Auto Theft and Fraudulent Charges

C3-048385          Occurred: 06-05-2023

This male is a suspect in an auto theft and shortly thereafter a credit card fraud. The stolen vehicle, a Silver 2012 Chevrolet Cruze, has yet to be recovered and is pictured above. If you see this vehicle or recognize who this male is, say it here!

McDonald’s Spitter

C3-045568          Occurred: 05-28-2023

McDonald’s reported this male came into their restaurant and began arguing with an employee over pickles. During the argument, the male spits on an employee’s face and left. If you recognize who he is, say it here!

Best Buy Guy

C3-047368          Occurred: 06-02-2023

This male is a suspect in a felony fraud where he used stolen credit cards to purchase over over $3,000 worth of merchandise. He is seen here walking out of Best Buy with a brand new Macbook. If you recognize who he is, say it here!

Lowe’s Fence Cutter

C3-046282          Occurred: 05-29-2023

Lowe’s reported this male cut a hole in their chain link fence, and took over $1,000 worth of merchandise without paying for it. He was seen in a Black 2008-2012 Kia Forte with rear passenger damage. If you know anything about this case, say it here! 

Fraternity Burglary

UNL23001806          Occurred: 06-06-2023

A UNL Fraternity was burglarized overnight where sixteen golf clubs were stolen. This male was observed arriving in the pictured PT Cruiser, entering the Fraternity through the basement and taking the golf clubs. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Bike Theft

C3-047480          Occurred: 06-02-2023

These two males are suspects in a theft of two bicycles from a bicycle rack at a church. One of the males has a back tattoo, both arriving in the pictured 1997-2002 Toyota Camry with a tow strap on top. If you recognize who they are, say it here!

Eye See You!

C3-045576          Occurred: 05-28-2023

Plato’s Closet reported this male grabbed several bags full of clothing items and left without paying for them. He is seen with multiple tattoos, including an eye on his left calf. If you recognize who he is, say it here!

Trailed Away

C3-040284          Occurred: 05/13/23

A flatbed construction trailer was parked on the street near Kooser Elementary when it was stolen this particular Saturday morning. It was loaded up with ladders and planks, valuing around $17,000 – the trailer itself around $5000, for a total loss of $22,000. It was taken by a white truck with a ladder rack on the back. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Night Adventures

C3-044091         Occurred: 05/24/23

A bike was stolen from a porch near North 28th and Orchard around 4:30am this particular Wednesday morning. Video captured this male suspect cautiously going onto the porch and taking a silver Mongoose mountain bike. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Gym Equipment Theft

C3-048715          Occurred: 06-06-2023

This male is a suspect in taking gym equipment from someone’s yard near S. 48th and Cotner Boulevard. He was seen with a silver sedan. If you know anything about this case, say it here!


C3-047723          Occurred: 05/29/23

This suspect was captured on camera rummaging through at least one vehicle near 44th and A Street. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Chrysler Strikes Again!

C3-046560          Occurred: 05-03-2023

The Maroon Chrysler Town and Country is yet again a suspect in another catalytic converter theft, near N. 24th and P Streets. It was reportedly driven by a white male with dreadlocks, black shirt, and blue shorts. The van has been seen multiple times, and is believed to be the same suspect in this and this case. If you know anything about these cases, say it here!

Russ’s Market

C3-033439          Occurred: 04-19-2023

Russ’s Market reported these two left the store with unpurchased merchandise. They left in a Grey 2008 Ford Edge. If you recognize who they are, say it here!

Trash Can Man

C3-046994          Occurred: 6/1/23

Super Saver, 27th/Cornhusker: The male suspect carried a trash can full of unpaid merchandise to his Ford Escape and loaded it up. The female stayed behind and tried to make a purchase, but her card wouldn’t work. She told staff she was going to go out and get a card that worked from her vehicle. She met the male at the front door and they took off with just under $500 worth of merchandise. If you recognize either of them, say it here!

Gas Can Run Off

C3-047124          Occurred: 06-01-2023

This female was observed climbing over a fence near 33rd and Vine Street, and then running to the backyard of a house to take a red gas can. She arrived in the pictured vehicle. If you recognize who she is, say it here!

Grocery Grab

C3-046575          Occ: 05/29/23

Russ’s Market on 66th/Havelock reported these two arrived in a black Chevy Tahoe or similar, carted up $345 worth of groceries, and left without paying for any of it. If you know who they are, say it here!

Trapper Hat

C3-045069          Occurred: 05/26/23

This suspect was captured on camera attempting to enter into a work truck parked in an apartment building near 44th and R Street. The alarm on the truck sounded and he was spooked off, but we’d still like to know who he is! Help us out and say it here.

Choccy Milk and Cigarettes

C3-046137          Occurred: 05-30-2023

A citizen had their vehicle broken in to, and credit cards were stolen. This male is observed attempting to use those stolen credit cards to purchased chocolate milk and cigarettes at 4 AM. If you recognize him, (or his tattoos) say it here!