Lock Your Cars

C0-016119            Occurred: 2/22/20

The victim in this case reported her belongings stolen from her unlocked vehicle in the area of 5200 N 10th in Lincoln. Inside her missing backpack was her MacBook and other items totaling $1870 in loss. Her purse and wallet were among items taken. Unauthorized transactions occurred with her credit cards at stores along N 27th: Walmart, Sam’s Club, and three gas stations. The two males shown above were located on Walmart surveillance as possible suspects during the transaction that occurred there. Additionally, the GPS app the victim had installed on her computer tracked the MacBook back to the 3700 block of Grant Street in Omaha before the computer signal was lost.  If you know anything about this case or can assist in any way, be sure to say it here!

Theft & Fraud

C0-019104             Occurred: 3/2/20

The victim in this case was at Capital Athletic Club located at 330 West P, when his car was rummaged through. When the victim came back to his car, he noticed his credit cards were also taken. He called his banks to cancel them right away. Video from N 27th Walmart showed the male suspect, that is believed to be the same person who removed the credit card from the vehicle, then attempted to use the victim’s card for over $1000. If you know who this male suspect is, be sure to leave a tip: say it here!

Burglary on Belleville

C0-003906            1/14/20

A residence in the area of 20th/Superior was burglarized by these two suspects. They made off with about $5,000 worth of electronics and other items from inside the home. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Gotta Go

C0-010023            Occurred: 2/2/20

U-Stop on NW 12th near the airport pulled a customer aside as the $100 bill she provided to pay for her fountain drink was seemingly suspicious. When the police were called, she took off. Bystanders said she got into a silver pickup truck with dark tinted windows and left the scene. U-Stop provided video surveillance and they say the woman shown above is responsible for passing the bill. If you know who this suspect is, we’d like to talk to her about her funny money. Leave us a tip: say it here!

Fail to Scan

C0-020173              Occurred: 3/5/20


Walmart on N 27th reported a female came into the store and failed to scan the majority of her grocery items. She made her way to the exit where she was stopped by employees and they were able to recover the items. The female took off, and left behind items she DID pay for. Walmart provided surveillance of the above female suspect. Let us know who she is so we can get her paid items back to her! Leave us a tip: say it here!


C0-016518                Occurred: 2/23/20

Marcus Theaters, Joann Fabrics, and Tuesday Morning all reported a black female came into the store with counterfeit money. Two of the stores turned her purchase down and caught it, but one of them became a victim of the counterfeit money. Tuesday Morning provided video surveillance of the above female who they say is responsible for the transaction(s). If you know who she is, say it here!


C0-018030            Occurred: 2/28/20

Walgreens on 13th/O reported two men came in and stuffed their clothing with snacks and drinks. They provided surveillance footage of these two whom they believe to be responsible. If you recognize either of them, say it here!

UV Purple

C0-019497            Occurred: 3/3/20

Russ’s Market on 63rd/Havelock reported a male came in and left without paying for two bottle of alcohol. Employees chased him out of the store and were able to get the alcohol back (purple UV vodka & Jack Daniels), but we would like to talk to whomever this is. If you know his identity, be sure to say it here!

Bar Fight

B9-118525            Occurred: 12/22/19

A bar fight occurred downtown near 14th/O. By the end of it, one person was taken to the hospital with a dislocated shoulder and other injuries. The male in the white hoodie is the primary suspect, and he is seen leaving with the male in the gray hoodie. If you know who the suspect in white is, be sure to say it here!

E&J Brandy

C0-014557                    Occurred: 2/20/20


Walmart on Andermatt Drive reported a man came into the store and concealed two bottles of E&J Brandy in his jacket. A store employee caught him, and when confronted, he took off running. They provided video of this this male suspect. If you recognize him, be sure to say it here!


C0-017357            Occurred: 2/26/20

Target at 48th/O reported a man came in and tried to walk out with a Lego set under his arm, unpaid for. Upon reviewing surveillance they discovered he was also the suspect that had visited previously, went to the bathroom, and allegedly concealed items in his backpack. Video surveillance was provided and showed this male suspect. If you know who he is, be sure to say it here!


C0-018482          Occurred: 2/29/20

Security at Lincoln’s downtown Marriott was alerted to  a belated vandalism. While reviewing security footage, the male shown above who was not a customer at the hotel, is seen urinating on the wall inside. A glass window was also broken around this same time. If you know who this male suspect is, say it here!

Family Time

C0-016318            Occurred: 2/17/20

Target on 48th/O reported a woman came into the store with four minor children. The children loaded up a grocery cart full of merchandise, pushing it out of the store. The adult female followed. No items were paid for. If you know who this female suspect is they provided video footage of, say it here! 

Bare-naked Boots

C0-021067                  Occurred: 3-8-20


On Sunday, March 8th between 9:30 and 10:30 pm, LPD received several calls about an indecent exposure in the area Souththeast of 84th/Old Cheney.   They reported a white male in his 30’s to 40’s, with a larger belly. He was only wearing glasses and dark colored, military style boots.  He reportedly knocked on the glass windows of the victim’s residences, while fondling himself.    He left before officers arrived.  This bare-naked male in boots, was caught on multiple surveillance systems in the area.  If you have tip for this case, please Say it here!

Picky, Picky

B9-088296    Occurred: 9-15-19

These two males entered the Cracker Barrel by 27th/I-80. They were only in the store for 3 minutes and followed out an elderly man. One of the men quickly moved in front of the victim. He dropped his coat on the ground in front of the victim to stop him and distract him. Meanwhile the other male can be seen draping his jacket over his shoulder to conceal his hands as he removes the wallet from the victim’s back pocket.  These two males are very practiced in this. If you have any info on those two, Say it Here!

