Snack Time

C3-094960           Occurred: 10-21-23

Super Saver off of Pine Lake Rd obtained video footage of 2 males and a female suspected of shoplifting a cart full of unpaid groceries.  The female has been identified, but the two males are still unknown.  Can you help us identify the males? If so, say it here!

Christmas Came Early

C3-093818           Occurred: 10-17-23

This female was caught on video by Kohl’s off Superior St. She had possession of a stolen credit card and attempted to buy an IPhone 15 along with a pair of AirPods.  If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Stolen fleet of all sizes

C4-012765                        Occurred: 2-12-24

Monday morning, around 5am, three vehicles were seen blocking a residential street near 56th and Holdrege.   Video surveillance showed there were at least 5 occupants in those 3 vehicles and two of them casually walked around trying to enter vehicles parked in the street.  They stole a pancake air compressor and a box of collectible toy cars from a parked car.     We only were able to get images of the passenger from the SUV stealing  the compressor.  It was later discovered that all 3 cars are consistent with 3 vehicles reported stolen that same night.   A 2006 Red Honda Pilot, with plate ALR963 (still missing.)  A 2016 Red Kia Forte, with plate YYV478 (still missing.)  A 2014 Blue Kia Forte, which was recovered the next evening, abandoned in an apartment complex parking lot at 821 A St.     If you know anything about these car ‘collectors’ or where they keep their items, say it here!

Cutting Corners

C3-108740          Occurred: 12-06-23

These two entered Sally Beauty Supply at 48th and O St.  They attempted to apply for a credit card, but were denied.    They tried to sign up for rewards points.    When the clerk walked away briefly, the male reached behind the counter and stole two professional clippers.    The clippers were Babyliss Pro metal lithium clippers, valued at over $200 each.    The couple ran out to a White SUV that was backed up to the store and fled.      When applying, the couple used the names Jose Zuniga Guzman and Claudia Garcia.   So far, officers have been unable to locate the couple.   If you have any info, say it here!

Stem the tide

C4-004222          Occurred: 1-16-224

The suspect shown here was seen on video breaking out the door glass to the Hemp Boss store near 84th and Nebraska Parkway.   He did over $1000 in damage and stole over $2,300 in Vape cartridges, CBD products and gummies.   In the video we observed a red Jeep Patriot driving by the store.    A similar vehicle was seen backing into the Cloud 9 store at 50th and Old Cheney a few days later.    If you know who this is, say it here!

No Ciggies 4 U

C3-100391          Occurred: 11/08/23

The suspect shown here went to the Kwik Shop near 48th/Madison and was declined his cigarette purchase because he refused to provide his ID. The clerk said when he left, he went outside and scraped a knife across the window. He left in an older 4 door red sedan. If you know who this is, say it here!

He Tried

C3-077816          Occurred: 8/15/23

The victim in this case reported his credit card and license was stolen from his truck parked at his apartment complex near S. 32nd and Nebraska Parkway. His credit card was used at various locations and this suspect was captured on camera making purchases. If you know who this is, say it here!

Field Trip

C3-099741          Occurred: 11/02/23

The victim in this case reported her credit card was stolen. The credit card was seen taking a field trip around Lincoln, hitting up Tractor Supply, U-Stop, Walmart, Raising Cane’s, and Abelardo’s all in north Lincoln. The images above were provided by U-Stop. They showed the suspect arriving and departing in a 2009-2013 Hyundai Sonata. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

She’s a …… Fire Baalllllllll 🔥🎶

C3-109341          Occurred: 12/08/23

On December 8th, officers were dispatched to the area of NW 6th and Laramie trail on the report of a possible arson in progress. The caller, a nearby neighbor, stated she and her husband came home around 4pm and saw a female walking away from a residence where they noticed a small fire had been started. Lincoln Fire and Rescue responded to the fire and are investigating it along with LPD. And while this image isn’t the best, we are now sharing this case with the community with the hopes someone may know something about the events that unfolded this day and can leave us a tip to help aid our investigation. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Parking Problems

C3-094902        Occurred: 10/21/23

A good samaritan grabbed video of this male and his van after he damaged a car parked next to him.    The suspect’s van was poorly parked in it’s angled stall and the driver couldn’t figure out how to back the van out without repeatedly scraping the car next to him.    He denied damaging the vehicle to the man recording the video and eventually left the scene. If you know who this is, say it here! 

