Ace Faker

C1-021117            Occurred: 2-3-21 to 3-6-21

This Ace Faker made fraudulent charges at several Ace Hardware stores all around Lincoln from 2-3-21 to 3-6-21.  This Ace Faker has a visible tatoo on the left side of his neck and may have another on his left hand.  If you know this Ace Faker is say it here.

Overnight Delivery

C0-106114            Occurred: 11-18-2020

Sometime during the overnight hours of 11-18-2020 this Overnight Delivery went bad.  This vehicle was the only vehicle on the road in the 1400 block of SW 14th and yet it still managed to strike the victim’s mailbox before leaving the scene.  If you know who this Overnight Delivery driver is say it here.

Up in Smoke

C1-018954            Occurred: 3-3-2021

Kwik Shop at Touzalin and Fremont was robbed on 3-3-2021 at about 2:12 in the morning.  These 2 black male suspects entered the store and demanded money before punching the clerk, eventually leaving with cash and cigarettes.  Suspect #1 is a black male in his 20’s, about 5 ‘3″ and a “stocky build”.  Suspect #2 is a black male in his 20’s, about 5’8″-5’10” with a thinner build.  Help us find out who these smoking suspects are, do so and say it here.

Not So Good 2 Go

C1-020615            Occurred: 3-8-2021

This black male is seen in the video breaking the window at Good 2 Go at 27th and Fairfield on 3-8-2021 a few minutes past midnight.  The suspect is then seen taking several cartons of cigarettes with him when he leaves in a maroon Chevrolet sedan.  If you know who he is say it here.

Ace is the Place

C0-087193             Occurred: 9-18-2020

These 2 males went on a shopping spree at the Ace near 27th and F st.  They were able to get away with several hand tools and tool pouches without paying for any of it.  This all happened on 9-18-2020 at about 1633 hrs, if you know who either of these mystery shoppers are say it here.

Cordless Caper

C0-098545            Occurred: 10-23-2020

Ace Hardware at 924 N 27th was the place where this cordless tool caper went down on 10-23-2020 at about 1 pm.  This male in a yellow shirt and black jacket went into the store and liberated several Milwaukee cordless tools from their tethers and walked out of the store with them.  If you know who this masked cordless tool lover is say it here.


C0-088821                     Occurred: 09-23-2020

This bright blue gentleman came into Union Bank at 121 S. 13th and asked another individual if he could cash a check for him.  The other male attempted but was denied.  The police were called and the other male was detained, but this gentleman had already left.   We would like to talk to this person about the check he wanted to cash as it was from a checkbook that had been stolen earlier!  The nickname he uses is “Bouncy”. Help up stop this bogus check writer!  If you know who this is, say it here!

Just Be Polite!

C1-019292                    Occurred: 03-04-2021

This gentleman must have been having a bad day.  He tried to come into the Casey’s at 1001 South 13th without a mask on and was told he needed to have one on to com into the store.  He rummaged around in the trash outside and found a mask, put it on and came back inside.  The clerk said “Thank you” to him and he replied with a rude and impolite answer.  The clerk stated that he needed to leave.  He tried to push past her to use the restroom and she pushed back.  He then left.  We are looking to talk to the individual for his behavior.  Know who he is?  Say it here!

Kwik Shoppers!

C0-083280                    Occurred: 09-07-2020

These two individuals are suspected of a shoplift at Kwik Shop, 3301 Holdrege in which the male causes a distraction by knocking items off a shelf while the female in the yellow enters and removes alcohol and both leave the store. If you know either of the parties, please say it here!

Vehicle punchers

20003026            Occurred: 9-29-2020

On 9-29-2020 at about 0021 hrs 2 suspects were caught on camera vandalizing several cars near 18th and Vine.  One suspect is described as a white male in a red sweater and black or grey athletic pants, the second suspect is said to be a Hispanic male in a checkered sweatshirt and black athletic pants.  If you know who these 2 vehicle punching vandals are say it here.

Grind it away

C0-109458            Occurred: 11-20-2020

On 11-20-2020 at about 16:28 hrs a white female wearing a black “Pink” jacket and a white male in a red leather jacket went into the Menards on N 27th together.  The female then took a cordless angle grinder and left the store without paying.  The pair were seen leaving in a dark colored Cadillac.  If you know who they are say it here.

Chip off the ole block

C0-095915            Occurred: 10-14-2020

These 2 package thiefs were seen on video taking 3 packages from a residence near 40th and Woods Blvd before getting brave enough to take off with the red wood chipper also.  The suspects were described as a white male in his 40’s and a white female in her 20’s that both left in a blue Chevrolet Avalanche.  If you know either of these two are say it here.

Prop it up

C0-089868            Occurred: 9-26-2020

Super Saver employees at 48th and Q st quickly spotted the “Prop Copy” printed on the fake $100 bill this suspect tried to pass on 9-26-2020 at about 1240 hrs.  When she was confronted the female suspect said her grandmother gave her the bill.  If you know who this is say it here.

