Chicken Nugget-napper

B9-065820     Occurred: 7/18/19

A neighboring business to Buzzard Billy’s in the Haymarket found a bag of chicken nuggets in their bathroom. They notified Buzzard Billy’s, and upon review of the surveillance footage, found this man taking two bags of chicken nuggets from Buzzard Billy’s freezer. If you recognize him, leave a tip here!

Shopping Spree

B8-099865     Occurred: 10/5-10/24, 2018

In Lincoln, a big retailer had their store credit card stolen. It was then used in Omaha by the man shown above. It was reported he racked up over $400 in charges on the card. If you recognize him, leave a tip here!


B9-024684     Occurred: 3-22-19

EZ-Go gas station on 25th and O reported an alcohol shoplifting from their store. They provided this surveillance video that shows the suspects. If you know who they are, please drop a tip here!

Wine Not

B9-057677     Occurred: 6-27-19

These two were seen on surveillance footage at Walgreens, 13th and O, shoplifting bottles of alcohol. If you recognize them, please leave a tip here!

Nail Fail

B9-056024     Occurred: 6-22-19

Employees at LV Nails and Spa, 27th and Cornhusker, reported three females came into the spa. Two of them got their nails done, but only one of them paid. The girl seen above said she was going to the car (a burgundy Scion xB, no plates) to get her payment, but never came back into the store. If you recognize her, please leave a tip here!


B9-060639     7/5/19

This duo was seen at Gateway Mall loading up on Nike gear. The female concealed it in a bag over her shoulder while the male exited the store with the baby in the stroller. A store employee stopped the female, and she was cooperative with him, but then the male came back around and encouraged the female to take off. We are wondering who these two are. She has a tattoo on her left bicep. If you recognize either one of them, you can let us know by clicking here.

Shot Dog

B9-066330     Occurred: 7-21-19

The victim reported seeing 6-8 males around his residence on his surveillance system. He went outside with his two dogs and the dogs chased off the men, but one of the men stopped and shot at one of the dogs. The men left the area of 24th/W st. The dog was found to have a bullet wound. It was treated and is recovering. If you have info on these men or about this incident, please contact us.



B9-059675     7-3-19

Kwik Shop on 56th and Holdrege reported this woman came in shortly after 5am during non-alcohol sales hours and began asking questions about some alcohol she had brought up to the checkout. When the cashier informed her she could not sell it to her before 6am, she walked out of the store with the bottles anyways. The cashier and another person followed her and she began running from them. She fell and the bottles of alcohol shattered. She got up and jumped into a small blue SUV. We’d like to figure out who she is. If you have any information that could help us, please click here.

Rogue Refund

B9-036917     4-26-19

A report was made to LPD that a vehicle was broken into. Taken from the vehicle was an easel and packages of under cabinet lighting. The lighting still had the receipt with it. This man was seen on surveillance at Home Depot returning the lighting. The store credited the victim’s credit card so he didn’t get anything, but we’d like to know where that easel went and talk to this person. If you know who he is, let us know here!

Peso Pickup

B9-061721       7-8-19


A customer at the 40th/Yankee Hill Target store reported she lost her wallet some time while shopping. When store employees reviewed surveillance video, they located the man above in the black hat picking up her wallet from the ground after she dropped it. He then takes the wallet into the bathroom, empties the money out of it, and throws the wallet into the trash can. If you recognize him or his associate, please let us know here!

Abandoning Alcohol

B9-064975     7-17-19


Russ’s Market at 33rd and Highway 2 reported an alcohol shoplift. These two went into the store, and at least one of them is seen shoving a bottle of alcohol in her shorts. Store employees noticed, followed her out, and confronted her. She left the bottle of alcohol behind but took off before she could be talked to. They both left in a silver Ford station wagon with in-transits. The driver was a light skinned black male with small dreadlocks. If you recognize either one of them, let us know here!

Mace Chase

B9-063463     7-13-19

At Target on 48th and O, a group of 6 females entered the store. One of them was ID’d as someone who has previously shoplifted from this same location, so the Loss Prevention employee began watching the group on store cameras. The female seen in all dark clothing selects a purse, puts it on her shoulder, and begins to walk out of the store without paying for it. The employee followed her out of the store at which time she began yelling curse words at him and threatened to mace him. If you know who ANY of these girls are, we would like to know their names too. You can leave a tip here!

Double Trouble

B9-053091     6-14-19


Kwik Shop employees at N. 27th and W reported a known shoplifter came into their store. When he was asked to leave, he caused some difficulties before doing so. The person he was with, seen above, shoplifted some items on his way out. We’d like to know who he is. If you can help, do so here!

Could have foiled me…

B9-056066     6-22-19

Russ’s Market on Coddington and West A reported a shoplift. This person was seen on surveillance walking out with foil, granola bars, and other various items without paying for them. If you recognize this person, please let us know here!