Purse Predator

C3-098682         Occurred: 11/02/23

The victim in this case had her purse stolen from her vehicle while it was parked at the Jim Ager Golf Course near 40th/Normal Blvd. Her credit card was quickly used at Walmart on Andermatt Drive. This suspect was responsible for those transactions. If you know who this is, say it here! 

Grey Goose

C3-096723          Occurred: 10/25/23

Super Saver, 48th/O Street, reported this man came into the store, stuffed a bottle of Grey Goose vodka into a yellow plastic bag, and left without paying for it. If you know who this is, say it here!

Help us FILA report

UNL 23003219          Occurred: 10/04/23

Video surveillance found a male cutting the lock off of a bike at Sandoz Hall at UNL and riding off with it.    Tracking the male back before stealing the bike, they found he rode the Star-tran bus to the area and got these images of him.  if anybody knows who he is, please leave us a tip. Say it here!

Fantasy Funds

C3-099859          Occurred: 11/05/23

Walmart on N 85th found a fake $100 bill was used and tracked the transaction back to the two.   They were seen arriving and leaving in a white sedan.     If you have any info on them, Say it here!

Smooth Criminal: Swiping signs of aging!

C3-098306         Occurred: 10/29/23

Super Saver reported that this female placed several wrinkle cream products in her large handbag.   She then grabbed a shower curtain and hid it behind her toilet paper.  She paid for the toilet paper and a few other items, but not the shower curtain or the wrinkle creams.   She left in the white 2012-2014 Toyota Camry, pictured above.    If you know who she is,  say it here!

Life’s a Hitch

C3-097848         Occurred: 10/29/23

A business near 6th and Rose St discovered their car dolly had been stolen.   Video in the area found an older, dark colored SUV towing it away.    If you have any info on this case, say it here!

Go Big Red

C3-103234          Occurred: 11/16/23


These two suspects went into the Best of Big Red Store located near 8th and Q Street and walked out with unpaid merchandise worth $406. They arrived in a red-colored Chrysler Town and Country minivan. If you know who they are, say it here!

Mace Man

C3-107632          Occurred: 12/02/23

Dillard’s reported this man came into their store and tried to walk away with $700 worth of perfume bottles. Employees confronted him at the exit but he ignored them and continued to walk out with the perfume bottles. One employee said she followed him to the parking lot at which time he sprayed something on the ground, which she believed to be mace. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

HyVee Haul-Out

C3-106135          Occurred: 11/27/23

HyVee, 7151 Stacy Lane, reported this individual tried to push a cart with $300+ worth of items out of the store without paying for it. She ditched the cart when confronted by staff, and left in a gold Buick LeSabre with Texas plates. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Solar Panel & Steel Tank

C3-096068          Occurred: 10/23/23

A business in the area of 33rd/Folkways reported they had a solar panel and a steel tank stolen from their property. Upon review of video belonging to a neighboring business, they located this suspect of interest. If you know who this is, say it here!

Fake Out

C3-109952          Occurred: 12/08/23

Russ’s Market near 33rd/Nebraska Parkway reported this man came into the store, shoplifted some lighters, then took a few other items to the customer service desk. He told the cashier there that he had already purchased them and needed to return them and got cash for his “return”. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Fake and Phony; part 3

C3-098742          Occurred: 11/02/23

The suspect shown here went into the Marcus GrandTheater at 11th and P st.   He bought a movie ticket, some popcorn and an Icee with a fake $100 bill.  He then left without watching the movie and real cash change in hand. We saw him at another theater that day and another male was seen getting ice cream with more fake money at the same time.   We’re asking if anybody knows who he is, to please leave us a tip. Say it here!