Joy Riding

C0-002688             Occurred: 1/10/20

The victim in this case had his 2008 silver Nissan Altima stolen from the apartment complex at 43rd and Cornhusker. The vehicle was recovered at 24th and B. Once recovered, a  receipt was located in the vehicle that led Lincoln Police to obtain video of a transaction that occurred at the 25th/O Burger King. Surveillance showed the silver Altima arrived, and this female got out of the passenger side and went inside to purchase food. She had a black bandana she was carrying with her. If you know she is, or the driver of the Altima, or anything about this case – say it here!

Shots Fired

B9-104668          Occurred: 11/6/19

A robbery occurred in the 1700 block of B Street. One of the male suspects fired a shot that hit a female in the chest. She survived, but the suspects are still at large. They were described as Hispanic males and may have been driving a white Honda Civic. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Better Check Yo’ Self

C0-012272              Occurred: 1/29/20


The victim in this case discovered he had four checks forged. One of the checks was forged at the Super Saver on N 27th/Cornhusker. Super Saver provided video surveillance of the transaction which showed this male and female as possible suspects. If you recognize either of them, make sure to say it here!


B9-120943              Occurred: 12/31/19


The Buckle located at Gateway Mall reported three women came into the store and shoplifted two bottles of cologne. They say the women had four small children with them, and one of the women appeared to be pregnant. The Buckle provided video surveillance of the above female suspects. If you recognize any of them, be sure to say it here!

1968 Pontiac GTO

C0-015129              Occurred: 2/19/20

A very expensive 1968 Pontiac GTO classic car went missing from a storage unit in Lincoln near 22nd and West O around 6am on this particular morning. Surveillance captured two male suspects believed to be responsible for this. The car was recovered, but damaged. We are looking to identify these two suspects and get to the bottom of this case. If you have any information that could help, here are some ways to leave a tip:

Say it Here!

Call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000

Call Lincoln Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600

*Your anonymous tip could be eligible for a cash reward!*

Four Way Stop

C0-016501               Occurred: 2/23/20

The female suspect shown above was reported to have stopped into four businesses all in a row, in an attempt to pass counterfeit bills. She was successful at 3 out of 4 stops. Businesses she hit included Joann’s, Tuesday Morning, Big Lots, and East Park Movie Theater. If you know who this female suspect is, be sure to help out and say it here!

Size: Extra Small

C0-016204           Occurred: 2/22/20

Walmart on N 27th began following a customer on camera because he was acting suspiciously. They observed him on camera to conceal baby clothes and baby shoes in his clothing. They provided video of the male shown above. If you know who he is, let us know and say it here!

Murphy’s Express Auto Theft

C0-014289             Occurred: 2/16/20

The victim in this case had her 2018 Kia Forte sedan (red) stolen from her while she was parked at the Murphy’s Express gas station at 3301 N. 85th. Murphy’s surveillance showed the suspect who took off in her vehicle arrived in an Infiniti sedan. In a unique turn of events, the victim spotted her own vehicle in the area of the Maple Grove trailer park near 1st and Cornhusker, and called police who then retrieved her vehicle. Turns out the Infiniti that the suspect was driving was also stolen. If you know anything about these two vehicles or the driver(s) of them, please help us out and say it here!


B9-119909              Occurred: 12/27/19


Walmart on N 27th reported a man came into the store, grabbed a pair of sweat pants, and took off running out the door. They provided video footage of this male suspect. If you know who he is, let us know and say it here!

$0 for $340

C0-011682            Occurred: 2/7/20

Walmart on Jamie Lane reported receiving counterfeit money from a customer. They provided video and upon review of the video, this female was developed as a suspect. If you know who she is, say it here!


C0-015325             Occurred: 2/17/20

The victim in this case reported he fell asleep at McDonald’s (875 N 27th) and when he woke up, his phone disappeared. McDonald’s provided surveillance which showed this person believed to be responsible for taking the phone. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Stolen Auto

C0-003283            Occurred: 1/12/20

A Mini Cooper went missing in the area of 42nd and L Street in Lincoln on this day. The white pickup truck shown arrived at the location of the Mini Cooper and we believe the person responsible for taking the Mini Cooper was dropped off in that white truck. It appears to be a white Chevy Silverado Z71, extended cab, with a hitch on the back. If you have seen this truck around, or know anything about this stolen vehicle, let us know and say it here!

Fake Bills

B9-106079            Occurred: 11/9/19

Starbucks inside the N. 27th Hyvee reported a man came in and passed a counterfeit $50 bill. They provided surveillance of this male suspect. Check out that tattoo on his right hand, it appears to be a Nike swoosh. He also has sleeve tattoos on both arms, and was driving a silver Toyota Corolla. If you know who this suspect is, let us know and say it here!

Animal Print Head Scarf

C0-010202            Occurred: 2/3/20


Von Maur at South Pointe Mall reported a woman came into the store and allegedly shoplifted a pair of pink Ugg slipppers. They provided video surveillance of this female suspect. She was wearing an animal print head scarf, and a pink/purple Nike jacket. Do you recognize her? If so, say it here!

Yellow is for Safety

C0-006260              Occurred: 1/22/20

The victim in this case was dropping her kids off at daycare when her backpack and purse were stolen from her vehicle. Her credit cards were then used at various Walmart and Hyvee locations around Lincoln. Video surveillance was obtained and showed three black males responsible for the transactions. Two of them were wearing neon yellow safety vests. If you know any of these suspects, help us out and say it here!