Blink of an Eye

C0-082426             Occurred: 9/4/20

On Friday, September 4th around 5:00pm, the victim in this case pulled his car (2002 red Ford Focus wagon) into an alley near 11th/A to unload some work supplies. He was inside the shop for just minutes, when a man and woman on bike and foot, walked up to his car and drive off in it. The male is seen as the getaway driver while the female accompanies him in the passenger side of the vehicle. A broadcast was put out for the vehicle. One report came in of the vehicle being responsible for a road rage incident that same night from I-180 into downtown Lincoln. The vehicle continued to remain missing until 6 days after it was taken. It was located on September 10th near 12th and E Street. We are still looking to identify the suspects responsible for taking it.  

If you have any information that could help, here’s how you can contact us:

Lincoln Police Department, 402-441-6000

Lincoln Crime Stoppers, 402-475-3600