Shoe Switcheroo!

C1-014734                                   Occurred: 02-16-2021

The above subject entered Scheels with the intent to get some shoes.  He did just that!  He chose a pair of shoes and put them on and put his old shoes in the box.  He casually walks past the customer service counter, deposits the box of his old shoes on the counter and walks out of the store.  Anyone know who this soft shoe specialist is?  Say It Here!

Smash and Grab!!

C1-047931                                  Occurred: 05-28-2021

Casey’s at 1445 S. 17th was the victim of a burglary in which these two individuals broke open the front door glass, entered and ran behind the counter and began to take handfuls of cigarettes and leave out the same way their entered.  If you were around the Casey’s on 5-28-2021 during the late afternoon, you might have seen these distinctive individuals.  If so, Say It Here!

No Swimming! OR Burglarizing!

C1-043712                                   Occurred: 05-16-2021

Star City Shores was broken into by this person.  He seems to have a coat on with perhaps something saying “weather” on a sleeve.  This party managed to make off with a large amount of property.  If anyone recognizes who this “grey ghost” might be, Say It Here!

Pre-Holiday Shop(lifting)!

C0-110712                                  Occurred: 11-28-2020

Does anyone know who these individuals are?  The lady with the blonde hair concealed a bottle of Jack Daniels while she was completing her shopping.  She paid for everything but the Jack Daniels.  If you happen to know either person, please Say It Here!

Beauty Concerns!

C1-015211                                    Occurred: 02-18-2021

Walgreens, 2630 Pine Lake Rd, reported this couple came into the store and began perusing the beauty products.  They made a healthy selection of items and then fled the store.  If anyone knows either of the parties, Say It Here!

All Shopping, No Pay!

C1-E00092                                 Occurred: 02-16-2021


Does anyone know this Target Shopper?  She came into the store and manage to not pay for some items that were mysteriously excluded at the time of purchase of all the other items she had.  If you know who she is, Say It Here!

Wallet Madness!

C1-013910                                   Occurred: 02-14-2021

The person pictured above used a stolen credit card to make some -purchases.  The credit card was stolen in a burglary of a home.  If anyone recognizes  this “Champion” please Say It Here!

Shopping Made Easy!

C1-045523                                  Occurred: 05-18-2021 @ Old Navy

Anyone know who these individuals might be?  They are suspects in some “creative shopping” at Old Navy.  They allegedly entered the store and filled bags that they had with them as well as Old Navy shopping bags up with items and then left without paying.  If anyone knows who they might be, Say It Here!

Bag and GO!

C1-049687                                  Occurred: 06-01-2021 @ Super Saver

Does anyone know who this might be?  She entered Super Saver at 5440 S. 56th Street and did some shopping and then pretended to pay, but walked out without spending a cent!  Not what Super Saver means!!!  If you know who she is, let us know and Say It Here!

Miller Me!

C0-117198                                    Occurred: 12-22-2020

This individual entered the Kwik Shop at 2710 W Street with the intention of Christmas coming early!  He selected 2 bottles of Miller High Life beer and ran out.  Know who this person is?  Say It Here!

Donut and Coffee!

C1-001812                                   Occurred: 01-07-2021

The above person entered Super Saver at 233 North 48th and selected a donut and two glass bottles of coffee.  He ate the donut and walked past the registers to the entrance. Outside the entrance, employees contacted the male and asked him if he paid for the items.  The subject then smashed the two bottles of coffee on the ground left walking.  Anyone who recognizes the person who wasted a perfect bottle of coffee?  Say It Here!

Monitor Me!

C1-046648                                  Occurred:  05-24-2021

These two individuals entered Office Depot at 333 North 50th and each grabbed a computer monitor and ran out of the store.  If anyone recognizes them, Say It Here!

Bathroom Break?

C1-004890                                  Occurred: 01-17-2021

The Kwik Shop at 3301 Holdrege was the victim of a shoplift at approximately 10:30 pm.  These two individuals are suspected of stealing two bottles of liquor.  Their method was interesting.  The female in the white hoodie ran for the bathroom.  As the clerk was attempting to stop her from locking herself in, the male suspect grabbed the two bottles of liquor.  The female then came out and both fled from the store and met up with others across the street.  Know who these two might be?  Say It Here!

Feeling “Blue”

C0-106759                              Occurred: 11-17-2020

These two individuals ran into the Kwik Shop at 3301 Holdrege St. feeling “a little blue….UV Blue specifically.  They each grabbed one bottle of UV Blue vodka and ran right back out of the store.  If you recognize the subjects, Say It Here!

Getting “Personal”…..

C1-006114                                    Occurred: 01-22-2021

This suspect must be extremely sore……as he took approximately 8 “personal massagers” from CVS at 7002 O Street!  The suspect walked in and grabbed a hand basket.  He then went to the area where the massagers are and swept the entire shelf into the basket.  The employee saw this as a clue that the subject was not intending to pay for the items.  He was correct!  The subject ran from the store and got into the red pickup which had an unknown driver.  Anyone who recognizes the pickup or the massager thief, Say It Here!

Why Break My Window?!

