Stolen fleet of all sizes

C4-012765                        Occurred: 2-12-24

Monday morning, around 5am, three vehicles were seen blocking a residential street near 56th and Holdrege.   Video surveillance showed there were at least 5 occupants in those 3 vehicles and two of them casually walked around trying to enter vehicles parked in the street.  They stole a pancake air compressor and a box of collectible toy cars from a parked car.     We only were able to get images of the passenger from the SUV stealing  the compressor.  It was later discovered that all 3 cars are consistent with 3 vehicles reported stolen that same night.   A 2006 Red Honda Pilot, with plate ALR963 (still missing.)  A 2016 Red Kia Forte, with plate YYV478 (still missing.)  A 2014 Blue Kia Forte, which was recovered the next evening, abandoned in an apartment complex parking lot at 821 A St.     If you know anything about these car ‘collectors’ or where they keep their items, say it here!

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