Chevy Impala, Leg Tattoos, and Shoes

C0-064701              Occurred: 7/16/20

Scheel’s on Pine Lake provided the images above. They reported the male in the black hoodie came in with the two others and grabbed a box of shoes. He began to walk out of the store with them and was confronted by store security, at which time he ran off with the shoes and got into the white Chevy Impala. If you know the identify of any of these folks, do us a favor: say it here!

No Luck

C0-055703                Occurred: 6/19-6/22

Over the weekend, a locked storage unit in the parking lot of Lincoln Southwest High School was damaged as if someone was trying to gain entry into it. Thankfully there was no loss, but the driver of this vehicle shown above is wanted in regards to questioning. If you know anything about this case, say it here!


C0-057723            Occurred: 6/27/20

The victim in this case reports he was stabbed in the abdomen by an unknown male at his house near 11th & G Street. The victim described the suspect. Nearby cameras were searched and video footage from a business showed this potential male suspect, who matched the description, leaving the scene at the time of the incident. We would like to identify him. If you know who this male suspect is, help us out and say it here!

Fight Night

C0-054948              Occurred: 6/19/20

EZ Go gas station on 25th and O became the scene of multiple assaults this particular evening. Many people have already been identified, but we are looking to identify these two males shown on camera assaulting a female. If you know the identity of either of them, say it here!

Shopping Spree

C0-055842              Occurred: 6/20/20

The victim in this case had her credit cards stolen from her wallet at some point. She was later notified that her cards had been used for a total of over $5,000 at various retailers in Lincoln, Gretna, and Bellevue. Phone Fix USA, 38th & South, provided the images above of the suspect they believe to be responsible for the transaction that occurred there. If you know anything about this case or who this suspect may be, help us out and say it here!

Hang Up

C0-052436               Occurred: 6/11/20

Hangers Cleaners on 21st and G reported a theft from the business overnight. Upon review of surveillance, a suspect is seen removing items from the building and loading them into a SUV, possibly a Nissan Murano. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Missing Wallet

C0-049919             Occurred: 6/4/20

The victim in this case noticed she forgot her wallet in the shopping cart at Super Saver, 27th & Cornhusker. She went back for it and it was gone. Super Saver reviewed video footage and it showed the man above removing the wallet from the cart. He arrived to the store in a red colored minivan with a child. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!


C0-056447              Occurred: 6/24/20

Ace Hardware on 40th/Old Cheney captured this suspect on camera running out with two chainsaws valued at a combined $1800. A store employee chased him out of the store as he jumped into a blue Chrysler 300 and they sped off. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Lit Fuse

C0-060618            Occurred: 7/5/20

In the early morning hours of July 5th, two vehicles were spotted due to suspicious activity in the parking lot of Highland View Apartments at N. 1st and Superior. The witness watched as a firework was placed into a vehicle and exploded. The cars drove off and out of the parking lot quickly. They appeared to be an Acura TL and a Toyota Camry. If you know anything about this case, please say it here!

Cause Baby You’re a Firework

C0-060220             Occurred: 7/4/20

In the area of 34th and P, a red Saturn sedan had a firework dropped into it lit on fire, setting the car ablaze. Three suspects were seen on camera running from the car, but we were not able to capture a good image of them. If you know anything about this case, make sure to help out and say it here!

In & Out

C0-049010              Occurred: 6/2/20

Gamers on 27th/Superior was burglarized in the early morning hours on June 2nd. They provided video which shows one suspect breaking in, grabbing items, handing them over to a suspect waiting outside, and then grabbing more items before taking off. Gamers provided this image of the suspect that entered into the store. If you know anything about this case, make sure to say it here!

Bus Stop

C0-056213            Occurred: 6/23/20

The victim reported she was downtown at the Gold’s bus stop when she was assaulted by an unknown male. Star Tran provided video of the male suspect, shown above, who reportedly got off a bus and was captured on camera previous to the alleged assault. If you know who this male suspect is, say it here!

Game Day

C0-051577                 Occurred: 6/6/20

Finish Line in Gateway Mall became the victim of a $2000 shoplifting spree when the woman shown in the white shirt above orchestrated a game plan of loading up bags while employees were not looking. Finish Line provided the footage which also showed two other adult females, three females approximately age 8-11 years old, and a baby being pushed in a stroller. If you know the identity of any of them, help us out and say it here!

Fraud Alert!

C0-056239             Occurred: 6/23/20

Russ’s Market on South 33rd and Highway 2 became the victim of a fraudulent transaction and the suspects made off with approximately $1,800. The footage shown above was provided and these two male suspects have been developed. If you know who either of them are, say it here!

Breakin’ In

C0-039487             Occurred: 5/6/20

Officers were dispatched to an alarm at the Wah Wah Asian Market (501 West A Street). When they arrived, they found a damaged back door. The business had been rummaged through and cash taken. Video surveillance from a neighboring business showed these two as suspects. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Lincoln to Grand Island

C0-063116            Occurred: 7/10/20

The victim in this case reported receiving an alert from his credit card company that his card was used in the middle of the night in Grand Island for over $400. Upon review of home surveillance, this suspect is seen taking the credit card from the victims truck in Lincoln. If you know who this suspect is, help us out and say it here!

