Bike Path Bonanza

C3-006867        Occurred: 01/26/23


Inspirmedia Productions, a media production company located near 66th and O Street, had a trailer full of gear stolen from their parking lot in the early morning hours of Thursday, January 26th. The suspect utilized the Mopac Bike Trail and drove over it with what appeared to be an older Chevy pickup truck to load up the trailer. The suspect then drove the trailer back over the bike path and left with it. Inside the trailer was a crane camera valued at almost $30,000. There were also other camera items in the trailer valued at over $14,000. The trailer itself was valued at over $12,000 for a total loss of over $55,000. An LPD officer was able to recover the trailer near 23rd and Sumner however it was empty and all of the camera gear was gone. We’ve posted an image of what the truck might look like. It appears to have darker wheels. If anybody knows anything about this case, say it here!