Lunch Break!!

C1-087571                                   Occurred: 09-14-2021

These two individuals came into Scheels and began their shopping experience.  They had a cart in which they placed items in.  Obviously tired from their shopping experience, they sat down in the in-store cafe and had something to eat.  As they were eating, the female grabbed two items from the cart and placed them into her purse.  The couple walked out without paying for anything.  If anyone knows who these two individuals are, please Say It Here!


C1-096441                                   Occurred: 10-11-2021

The staff at Sleep Inn at 2803 Folkways Blvd reported this individual was discovered inside one of their rooms when they went to clean it.  Two problems existed with this plan of action. One, the suspect  was observed sitting on the couch in the room exposing himself to housekeeping staff. 2. He was not a registered guest of the Hotel.  Housekeeping confronted him and he left the hotel.   If anyone recognizes this person, please Say It Here!

The Man in Red…….

C1-090813                                    Occurred: 09-25-2021

This individual is suspected of burglarizing a storage unit at Diamond Self Storage.  The victim reports the unit was pried open and items were taken from it.  If you recognize the party in the pictures above, please Say It Here!

Not Shopping!

C1-087701                                   Occurred: 09-17-2021

These two “shoppers” decided to give Scheels their undivided attention.  They went in to the store with Dillard’s bags and proceeded to take tags off of merchandise and place it in the Dillard’s bags.  They then walk out of the store without paying. If anyone recognizes, these two individuals, please Say It Here!

I “Saw” this coming…..

C1-068862                                 Occurred:  07-24-2021 @ Home Depot

The staff at Home Depot, north store, reported that this individual came in and selected a large table saw and placed it on a flat cart.  He exited the store through the garden center where he was asked to show his receipt.  He showed “A” receipt with a different date on it, which he covered up. When the employee asked to see the date, he snatched the receipt out of the employee’s hand and pulled the cart and item out to his blue pickup. If anyone recognizes the pickup or the person, please Say It Here!

My Little Red Wagon!!!

C1-056762                                  Occurred: 06-22-2021

The home owner in the area of 1000 Block of S. 16th is missing his little red wagon.  This person is the one taking it from in front of the victim’s home.  If anyone knows this wagon-napper,  Say It Here!

Theft of Memories!

UNL 21002576                          Occurred: 09-04-2021

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity was the victim of a burglary by the pictured individuals.  They gained entry through the front door and went through the entire fraternity house.  They took a photo-composite picture of all the members.  The UNL police department would like your help solving this crime.  If anyone knows the parties pictured above, please Say It Here!

Dog-Gone It!!!

C1-080662                                  Occurred: 08-28-2021

The victim reported that while at the dog park at 7th and Adams, someone removed her wallet from her car and used the cards later.  This is a photograph of a person who used the card at Walmart.  If anyone knows who this person might be, please Say It Here!

Traded Up! (illegally)

C1-090995                                  Occurred: 09-26-2021

Doc’s Auto at 48th and Cornhusker reported that the above person arrived at the business on a bicycle. The suspect then pried open a key box at the business and then took the keys to a 2013 Black Nissan Altima with no plates. If you recognize the person or have seen the Altima in his possession, please Say It Here!

Her Shirt Said It All…….

C1-082446                                   Occurred: 09-03-2021

The Main Street Bar reported that this individual was kicked out of the bar after having a disturbance with another patron.  One of the employees witnessed the party pictured above pick up a piece of cement and throw it against the car belonging to the victim.  That was an “OW” indeed as it left a large dent in the vehicle.  If you know who this might be, please Say It Here!

Missing UNL Bike #2

UNL 21002458                        Occurred: 08-22-2021

This individual decided the victim’s bike looked really appealing and managed to take the bike and lock from the rack outside of KNOLL student housing on the UNL campus.  If you recognize this person, please contact UNL Police or Say It Here!

Nabbed Bike!

UNL 21002278                         Occurred: 08-23-2021

This individual made off with the above bicycle that belong to the victim.  The suspect cut the lock cable and then rode off on the bicycle.  This picture was caught by a witness.  If anyone recognizes the party, please Say It Here!

Missing Bike at UNL

21002543                                    Occurred: 09-03-2021

The victim, an UNL student, had recently purchased a bike similar tot he one in the picture above.  The person in the picture is seen getting on the bicycle and riding it away from the front of Sandoz Hall.  If anyone recognizes the bike or knows the party in the picture, please Say It Here!

Green With Envy!

C1-086311                                   Occurred: 09-13-2021

This shopper at Tractor Supply was “green with envy” of some shirts there. So much so that he grabbed the packages and then proceed to put them on and walk out of the store.  If anyone recognizes this person with green hair, please Say It Here!


C1-076427                                  Occurred: 07-31-2021

Meier’s Cock and Bottle reported that this individual came in and used credit cards to purchase hard alcohol about 5 times. The cards eventually came back as stolen card numbers that were imprinted on other  blank cards.  If anyone recognizes the person or car, please Say It Here!

Bad Jeep!