On the Prowl

C0-053127             Occurred: 6/14/20

A resident in the area of 55th/Adams reported seeing someone dressed in all black looking into the windows of her house. She provided LPD with video surveillance which shows the above female suspect, dressed in all black with purple gloves. If you know anything about this or know the identity of this suspect, help us out and say it here!

Two for Two

C0-017200            Occurred: 2/16/2020

Two cars that went missing, two female suspects developed – that is where this investigation leaves us. If you know who either of these females are, please help us identify them. They are the suspects of two stolen vehicles (2012 Chevy Sonic, 2003 Toyota Camry) and at least one led us to these images on surveillance from The Latitude apartment building on 11th and M. If you can help, say it here!

Kick Flip

C0-047143            Occurred: 5/28/20

A business in the area of South 84th and Pine Lake caught a skateboarding visitor on camera this night. The suspect is seen on camera taking weights from the building. If you know who this skateboarding suspect is, say it here!


C0-047609          Occurred: 5/29/20


The victim in this case reported he had an encounter with a man at A’s Stop and Shop near N. 27th and Orchard. He reported the man made racial comments at him, threatened to assault him, and eventually followed him into AAA Pawn nearby where this video above was captured of the suspect. If you know who this male suspect is, say it here!

Going Rogue

C0-031838              Occurred: 4/12/20

The victim in this case had her vehicle (2011 Nissan Rogue, black) stolen from the area of 9th & F. It was later spotted in the McDonald’s drive-thru near 48th & R. There was a white male driving the vehicle with tattoos on his right arm. If you know who this male suspect is, help us out and say it here!

Alert: Alcohol Alarm

C0-048602               Occurred: 5/31/2020

Russ’s Market on Coddington and West A was alerted to an alarm in the alcohol section. Surveillance captured the individuals above. One of them smashed in the window, then all three ran in and stole items from the store. If you know anything about this case or who these suspects might be, say it here!

Red, White, and Blue Infiniti G35

C0-043252            Occurred: 5/17/20

A call was made to Lincoln Police Department that the driver of a blue Infiniti G35 allegedly hit a parked trailer near 22nd/Holdrege. Officers were dispatched to the area of 22nd/Y to look for the suspect that reportedly drove off. The vehicle was located in a lot, and the male shown above was the occupant of the vehicle. He took off running. We are looking to identify him in connection to the accident. If you know who this male suspect is, say it here!

The Daily Riot, Part 13

Case # C0-048323

During the riot on May 30th, video captured this male entering a business that was burglarized.  Then surveillance video showed the same male throwing a lit firework into the building occupied by other individuals.   

If you have any information, you can leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers here.

If you have information and wish to speak with an officer, please call Sergeant Vigil at 402-441-7215.

If you have video clips that you are willing to share, please upload them HERE.

Please contact the Lincoln Police Department if you or someone you know were the victim of a crime during the recent demonstrations in Lincoln. After reviewing video footage, we are attempting to identify anyone who was assaulted or had property damaged by the small group of individuals who assaulted or threatened demonstrators, damaged property, and started fires. It’s not too late to make a report.


C0-051331          Occurred: 6/8/20

Super Saver on 48th/O reported a man came into the store and concealed some personal hygiene items in his pants. An employee attempted to stop him but he walked away with the items. A female the man arrived with was contacted and said she simply gave the man a ride, and didn’t know his name other than “Martin”. Super Saver provided video surveillance of the suspect, “Martin”, as shown above. If you know the identity of this male suspect, please say it here!

Shop Till You Drop

C0-037556            Occurred: 4/30/20

Gen X Clothing on 48th/O reported two males came into the store, loaded up on clothing, and attempted to exit the store without paying. They were blocked at the entrance by an observant employee, at which time the suspects dropped the clothing and took off in a black SUV with no plates. If you know who either of these suspects are, say it here!

Blue Hair, Don’t Care

C0-051154          Occurred: 6/8/20

Russ’s Market on 17th/Washington reported a woman with blue hair came into the store and concealed ribeye steaks, bacon, and a pregnancy test in her purse. She was confronted at the main door at which time she gave some items back and took off running. She left in a white Kia Soul. Russ’s provided the surveillance as shown above of the female suspect. If you know who she is, say it here!

Fast Move at Fast Mart

C0-055445            Occurred: 6/21/20

The owner of Fast Mart gas station on 33rd/A called to report someone had taken tools from a construction area overnight. A review of surveillance showed this male suspect. If you know who he is, say it here!


C0-E00241                  Occurred: 5/29/20

The car above was seen driving by on video.  Then a short time later, the male walked over to a scooter in the driveway of a residence near 40th/Old Cheney.   He climbed on and stole the scooter.   If you know anything about this case, say it here!

$300 and a Gun

LSO Case # C0004482                                   Occurred: 6/23/20

The victim in this case reported in the 14000 block of Paris Street in Waverly, Nebraska –  someone entered into his garage that was left open and removed items from his vehicle overnight. Those items included $300 cash and a black hand gun. Neighborhood cameras caught the above suspects on home security systems attempting to get into vehicles that same night. If you know who either of these suspects are, or anything about this case, say it here!