Party Crasher

B9-059040   DATE  7-1-19


Victim reported that his delivered package was stolen off of his front porch by this female from his door camera.  She took off with his son’s birthday presents which were some zombie targets, nerf guns, and shooting targets.  If you know this party crasher, leave a tip here!

Purple Peril

B9-055254     6-20-19

Video surveillance captured this man riding around behind Russ’s Market on Coddington and West A on a purple BMX bike. Just a short bit later, a 7-year-old that was walking in the area went home crying and reported to her mom that this man yelled threats at her. The mom went back to confront the man, and he yelled threats at the mom too, then took off. We’re looking for a man described as 5’7″, in his 30’s, with shaggy blonde hair. He was riding a purple BMX with black pegs. If you know who this could be, leave us a tip here!

Just checking…

B9-058938     7-1-19

Two “good samaritans” were seen on video surveillance checking vehicle door handles to make sure the citizens of Lincoln were locking their vehicles up at night! Good for them, right!? Wrong. They were actually checking door handles to see what they could get their hands on. This case is related to multiple other cases in the 1900 block of Kennedy Drive in the Autumn Wood neighborhood.  The second person was wearing dark clothing and we couldn’t capture a good image. If you know who they might be, let us know here!

These two are also providing a good reminder to the citizens of Lincoln to make sure you are securing your belongings and locking your vehicle at night! 

Phone Snatcher

B9-050698     6-6-19



A police report was made to Lincoln Police Department that this man, seen here, entered into a residence and stole a cell phone right out of the victim’s hands. Do you know who he is? Tell us here!

Just (Don’t) Do It

B9-045381     5-13-19

These two (one in dark pants, one in light pants) were seen inside JCPenney’s at Gateway Mall loading up bags of Nike apparel. They ran out of the store with the unpaid-for apparel, and jumped into a red SUV. If you know who they are, let us know here!

Two-Wheeled Thief

B9-052523     6-12-19

This man rode his bicycle to CVS on 15th and South. He went into the store and stuffed a bottle of liquor down his pants, before taking off on two wheels. If you know who he is, leave us a tip here!


Dutch Diversion

B9-052548     6-12-19

This man went into Hadgi Smoke Shop on 12th and Belmont and requested the cashier sell some Dutch brand cigars to him. She grabbed the packages of cigars and placed them on the counter. He then diverted her attention by asking her for a lighter, and when she turned around to grab one, he swiped the cigars and ran off without paying. If you know who he is, leave us a tip here!


B9-057052   6-25-19

Super Saver on 56th and Highway 2 reported a shoplift. They said this guy came in and quickly whisked himself out of the store with a bottle of whiskey. If you know who this person is, please leave a tip here!

Honey, no.

B9-058142     6-28-19


This woman walked into the Kwik Shop at 5900 Fremont and helped herself to a candy bar and bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey. She left without paying. If you know who she is, please let us know here!


B9-058554     DATE 6/30/19


SUPER C on 21st/G Street reported a shoplift and provided video footage of this man. He comes into the store, stuffs a bag of Reese’s  in his pocket, then attempts to purchase a drink. He didn’t have enough money so the cashier was kind and paid for the rest of his drink. He then left without paying for the Reese’s. If you have an ID on this man, leave us a tip here!

Sobe Thirsty

B9-058810    DATE  6-30-19

Suspect Identified!

RUSS’S MARKET at 17/Washington reported a shoplift of Sobe strawberry drink and showed video of this female.  She grabbed the bottle of Sobe then took a drink out of it, then passed it to her child to drink from it.  She then made a purchase, however, left the Sobe on a cooler without paying for it.  If you know her, leave a tip here!

Hard Knocks

B9-054946    DATE  6-18-19

SUPER SAVER on N.48 reported these two guys came into the store and grabbed 4 packs of Mikes Hard alcohol, then walked out without paying.  If you know who they are, leave a tip here!

Sailor Jerry

B9-055835    DATE  6-22-19

KWIK SHOP on N.48 reported  shoplift of 2 bottles of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and showed this female in the video.  She walked in and grabbed the rum and concealed them inside of her jacket.  She bought a burrito, but never paid for the rum.  If you know her, leave a tip here!

Trek Theft

B9-057199   DATE  6-24-19

Victim reported that his Trek mountain bike was locked up in the parking garage at Assurity Life located at 20/Q.  Video showed this guy enter the garage and use bolt cutters to cut the lock, then he rode away on the bike.  If you know him, leave a tip here!

Slippery Swipe

B9-054843   DATE  6-19-19


WALMART on N.27 reported a fraud and showed this female in the video.  She had a tag for men’s slippers in her hand and bought a pair of boot suing the men’s slippers tag.  She went with loss prevention and turned over the tag and boots, but left before the police came.  If you know her, leave a tip here!

