UNL Bikes Begone, Part 3

UNL 21001296                          Occurred: 05-05-2021

This individual is suspected of taking the victim’s bicycle while it was parked in front of The Courtyards, 733 North 17th.  If anyone know who this might be, please Say It Here!

UNL Bikes Begone, Part 2

UNL 21001183                           Occurred: 04-26-2021 

The victim parked his bike in the 1800 block of R Street.  This person felt that the bike was apparently free to use!  Help UNL Police locate this bike thief.  Know who it is?  Say It Here!

Bicycle Woes

C1-041038                                  Occurred: 05-08-2021

The victim in this case believes this is the person that stole his bicycle from the front of his apartment building.  The victim stated that this person kept looking up at his balcony and then at his bicycle.  If anyone knows who this might be, Say It Here!


C1-031088                                           Occurred: 04-09-2021

The victim in this case was backing out of her parking stall at Target on South 40th.  This gentleman is observed to run up to the car and strike it with his hands.  There was a dent to the victim’s car.  The suspect then left in a red 4 door vehicle.  Any body know the person in the photo?  If so, Say It Here!

What Can I Find In Here?

C1-035173                                    Occurred: 04-22-2021

LES was victim of a vandalism by this individual.  They entered a fenced lot that was owned by LES at 2400 NW 12th by cutting a hole in the fence.  They then went to a storage container and cut off the lock.  Officers consulted with the victim who could not say if anything was missing.  Know this guy?  Can you make the identification of him easier?  If so, Say It Here!

Bike Begone!

C1-037733                                  Occurred: 04-29-2021

This suspect made off with the victim’s bicycle as he was at work in the 1400 Block of Q Street.  The subject walks up to the bike and cuts the lock off and rides it away.  Anybody recognize this person?  Say It Here!

Only The Shadow Knows!!!

C1-030253                                  Occurred: 04-07-2021

This “dark shadow” exited the white mini-van and proceeded to removed a catalytic converter from a vehicle in the area of 4600 Pierce Drive.  If you recognize the “shape” or the van as belonging to a person you know, Say It Here!

Debit Deal!

C1-011384                                  Occurred: 02-05-2021

This customer got a deal, but the store was shorted!  This customer entered the Kwik Shop at 27th and W Streets and selected 5 items.  The individual produced a debit card and scanned it.  As the transaction was processing, the individual grabbed their items and began walking towards the door.  The sale was refused due to insufficient funds, but the person refused to come back inside.  Anyone know who this individual might be?  Say It Here!

Kwik Con!

C1-025732                                   Occurred: 03-23-2021

This individual entered the Kwik Shop at 5900 Fremont and asked for some scratch off lottery tickets.  As the clerk was laying them on the counter, the individual placed his debit card into the card reader.  The clerk said his card was declined because it had a penny on it.  The individual then grabbed the tickets, and his card, and ran from the store!  If you know this Kwik Shop con-artist, Say It Here!

Vodka Chaser!

C1-031136                                       Occurred: 04-09-2021

Casey’s on North Cotner was visited by this young lady who had to have her vodka!  She grabbed a bottle of vodka and ran out of the store southbound down the alley to the west.  If you happen to know this runner, Say It Here!

Drone Down!

C1-045139                                 Occurred: 05-20-2021 

Hobby Town was the victim of a drone-napping!  These two individuals entered the store and the one in black selected a drone.  The other in orange said he needed to get his card and went back outside.  The suspect in black made conversation with the employee all the while moving towards the exit.  Once close, he dashed outside!  He got into a white SUV being driven by the man in orange.  Know who either of these drone enthusiasts? Say It Here!

Strange Shopping Habits!

C1-049049                                 Occurred: 05-19-2021

This shopper has some peculiar habits!  She arrived at Walmart at 8700 Andermatt Dr. via the bus.  She then proceeds to shop for an hour and load up her cart with a variety of items and foodstuffs.  She goes to the self-scan lanes and scans her items, but neglects to pay for them and pushes her cart out the door.  She walks to a dark colored minivan in the far end of the lot and then off loads her merchandise.  She then proceeds to get on the bus and leave the area…..Things that make you go “hmmmmmmm”? Know who this is? Say It Here!

Super Bold!

C1-032553                                   Occurred: 04-14-2021

This super bold person decided to walk into the Super C at 17th and L Streets,  grab a handful of items, including some work gloves and walk right back out.  know who this direct shopper could be?  If so, Say It Here!


C1-035388                                 Occurred: 04-22-2021

Does anyone recognize these two individuals?  They are suspected of using the victim’s debit card 5 times at Walmart on North 85th Street. The pair racked up more than $300 dollars in charges.  If you know who these persons as, Say It Here!

Rummage Rats!

C1-036525                                 Occurred: 04-25-2021

During the overnight hours in the area of the 2500 block of NW 49th, these two individuals were captured on camera getting into the victim’s vehicle and rummaging through it.  They are suspected of taking about $5.00 in change from the car.  If anyone knows these two, let us know as there is often more than just one car that was gone through!  Say It Here!

Lacking Energy!