Hammer Time

B9-053753     6-16-19

This man went into the Kwik Shop on 56th and South and caused a ruckus. Store employees said he was acting weird when he left, and then came back later with a hammer and placed it against the glass window, before leaving again. The first time it was reported he left in an unknown vehicle, and the 2nd time he left on a bike. If you know who the hammer-wielding guy is, please let us know here!

One Fish, Two Fish. Red Fish, Blue Fish.

B9-040147     5-7-19

Dollar General on 68th and P Street reported a shoplift. The suspect in the red and the suspect in the blue entered into the store and loaded up a shopping basket. They reportedly stole the shopping basket too! They left in a lighter colored Kia. If you know who these two are, please leave a tip here!

Wheely Stealy

19002261     7/8/2019

UNL Police Department reported a bike theft occurring near Jorgensen Hall on 16th and Vine. Surveillance video captured this person cutting the lock off and riding away on the bike. If you know who is he, please let us know here!

Princess Jasmine

B9-039674     5-6-19

Lincoln Police Department has been conducting an ongoing investigation of an assault that occurred back in May near the 1600 block of E Street. We are looking for the man shown above wearing a Princess Jasmine t-shirt. If you know who he is, please leave a tip here!

Parking Lot Perplexity

B9-062953     7-12-19

Staff at Park & Go on 11th and L noticed some strange behavior from this man as he was hiding in front of a vehicle parked in their garage. By the time the staff member swung around to make contact with the man, he was already gone. The vehicle he was hiding next to had a window broken out. If you know who this person is, let us know here so we can talk to him. 


B9-064051     7-14-19

This silver Chevy Trailblazer pulled into Super C located at S. 10th/High Street and the driver filled up on gas without paying. The license plates read 206BU, they are a specialty plate for breast cancer. When we ran them, we found out they are also stolen (GASP!) If you know who this guy is, driving around a Trailblazer with at least one black wheel, let us know here!

Check-Writing Culprit

B9-059448     6-22-19

This man was seen on more than one occasion using stolen checks at HyVee on N 27th Street. On one occasion, he had the female with him. On two occasions he purchased over $150 of alcohol. If you know who he is, or his associate, we’d like to know too! Leave us a tip here. 

Door Dash

B9-062439     7-10-19

Dillard’s at Gateway Mall reported this man was in their store, selected a shirt, and ran out the doors without paying for it. From the video, it appeared he *may* have a number of tattoos on his arms, and maybe one on his neck too. If you know who he is, let us know here!

Vans Hands

B9-063080     7-11-19

This guy went into Scheel’s at SouthPointe Pavilions and grabbed a fresh pair of Vans off the shelf. He then took them into the bathroom, and swapped out his old Vans leaving them behind. He left the store without paying for the new shoes. If you know this guy with a fresh pair of black Vans, tell us about it here!

Bold (and cold!)

B9-060983     7-5-19

These three were spotted at Walmart on S. 27th and Jamie Lane in the minivan shown. They went into the store and loaded up on freezer items, stuffing them into freezer bags before leaving without paying. If you know who they are, please tell us here!


B9-059174     7-1-19

Walmart on N 27th caught some footage of this dark colored SUV in their parking lot hit a motorcycle and drive off. If you know who the driver of the SUV may have been, please let us know here!

Dressy Disaster

B9-059091     7-1-19

This woman was caught by JCPenney’s loss prevention team stuffing dresses into her purse. She passed all points of sale and didn’t pay for any of them. We’d like her to pay for all of them, and the consequences of her actions too. If you know who she is, let us know here!

Bicycling Bandit

B9-054865     6-18-19

This woman seen here went into Menards on N. 27th on a rainy day with a plastic bag draped over her head. We’re unclear if she took the tablet or wireless speaker that was reported stolen during this time frame, but we do know she grabbed a soda from the cooler on her way out and certainly didn’t pay for that. She left with this man who was waiting outside with their bicycles. If you know either of them, we have some questions and would like to speak with them. You can tell us who they are here!


B9-044791     5-20-19

This man was caught on surveillance camera using a stolen credit card at U-Stop, 610 S. 10th Street. If you know who he is, we’d like to know his name so we can talk to him. Let us know here!

Red, White, and Who?

B9-060323   DATE  7-3-19

TARGET on N.48 showed this guy in the video walk in and grab 2 bottles of Barton’s vodka, then walk out of the store without paying for them.  If you know he is, leave a tip here!

What the Pug?

B9-056868   DATE  6-25-19

KWIK SHOP at 44/Cornhusker reported this guy came into the store and grabbed a bottle of water which he stuffed down his shorts.  He then picked up 2 pair of PUG sunglasses and went into the bathroom.  When he came out, he left the store without paying for anything.  If you know him, leave a tip here!