C1-015939                                  Occurred: 02-21-2021

JPK Investment Motors, 2244 North Cotner Blvd, reported that this individual approaches the store at approximately 03:29 am and removes a trailer hitch from one of the vehicles.  He then throws it through an office window.  The person runs away and then returns later to mill about the lot.  If anyone knows who this mysterious window vandal is, Say It Here!

Carted Off!!

C1-009448                                  Occurred: 01-30-2021

Menards, 3500 North 27th, reported that these two individuals entered the store, loaded up their cart with a LARGE amount of stuff and went to the check out lane, close to the tune of $1,400 dollars value.  One of the females took the cart full of items out to their waiting car, while the other one waited as she “paid” for the items.  Mysteriously, the card would not work without the pin number….hmmmm.  She said that she will have to put something back and the employee nearby looked away and she ran out of the store to the waiting car which was already loaded.  Know who these cart-happy persons are?  Say It Here!

No Sale!

C0-105441                                  Occurred: 11-13-2020

Kwik Shop at 4400 Cornhusker Hwy, reported that this individual entered the store and took two bottles of liquor and then left the store without paying for them.  He dropped one bottle as he ran out.  Know who this individual is?  Say It Here!

The Shirt Says It All!

C0-113069                                   Occurred: 12-08-2020

Employees of the New Market at 1111 North 27th St. reported this individual came into the store selected some food items and left without paying for them.  His shirt says “Outlaws”….kind of ironic, isn’t it?  If you know who this suspect is, Say It Here!

Can’t Miss This!! The Continuation…….

C1-003678                                  Occurred: 01-07-2021

Remember a post that was Can’t Miss This?  Well, she’s baaaaaack!!  She returned to Russ’s and brought the infamous green tote bag with her again.  She fills it up and then pays for two bags of chips in her cart, but neglects to pay for the items stuffed away in her large green tote!  Help us identify this person and stop her filching of property without paying for it!  Say It Here!

Double Trouble!

C1-019011                                    Occurred: 03-02-2021

Do not be confused by the color changing sweatshirt!  It is RED.  This subject used a stolen credit card at a number of places on 03-03-2021.  Some of the businesses were U Pull It, Auto Zone, Home Depot and other similar stores.  If you recognize this person or the vehicle he drives, Say It Here!

Alcohol On The Go!

C0-110003                                   Occurred: 11-29-2020

Roc’s Stop & Shop reported that these two individuals entered the store at approximately 5:10 AM.  The one in the white sweat shirt asked for a package of cigars.  As the clerk was getting them, the person in the black sweatshirt grabbed a bottle of vodka and both ran out of the store.  Know who they are?  Say It Here!

In the Pink!

C0-112748                                   Occurred: 12-07-2020

Super Saver, 233 North 48th, Reported that this individual in pink, with half black hair and half red hair, entered the store and picked up a cell phone charging cord.  She wandered around the store and then left without paying for the cord.  Employees were able to retrieve it, but the suspect still left the scene.  Know who is in the pink?  Say It Here!

Who Were Those Masked Men??

C1-012101                                    Occurred: 02-05-2021

Menards at 3500 North 27th, reported that these two individuals entered the store and made some selections, paid for them using a credit card and left the store.  Unfortunately, they were using a STOLEN credit card!  The victim reports they charged almost $500 for their Menard’s purchases.  Anyone know who these two masked men might be?  If you recognize them, Say It Here!

No Debating This!

C1-006315                                  Occurred: 01-21-2021

The girl in the orange Hastings Debate Team sweatshirt and her friend in the tan top entered Super Saver, 233 North 48th St.  The female loaded up at cart full of items and ran out of the store with them, meeting the male in the parking lot.  Anyone have a dissenting opinion on this case?  Willing to argue for the victim and let us know who they might be?  Say It Here!

Dash and Drinks?

C1-013166                                    Occurred: 02-11-2021

You have heard of the ol’ dine and dash routine, right?  This is the reverse with drinks!  These two entered the Kwik Shop at 3301 Holdrege and grabbed two bottles of liquor and ran out of the business.  Anyone recognize these persons?  If so, Say It Here!

You Might Be Stealing, IF………

C1-015716                                    Occurred: 02-20-2021

Russ’s Market, 130 North 66th, reported that this individual entered the store and selected numerous items and concealed them.  The individual then left without pay for them.  If anyone knows who this person might be, please Say It Here!

The Shadow Knows………

C1-004946                                  Occurred: 01-18-2021

This shadowy individual is suspected of using credit cards belonging to the victim in this case.  This picture was taken at CVS, 1411 Superior .  If you recognize this person let us know,  Numerous cards were used or attempted to be used belonging to the victim.  Know who this is?  Say It Here!

Maybe They Don’t See Me……..

C1-006258                                 Occurred: 01-22-2021

Does anyone know this young lady?  She went into the Walgreens at 1301 O Street and selected some items and left without paying for them.  It appears she has very noticeable red or maroon hair.  If you happen to know this person, Say It Here!

Card and Cash – GONE!

C1-004254                                  Occurred: 01-14-2021

The victim in this case reported that he accidentally left his bank card in an ATM near 48th and Holdrege.  He stated that he checked later and found that he had an unauthorized charge on his account for $194.00!  The person pictured above is seen using the credit card.  Is there anyone out there that knows who this might be?  If you know this individual, please Say It Here!