C1-037336                                  Occurred: 04-28-2021

Does anyone recognize this person? They walked into the Dollar General on West O Street and shopped.  They neglected to pay for a bottle of vitamins.  If you know who this might be, Say It Here!


C1-027046                                  Occurred: 03-28-2021

These two are NOT GRRRRRREAT!  They loaded up a cart full of food items at Walmart on North 85th Street.  They proceeded to the self check out lanes and proceeded to under-ring their purchases.  They then exited to an unknown vehicle.  Anyone recognize these Foodies?  Say it Here!

Boom Box Bag

C1-040681                                   Occurred: 05-05-2021

These two suspects were working together in hopes of confusing employees.  The woman goes to the electronics section and selects a “boom box” stereo.  She somehow opens the loss prevention device on the box.  Her friend then walks over selects the now available boom box and takes the item out of the box.  The female suspect then places the boom box in her bag.  Both persons abandon their carts and walk out the front doors.  Anyone who recognizes these two, please Say It Here! 

Keep On Truckin’!

C1-044591                                 Occurred: 05-18-2021

This pair got out of a semi-truck and decided to do some “shopping” at Walmart on North 27th Street.   They filled their cart with a large amount of cosmetics, snacks and drinks.  As they approached the door, they just “kept on truckin”. They were contacted by employees, but just kept walking.  If anyone recognizes this pair, we want you to Say It Here!

What A Charge!!

C1-033323                                  Occurred: 04-16-2021

Know who this Walmart Shopper might be?  He walked into the store on North 27th and pocketed a cell phone battery charger and some bike tire repair item.  He then tried to leave without paying.  He was contacted by employees who asked for the items back which the suspect complied.  He did not remain and left on his 20 inch bicycle.  If anyone knows who this “charger” is, Say It Here!

Clean Sweep, Dude!

C1-039254                                 Occurred: 04-30-2021

The two shoppers pictured above went to the Walmart on North 85th.  There the one in white picked up a vacuum cleaner and the one in black picked up a security camera system.  They were obviously concerned about the safety of their vacuum cleaner!  However, when they approached the doors, they left without paying!  Anyone know these two shoppers?  If you do, please let us know by Saying It Here!


C1-041010                            Occurred: 05-07-2021

Walmart on North 27th Street reported that this individual came into the store and began loading up a camouflaged duffle bag of various items and then tag switched the bag with a fanny pack and tried to pay for the bag with all the items in it!  She was approached at the door, but ran and got into a red pickup.  If anyone knows who this “camo-bagger” might be, Say It Here!

Pokemon GO(ne)!

C1-044787                                    Occurred: 05-18-2021

This person decided that he needed some Nintendo Switch items and went to Best Buy to find them.  Only problem was, he didn’t pay! The individual cut some packages and scampered out the door.  If anyone knows who this person is, Say It Here!

Game On…NOT!!!

C1-044034                                  Occurred: 05-16-2021

This gamer thought he needed an upgrade!  He went to the Target on S. 56th and loaded up his cart with PS4 games and gaming gear.  He proceeded to the self checkout lanes and scanned all the items.  He forgot the next step however, and did not pay for the items and ran out the door.  The items were valued at approximately almost at $1,200.00  Know who this gamer is? Say It Here!

Only the Hose Knows……

C1-051868                                   Occurred: 06-08-2021

This individual apparently needed industrial sized vacuum hoses, because he removed them from the South Street Carwash at 1325 South St.  He was noticed by others “behaving strangely” and appeared to be under the influence of narcotics.  If you know this person, let us know.  Say It Here!

Jaywalking Makes You Angry!!

C1-046235                                  Occurred: 05-23-2021

How would you feel if you were this driver?  You can plainly see that the driver has the green light, yet, the angry youth decide that walking in front of traffic is a smart idea.  The driver reacts with blowing his horn, but that makes the jaywalkers angry!  One of them strikes the victim’s car as he begins to drive past them once they clear the road.  Does anyone know who these angry jaywalkers are?  If so, Say It Here!

Nap Time Thief!

C1-062583                                 Occurred: 07-06-2021

This thief needs to learn to get some sleep BEFORE he commits a crime!  He walks up to College View Academy and bangs on the door for some time.  I am not quite sure who he thought would be there as it is summer time?  He got tired of banging and laid down for a nap.  He wakes up, bangs some more and then possibly takes the Principal’s car!  He will get detention for sure!!!  Anyone know who this tired thief is?  Say It Here!

Pocket Pickers

C1-056674            Occurred: 6-22-2021

Shortly after our victim in this case was pick pocketed they learned that some of their credit cards were used fraudulently at the N 27th Walmart.  These 2 scammers are suspected to be involved in several similar cases.  If you recognize either of them or their white SUV say it here.

Easy Cash

C1-061016            Occurred: 7-2-2021

Easy Cash is exactly what this suspect got when he used a “cash card” to pay for his merchandise at the N 85th st Walmart.  This scammer claimed he had a special card that was a cash card and was able to make off with a substantial amount of ill gotten gains.  If you know this Easy Cash scammer say it here.