Beer Run!

C0-083051                Occurred: 09-06-2020

This suspect was in a real hurry to get back to his house!  This suspect walked into the Walgreens and began to load up a shopping basket.  He picked up his last item, a 12 PK of beer and then stood in line.  He was in line for only a brief moment when he decided he needed to run.  He ran from the store without paying for his basket of items.  If you recognize this individual, please say it here!

Wine Aficionado

C0-083998                 Occurred: 09-09-2020

This wine lover perused the shelves of Walgreens at 1301 O Street for her choices. Then concealed a four pack of Barefoot wine.  She later had a change of heart and put the 4 pack back minus one bottle.  Help us identify this person and say it here!

Love Shiny Things!

C1-010724                    Occurred: 02-04-2021

Do you recognize this shiny things lover?  We are looking for this person for a burglary from Elder Jewelry, 2901 Pine Lake Road that happened about 4:25 am.  The suspect broke the window out with decorative rock and then took a metal pole and broke out the display case glass.  The suspect took all of the items in the display case and placed them into a large, blue duffle bag with black straps and rode off on his bike west bound behind Starbucks.  Please help us identify the suspect by saying it here!

Sour Seasoning

C0-076754            8-20-2020

On 8-20-2020 at about 2:44 pm this blue T-shirt and Under Armor hat wearing white male entered the A st Market at 33rd and A st and took off with 4 bottles of seasonings and a package of Sour Bite candy.  If you know who he is say it here.

YETI Sighting!!

C0-E00488            9-7-2020

YETI Sighting in Lincoln!  This bandana wearing suspect went onto our victim’s porch and made off with a YETI bicycle on 9-7-2020 sometime between 7 and 11 am.  If you know this tattooed YETI rider is please say it here.

Brush Off

C0-087790            9-19-2020

This suspect is apparently more concerned about her dental health than actually paying for her toothbrush, toothpaste and cigarette lighter.   This tooth lover has a distinctive tattoo on her right shoulder and left Russ’s at 4400 S 33rd on 9-19-2020 at about 1:37 without paying.  If you know who she is say it here

Vanishing Venmo

C0-086361            9-15-2020


This headphone wearing suspect is thought to be responsible for using a stolen Venmo debit card for some fraudulent purchases at several places in Lincoln, including the Casey’s at 13th and E st on 9-15-20 at about 6:31 pm.  If you know her please say it here. 

T-Shirts To Go

C0-087876            9-20-2020

On 9-20-2020 at about 8:49 pm this T-Shirt loving suspect entered the Walmart on N 85th and helped herself to some T-Shirts, socks and boxers before walking out without paying.  When confronted she turned over the clothing and left in a black SUV with out of state plates.  If you know who she is say it here.

Camouflaged Caper

C0-092479            10-2-2020

This camo wearing suspect walked into Russ’s Market at 4400 S 33rd on 10-2-2020 at about 8:49 pm and helped himself to some beef jerky, headphones, Bic lighters and a bottle of Evan William bourbon before leaving without paying.  If you can help solve this Camouflaged Caper say it here.

Bedsheet burglary

C0-109368            11-26-2020

At 12:05 am on 11-26-2020 these 2 suspects, once covered by a bedsheet or blanket were caught on video entering a house while the owner was out of town and helped themselves to a handgun from inside the house.  If you know who the Bedsheeted Bandit or other suspect is SAY IT HERE.

Where’s My Roof??

C1-015281                    Occurred: 02-17-2021

GP Customs and Concierge Car at 1501 Cushman Dr. reported that on 02-17-2021 said that an unknown male entered their lot at approximately 2245 hours.  The owner of GP Customs said that the subject was in the lot until approximately 2252 hours.  In that short amount of time, the suspect removed glass roofing from a 2011 Jeep Rubicon and then leaves the lot with the glass roofing.  Can you help make this less of a “pane” for GP Customs?  If you know who did this, say it here!


Bang Up Job!

C0-011559                    Occurred: 02-06-2021

There was a hit and run that occurred at the U Stop, 3280 Superior St. on 2-6-2021 at approximately 1:15 in the afternoon.  The victim’s vehicle was backed into by a Mercedes C350 with stolen plates, 22-R114 on it.  The driver, pictured above refused to leave any contact information and fled in the vehicle with stolen plates on it.  Can you identify the driver?  If you can, say it here!

Gone and Back!

C1-012547                    Occurred: 02-09-2021

Can anyone identify this person in blue?  This person is suspected of stealing a Chevy Truck from the 4800 Block of Old Cheney at approximately 4:51 in the afternoon on 02-09-2021.  The truck is later found at the Sunset Inn on NW 12th in the parking lot unoccupied on 02-12-2021.  Mysteriously, another vehicle was stolen that same day from a nearby parking lot.  Know who this party is?  Want to make them feel blue? Say it here!

