C3-032130          Occurred: 4/18/23

Suspect Identified!

On Tuesday, May 18th around 8pm, the victim in this case was walking around his neighborhood a block south of 27th and O Street. He walked by a house where he approached a group of people and attempted to talk to them. He reported one of the guys in the group cursed at him, so he took this as his cue to walk away. While he was walking away, the guy who cursed at him followed him, displayed a knife, and gently ran it down the victim’s arm. The victim thought after this the guy would leave him alone, but he didn’t, and followed him across the street where he punched him in face so hard the victim was knocked to the ground. If anybody knows who this suspect is, we are needing help identifying him. He has at least a couple of tattoos, one on his upper right arm and a larger one on his forearm, possibly a sleeve tattoo – that were visible in the video. If you know anything about this case, say it here!