C1-087523                                   Occurred: 09-14-2021

Fiserv at 1345 Old Cheney had blocked off their lots as they had some paving work and cement work done to their parking lots.  This Jeep bypassed the barricades and drove through the lot and then turned SB onto 14th Street.  This caused damage to the newly poured cement and paving work that had been done.  If anyone recognizes the Jeep, please Say It Here!

Pocket Picked!!

UNL 210022621                       Occurred: 09-07-2021

This individual is seen on camera reaching into the coat pocket of the victim at Love  Library while it was hanging on a chair.  She removes his wallet which had debit cards and credit cards inside it.  If anyone recognizes this person, please contact the UNL Police Department or Say It Here! 

No Trespassing!!

C1-093000                                 Occurred: 10-02-2021

In the 3000 block of Starr Street, this individual has walked into the back yard numerous times of the victim.  He does not attempt to take anything, but just wanders around.  The victim has numerous “NO TRESPASSING” signs posted. This concerns the victim.  If anyone recognizes the individual, please Say It Here.

Clean Getaway!

C1-088077                                  Occurred: 09-18-2021

These three individuals came to the Walgreens at 14th and Superior. They began placing various cleaning products into shopping bags as they went around the store.  They then exited the store without paying for the items and got into the white 4 door sedan.  If anyone knows who these people might be, Say It Here!

NOT Superman!!

C1-072209                                   Occurred: 08-04-2021

Well, this guy is no Clark Kent or Superman!  This individual enters Russ’s at 17th and Washington and notices this bike belonging to the victim.  He looks around and then takes the bike and rides away on it.  If anyone has an idea as to who this person is or where the bike might be at, please Say It Here!

TIRE-d Disposal!!

C1-095740                                 Occurred: 10-09-2021

In the area of 25th and Theresa St., these two individuals utilized the victim’s trash containers to dispose of their tires.  There were just tires, tires with rims, all sorts of rubber!  If anyone knows who these two might be or recognize the truck, please Say It Here!

Fowl Play!

C1-072073                              Occurred: 08-03-2021 @ Russ’s Market

These three “stand out” individuals walked into the Russ’s at 17th and Washington and each selected a chicken meal in the deli. They neglected to pay for the meals and walked back out of the store with them.  If anyone knows these individuals, Say It Here!

Almost Made It!!!!

C1-064680                                 Occurred: 07-13-2021 @Home Depot

Does anyone know this person?  He was caught trying to leave Home Depot on North 27th after concealing an item.  He was confronted by Store Loss Prevention staff.  He threw down the item and ran.  The item was recovered, but after the subject made it out side.  If you know who this might be, Say It Here!


C1-065095                                  Occurred: 07-14-2021

Employees at Fresh N’ Save, 945 S. 27th, reported that they suspected this individual of shoplifting a bottle of alcohol.  He is seen on video making motions of concealment.  If anyone knows this suspect, please Say It Here!

Grab and Go!!

C1-063390                                  Occurred: 07-08-2021

The U Stop at 110 West O St. reported that the two females pictured attempted to get alcohol at approximately 0300 hours, but were refused.  They then entered again and grabbed alcohol and ran out of the store without paying for it.  If you know who these ladies might be, Say It Here!

Lucky or Un-Lucky?

C1-067203                                   Occurred: 07-20-2021

The victim in this case left $40 in change (2 – $20 dollar bills) laying on the self-checkout register at Walmart after getting her receipt and coin change.  She walked out of the store.  This individual was the next person to use the register.  She retrieves the money and places it in her pocket, but does not let anyone know she found it. While she thinks she is lucky, the victim is not so lucky!  If you know who this person is, we would like to speak with her about the situation!  Say It Here!

Midnight Marauders!!

C1-088409                               Occurred: 09-18-2021

The homeowner in this case was shocked to see 3 midnight marauders pouncing on the porch!  They look into the home through the door and then notice the camera has turned on.  They then walk off.  There have been other reports of this occurring as well.  If anyone knows these three individuals, please Say It Here!

DRUGS? DRUGS? Where are the Drugs??

LSO C1007734 &  LPD C1-094426      Occurred: 10-06-2021

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s department and the Lincoln Police Department are investigating two burglaries of some local pharmacies that occurred between 0445 to 0530 am on 10-06-2021.  Meadowlark Pharmacy and Stockwell Pharmacy were both victims of the same burglars.  If anyone knows anything about these incidents, they are encouraged to call the Lancaster County Sheriff’s department at 402-441-6500 or Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600 or Say It Here!


Purloined Pants!!

C1-088710                                  Occurred: 09-20-2021

This individual purloined a pair of pants at Scheels.  He picked a pair of jeans that were rather pricey. He then placed them in his arms and positioned himself in the bathroom where he placed the pants on his person.  After than, he   passed through the doors without paying.  If you know this person, PLEASE post a message on Crime Stoppers and Say It Here!

Sticky Visitor!

C1-063962                                   Occurred: 07-11-2021

The victim was expecting an Amazon package and it was intercepted by this sticky visitor!  The victim reports this individual comes up onto the porch, looks around a waits a bit, and then takes the package that had just been delivered!  If you know this sticky visitor, Say It Here!