A Piece of the Pie!

C0-081428                    Occurred: 09-01-2020

Can anyone help us identify this person? This suspect was seen inside the Casey’s at 4411 North 27th  to take a piece of pizza and take it into the bathroom to eat.  After he was done eating,(yes, in the bathroom),  he was confronted by the Manager but ran out of the store after asking to pay later as he did not have his wallet with him.  Help us identify this person and say it here!

Winner – FENCE!

C0-106664              Occurred: 11-14-2020

Administrators at Lincoln High School, 2229 J, Street reported that this vehicle appeared to accelerate and run into a fence owned by the school.  This occurred on 11-14-2020 at approximately 12:06 am. We are wanting to identify the vehicle and the occupants in this incident!  If anyone can help identify this vehicle, say it here!

Credit Woes

LSO Case: C0005992                Occurred: 08-13-2020

The victim in this case found her debit card missing after shopping at HyVee.  Her bank called her and indicated that 4 charges had been made with her card.  Now we are looking for this subject as she is suspected of using the card to make the purchases.  If you know who this person is, say it here!

TV for the Taking!

C0-113230              Occurred: 12-09-2020

Can you help us identify this blurry individual?  He is a suspect in a burglary of storage units at Big Red Self Storage at 609 Van Dorn.  He was there around the time of 4:30 am to 6:30 am and left on a bicycle carrying a television.  Know who this is?  Say it here!


C1-011166              Occurred: 02-05-2021

This individual is suspected of assaulting a teen who was in the area of 10th Street, P to Q on 02-05-2021 at approximately 0730 to 0745 hours.  Is there anyone who might know who this suspect is?  If so, say it here!

Laundry Loss

C0-E00535              Occurred: 09-20-2020

A cart disappeared from the Indian Village Laundry and this individual was the last person in the store before the owner arrived.  We would like to talk to him about the missing laundry cart.  Can you help us identify him?  If so, say it here!

Questionable Shopping Skills

C0-085839              Occurred: 09-14-2020

This individual failed to pay for some items in her shopping cart and walked past the point of sale at Walmart.  She was confronted by Loss Prevention and returned the items and said she would wait for police.  However she changed her mind and left the store.  Can you help identify her?  If you can, say it here!

TV Thief

C0-085137            09-12-2020


Walmart at 2500 Jamie Lane said this suspect helped himself to 2 TV’s and a bluetooth speaker without paying for any of the electronics.  If you know who this please say it here!

Unique Markings!

C0-088422                Occurred:: 09-22-2020

This individual is suspected of using someone else’s credit card.  He is very unique and distinctive!  He attempted to use the credit card in Super C at 745 S. 21st.  If anyone knows who this person is, help us out and say it here!

Bad Karma!

C0-088322                Occurred: 09-21-2020

Help us identify these subjects!  They were having a night!  They ran from Kwik Shop at 3301 Holdrege and got into a stolen car….just as a UNL Police Officer was pulling in.  They ran from the car and got away.  Help us identify the pair!  If you know who they are, say it here!

Must Have Items!

C0-082865                Occurred: 09-05-2020

This subject entered Casey’s at 1001 S. 13th St. and did some shopping.  He selected a carton of cigarettes and ran out of the store before anyone could stop him.  Can you help us identify this person?  If so, say it here!

Don’t Get Hit!

C0-080215              Occurred: 08-14-2020 to 08-19-2020

Can you help us identify this person?  The victim reported that she had mailed a gift card to a relative who never received it.  The victim said that a Target in Omaha said that this person used the card on 8-19-2020.  If you know this person or know something about the case, say it here!

Clean Sweep!

These two suspects left Hy-Vee at 1601 North  84th with a car full of cleaning supplies and liquor without paying for all of it.  Can you help us identify the parties show above?  Hopefully, we can clean up this case.  If you have information as to who these two subjects might be, say it here!

Window Pain!

C0-093084                  Occurred: 10-06-2020

The victim saw this individual trespassing near his apartment building.  The suspect was told to leave the area, but took offense to that.  The suspect picked up a rock and threw it at the victim’s window, breaking it.  The suspect is a a male, approximately in his 40’s, wearing a light blue shirt, blue jeans and white shoes.  If you know this person, say it here!


C0-078915              Occurred: 08-26-2020

Were you near 1900 D Street on 8-26-2020 at about  2:10 am?  Can you help us find out who this person is?  He is a suspect of vandalism to a building’s sign and a car.  Help us see through the trees and identify this suspect!  If you have information, say it here!

Shades of Gray

C1-002702               Occurred:  01-10-2001

This subject gained entry into White Elm Brewing at 2717 S. 8th St.   We would really like to talk to him about the loss that the store has experienced.  So if you can help us provide some clarity to this case, say it here!