Front Seat

B9-036420    DATE  4-26-19

Victim’s unlocked vehicle was entered and her purse with her debit card was stolen from her front seat and later used at WALMART.  Video showed this guy using her card.  If you know him, leave a tip here!


Not Your Car Dude!

B9-057313    DATE  6-26-19

Victim reported she walked out of the mall and saw this guy described as an Asian male, 50 years old, inside of her unlocked car taking her things.  She confronted him and asked him what he was doing and he told the victim, “This is my car”.   The victim argued that it wasn’t and he walked away.  If you know who he is, leave a tip here!

Retirement Fund??

WALGREEN’S at 27/Vine reported a fraud and showed these two females in the video.  The female in the black t-shirt grabbed some toilet paper then went to purchase ans also asked for a $500 reload credit card.  She then scanned the card, which put the cash on the card.  When she was asked to pay for it, she told the clerk, “take it out of my Walgreen’s retirement fund”, and left without paying for it.  She also left the toilet paper behind.  They both left in a white vehicle.  If you know them, leave a tip here!

Marine Battery

B9-056952    DATE  6-23-19

SEBEK LIGHTING AND ELECTRONICS reported a theft of a super start deep cycle marine battery and showed video of this guy taking it.  He arrived in a white Ford pickup and took the battery from outside of the building during the day.  If you know him, leave a tip here!

Won’t Stop

B9-056869    DATE  6-22-19

HY-VEE on N.27 reported that these guys came into the store and pulled a quick change scam again.  The guy with the grey beard paid for a small purchase with a $20 bill, then argued with the clerk that he gave more.  He got the clerk to be come flustered, and got more money than he was supposed to.  His buddy was with his again also.  Who are they?  Leave a tip here!

Wigged Out

B9-055932    DATE  6-22-19

IT COMPUTERS located at 115 S. 66 reported a computer theft and showed this guy.  He walked into the store wearing a gray wig, then after browsing for a few minutes, he grabbed 2 laptop computers and ran out of the door without paying.  If you know who he is, leave a tip here!

Pry Try

B9-046403   DATE  5-25-19

Victim reported that after she finished her workout at Planet Fitness on Folkways, she found her car window shattered and pry marks on her door.  Her purse, Xanax, and other items were stolen from her car.  Video showed this person in the video. If you know who they are, leave a tip here!

Night Hunt

B9-049003   DATE  6-2-19

Victim reported that while she was working at COUNTRY INN & SUITES  at 1301 W. Bond, her purse was stolen from behind the front desk.  There was also cash taken from the register and a laptop.  Video showed this guy enter the parking lot in a silver vehicle, and try to get into vehicles before coming inside of the hotel and jumping the front desk to take her purse.  If you know  him, leave a tip here!

Taking Donations

B9-054152   DATE  6-14-19

ST. THOMAS AQUINAS CHURCH reported a theft and showed video to police of this guy.  He came into the church and tried to take the money from the donation box.  He didn’t get any cash, but he caused damage to the donation box.  If you know him, leave a tip here!


B9-055938    DATE  6-22-19

GUERREROS MARKET reported a shoplift of Tamales and showed a video of this vehicle.  The vehicle backed into the rear parking lot and a black male exited and took tamales out of a van that an employee had been unloading. The male put them inside of the car and got into the passenger side of the car and left.  If you know who this is, leave a tip here !

Backpack Backpack

B9-050496   DATE  6-5-19

WALMART on N.27 reported a shoplift and showed this guy in the video to police.  He walked into the store picked up a backpack which he put over his shoulder and walked out without paying for it. He left in a red Ford F150 pickup.  If you know him, leave a tip here. 

Sunglasses at Night

B9-057359    DATE  6-26-19

Victim reported that their vehicle was unlocked and entered by these two people who took a pair of sunglasses and earbuds.  If you know who they are, leave a tip here!

Cash Stash

B9-055193    DATE  6-17-19

SHOEMAKERS on West O reported a fraud and showed this couple in the video.  The female described as 50-60 yrs old, played and cashed out from the Skill Games machines, then left the store.  She comes back later and cashes out and plays again.  She then cashed out again, but used the copy of the first receipt to get cash. If you know them, leave a tip here!


B9-043105   DATE  5-16-19

Victim reported that while shopping at HY-VEE on O st her wallet was taken from her purse.  She received a notification on her phone that her card was being used at TARGET who showed video of this couple using the victim’s card to attempt and buy gift cards and make purchases. The female is seen wearing a floppy sun hat.  If you know them, leave a tip here!

Autographics Burglary

B9-055463    DATE  6-21-19

AUTOGRAPHICS reported they found the over head door to a shed that had been backed into, which caused over $3000 in damages.  Video showed this pickup truck with a metal rack on the back pull into the business.  The driver shut off the lights then got out and walked around with a flashlight.  The driver then backed into the door a second time before leaving.  If you know who this is, leave a tip here!