Fleeing from an Officer

C0-011366        Occurred: 2/7/20

Lincoln Police pulled over this male suspect near 34th and Holdrege on a traffic stop for expired plates. The Officer began speaking with him, asking for his license, registration, and other proof of documentation. It was at this time that the man put the car in drive and took off. The Officer did not pursue him through the city for safety reasons. The license plate was ran and it came back as a stolen license plate from the Omaha area. The vehicle was a silver Toyota Camry, and the driver mentioned a possible connection to Council Bluffs, Iowa as well. The Officer was wearing a body worn camera and captured an image of the suspect’s face, shown above. If anybody has any information on this case, we encourage them to say it here or call Lincoln Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600.