Shed Suspect

C0-082255                        Occurred: 9/4/2020

The victim, who lives near 67th and Havelock, reported the lock to his garage was somehow removed and items were stolen from his garage overnight. Items taken were a tool box, sockets and wrenches, a drill press, and a planer. The suspect is believed to have left in a hurry as other tools were left untouched. A nearby resident had a Ring camera on the exterior of their home that captured some activity nearby the garage that morning. Reviewing the footage, we believe the male in the orange shirt is in the area at least once on bike, and another time in a red truck, believed to be a Chevy Silverado or similar. In the video, you can see the male suspect walking around the area. We are hoping someone in the community can help us identify this suspect so we can continue the investigation into the missing tools.

Here’s how to leave a tip:

Call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000

Call Lincoln Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600