C0-010976            Occurred: 2/5/20

McDonald’s on N 27th & Ticonderoga called to report a disturbance at the restaurant around 11pm this night. They say a customer came through the drive through and asked the employee to “speak American” and eventually left. The employee stated the customer may have been intoxicated and had a passenger in his vehicle that appeared to be passed out. The employee said about five minutes later, the customer came back again in the vehicle alone and demanded french fries. He reportedly used his hand to pretend to draw a gun from his waist band and pointed his finger at the employee stating “People like me can shoot you.” The employee was terrified. The male then threw two beer cans at the drive through window and drove off in his older model Pontiac Grand Prix. Help us figure out who this male suspect is! You can leave a tip : Say it Here!