress concealed a bottle of alcohol under her dress. If you recognize either of them, please click here to leave a tip. 

“Hey, this isn’t the dog park.” -Doggo

Case # UNL19002618     Occurred: 8/15/19


UNL Police Department is investigating a bike theft from the area of 17th and R Street. Surveillance showed this man riding off on the bike. He has a dog with a unique coat, so we are hoping someone recognizes the suspect or his dog to assist UNL PD with their investigation. If you have any information on this case, click here to help out!

Eat Fresh

Case # B9-079076     Occurred: 8/26/19

Multiple Subway restaurants in Lincoln have been burglarized in the past few months. Lincoln Police Department is actively investigating each case. If you know any information about ANY of the burglaries, or this one in particular, please call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000 or click here to leave an anonymous tip.


Case # B9-067770     Occurred: 7/24/19

The victim in this case had his credit card stolen out of his vehicle. It was then used at various places, Walmart on N. 27th being one of them. The transaction was declined, however Walmart provided us video of this guy who they believe was responsible for the fraudulent attempted transaction. If you recognize him, send us a tip by clicking here!

Scavenger Hunt

Case # B9-072360     Occurred: 8/6/19 & 8/7/19


The victim in this case called police when she noticed on her walk that her purse had been unzipped and as she was walking, she had lost the contents of her purse. She retraced her steps but was missing several items. Her credit card was used on two different days at Russ’s Market on 17th and Washington, and both days this man shown above was the one believed to be responsible for the purchases. If you recognize him, please send us a tip by clicking here!