Must see TV

C0-095871             Occurred: 10-14-2020

On 10-14-2020 at about 1136 hrs a black male wearing black shoes, black sweatshirt, black shorts and a striped cap decided he must see some TV and left the Walmart at 8700 Andermatt without paying for the Samsung TV he was carrying.  The suspect left in a blue Dodge Caravan, if you know who this TV lover is say it here.

Piece by piece

20003100            Occurred: 10-2-2020

This bike rider decided to take this bike Piece by Piece from the Sid and Hazel Dillon Tennis Center at 2400 N Antelope Valley Parkway, taking the front wheel first before returning for the rest of the bike from 10-2-2020 to 10-5-2020.  If you know who this bike liker is say it here.

Vehicle vandal

20003126            Occurred: 10-8-2020

This vehicle vandal was seen on cameras looking into cars near 36th and Apple on 10-8-2020 at about 0426 hrs.  he is also seen to break several of those vehicle windows.  If you know who this Vehicle Vandal is say it here.

Smile, you’re on camera

C0-094797            Occurred: 10-11-2020

This shadowy figure didn’t realize he was actually on camera while stealing another camera from the building at 1617 F st.  This white male is seen prying a security camera off of the building  at around 0212 hrs.  If you know who this sneak shutterbug is say it here.

Not So Nifty Fifty

C0-088935            Occurred: 9-23-2020

This black male went to the Super C at 21st and G st where he tried to pay with a fifty that wasn’t so nifty.  The Fifty dollar bill clearly had the word “copy” on the front and wasn’t accepted by the clerk for the attempted purchase.  This black male is described as wearing acid washed jeans, red Nike shirt and blue jacket.  If you know who he is say it here.

Bye-bye beer

C0-104690            Occurred: 11-7-2020

This Husker fan decided to make his beer go Bye-bye from Russ’s on S Coddington on 11-7-2020 at about 1308 hrs.  This beer loving white male was dropped off and left in a dark colored 4 dr sedan.  If you know who this beer bandit is say it here.

Sneaky Snacker

C0-098278            10-22-2020

Russ’s Market at 17th and Washington is where this Sneaky Snacker took off on 10-22-2020 at about 12:30 hrs with several snack items without paying for any of them.  He is described as a white male, 20’s-30’s and was seen leaving in a maroon 4 dr car.  If you know who this Sneaky Snacker is say it here.

GSX-R Caper

C1-021857            3-11-2021

This person is suspected of stealing this GSX-R motorcycle in the early hours of 3-11-2021 from 5220 S 40th st.  The GSX-R has since been recovered but if you know who this motorcycle lover is say it here.


C1-019598                    Occurred 03-05-2021

On the early morning hours of 03-05-2021, unknown persons used a stolen pick up (which was recovered at the scene) to attempt to steal an ATM at Pinnacle Bank, 6145 Havelock.  The ATM suffered extensive damage, however no money was taken.  The suspects left the stolen pick up and the damaged ATM at the scene and fled the area, possibly in a light colored new Chrysler 200 or similar vehicle.  All three of the suspects were wearing dark colored hoodies and clothing.  If anyone was in the area and saw the pick up arrive or the subjects fleeing the area, please say it here!

Where’s My CAT?

UNL Case # 21000575                      Occurred: 02-26 to 03-01-2021

The UNL Police are looking for your help to find one of their CAT’s. (Caterpillar Tractor, to be precise!) An unknown person driving a white pickup drove into the construction area at 900 North 21st and then left and came back.  Then both the truck and Caterpillar Tractor are driven away.  Did you see something like this occurring and not think twice?  Help us out with a tip and say it here!

Bogus bill blues

C0-087990            9-21-2020

The white female seen here is suspected of attempting to pass a bogus $20 at the U Stop at 2925 NW 12th on 9-21-2020 at about 0331 hrs.  When confronted about the bill being bogus she bolted.  If you know who she is say it here.

Bluetooth Bandit

C0-079292            8-27-2020

This bluetooth bandit struck on 8-27-2020 at about 0100 hrs entering a vehicle in the 7300 block of S 19th st and making off with a bluetooth speaker.  This bandit is described as a male, possibly in his teens wearing a t-shirt and jeans.  If you know who he is say it here.

Bikes @ UNL – Case 2

UNL Case #20002346                    Occurred: 09-17-2020

This bicycle theft occurred at Sandoz Hall, 820 North 17th St.  This is the last of 7 bike thefts that UNL had in a months time (8-17-2020 to 9-17-2020).  If anyone out there recognizes the parties involved or has information, please say it here!

Bikes @ UNL – Case 7

UNL Case #20002845                    Occurred: 09-15-2020

This bicycle theft also occurred at The Courtyards at 733 North 17th Street.  The suspect in this case has a developing mohawk, so he should be noticeable!  If you know who this person is,, say it here!

Bikes @ UNL – Case 5

UNL Case #20002807                    Occurred: 09-13-2020

This bicycle theft occurred at Beta Theta Pi at 1515 R Street.  Can you recognize this party who is believed to be responsible?  If you know who these people might be, say it here!