Stolen Trucks

C2-048494       Occurred:  6/7/22

LAX Auto at 400 W Cornhusker was the victim of a burglary on June 7th.  A pickup truck pulled into the lot and the burglar collided with the building in order to gain entry.  Once inside, he searched through the business and stole a set of keys for a white 2015 Chevy Silverado.   He then went out to the pickup truck he arrived in and drove that truck to the Royal Grove parking lot across the street and abandoned it.  He returned to the car lot and stole the 2015 Chevy Silverado from the lot.  Officers later located the first truck at the Royal Grove and found it had also been stolen the night before.  The white Chevy Silverado was found to be related to another burglary at CK Powersports that same morning where the man took a Trailer and a small Jeep 4 wheeler.   The stolen trailer was later located abandoned in another parking lot about 2 weeks later.   Finally, on July 13th the Chevy Silverado was located in Minneapolis, Mn. with multiple bullet holes in the vehicle.  If you have any information on this string of events, say it here!

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