Emergency Exit Error

C1-119849            Occurred: 12/24/21

Home Depot on North 27th and Cornhusker had a male and female come to the store on Christmas Eve. They arrived in a black Dodge Ram with black rims and parked in the garden center parking area. They went into the store, loaded up a cart with over $2000 worth of goods, then left it in the store while they purchased a Christmas tree in the garden center. The male then returned into the store and attempted to push the cart full of merchandise out the fire exit door, but when the alarm sounded, he walked away and left everything behind. It was reported the female had pulled the truck up to the back of the building in an attempt to assist him. Thankfully nothing was lost, but we still have a case of attempted theft in the amount of $2000, and Home Depot has some excellent surveillance footage of these suspects that could help us get them identified. If you know who either of these suspects are, please say it here!