One. Two. Three. Four?

C0-085800              Occurred: 9/14/20

A four car accident occurred near 33rd and R Street on Monday, September 14th around 4:15 in the afternoon. One of the vehicles involved took off. An image of that vehicle was captured and we are now releasing it to the public to ask for assistance in locating the vehicle. It appears to be a late model Mitsubishi Lancer, darker in color with a light colored rear bumper. The vehicle had no plates at the time of the incident, and is likely going to have some damage to the back passenger side door and the back passenger side of the bumper. We’re asking if anybody knows where we can locate this vehicle, to give us a tip and help us locate that driver.

Lincoln Crime Stoppers: 402-475-3600

Lincoln Police Department: 402-441-6000

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