Fraud Alert

B9-079256     Occurred: 8/26/19

The victim in this case had his wallet stolen from his vehicle. His bank called him to alert him that someone tried to use his card at Casey’s gas station near 17th and Washington. Surveillance showed this man may be responsible for the fraudulent transaction. If you know who he is, you can leave a tip here!


B9-074499     Occurred: 8/13/19

Super C on 33rd and Sheridan reported a black Chevy Silverado left without paying for gas. The person above was the passenger in the truck. He exited the vehicle, put gas in it, then entered the vehicle and it drove off. We ran the plates but they appear to be invalid. If you recognize this person, or that truck, leave a tip here!

Shot Put

B9-069498     Occurred: 7/30/19

These three were caught on surveillance at an airport motel that is under renovation. At least one of them was seen launching large objects into a glass door, shattering it. They were reported to have possible drove off in a burgundy Mazda. If you know anything about this case, click here to leave a tip. 

Bike Ride

B9-074219     Occurred: 8/12/19

The suspect in this case entered Walmart on 87th and Hwy 2. He proceeded to the back of the store where he selected a $200 bike, walked it to the front of the store, then jumped on it and rode away on it. If you recognize him, leave a tip here. 

Trek Theft

B9-072044     Occurred:  8/6/19

The victim in this case reported she parked her black and white Trek bike outside of the Matt Talbot Kitchen on this day. The suspect, shown above, was seen getting on her bike and leaving with it. If you recognize him or have any information on this case, you can leave a tip here!

Aye Aye, Captain!

B9-070263     Occurred: 8/1/19

Video surveillance at the 14th and Adams Kwik Shop shows this young man grabbing two gallons of Captain Morgan and walking right out of the store. If you recognize him or have any information on this case, you can leave a tip here. 

Cart Dart

B9-073183     Occurred: 8/9/19

Walmart at S. 87th and Hwy 2 reported a shoplift. Review of surveillance showed this man loading up a cart with expensive Dyson vacuums. He scopes out both exits before finding a getaway path and makes off with over $900 worth of merchandise. He has some distinct tattoos as noted, and left in a dark colored hatchback vehicle. If you recognize him and can help us solve this case, leave your tip here!

$5 for $200

B9-072948     Occurred: 8/8/19

This person was seen rummaging through vehicles near 19th and J Street. He was described as a younger black male with short hair. He located a bag of change worth about $5 and took it from the first vehicle, but left it behind at the second vehicle when he located a larger amount of $200 cash. If you know anything about this case, you can leave a tip here. 

Beer Me

B9-059243     Occurred: 7/2/19

These three walked into the Pump and Pantry at 345 West O Street. The two females went to the front counter, while the male went to the beer cooler and was reported to have walked out without paying for some beer. If you recognize any of them, we’d like to talk to them. You can leave information here.

Hurricane ‘Jane’

B9-072568     Occurred: 8/7/19


We are seeking to identify this ‘Jane Doe’. She shoplifted a can of Hurricane malt liquor from the Russ’s Market at 17th and Washington. She left in a vehicle with Texas plates. If you know who ‘Jane’ might be, leave us a tip here!

Disappearing Act

B9-069150     Occurred: 7/15/19


Super Saver at 48th and O Street reported a disappearing bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 alcohol.  Upon review of store surveillance, this woman was seen taking the bottle from the spirits section of the store, opening a door in the freezer aisle out of camera view and shuffling around,  then closing the freezer door and *POOF* the alcohol was no longer in her hand. If you know who she is, leave us a tip here!

Lemon Drop

B9-065545     Occurred: 7/19/19

Super Saver at 27th and Cornhusker reported a shoplift. This person was caught on store surveillance shoplifting a Bang energy drink, a bottle of Evian water, and two lemons. Loss Prevention followed him out of the store, where the lemons were dropped in the parking lot, and the suspect then took off running, eventually dropping the other items too. If you can help us identify this person, please leave a tip here!


Trailer Failure

B9-054832     Occurred: 6/12/19

Big Country Welding near Sun Valley Blvd. and West O Street reported this truck came into their lot, attempted to steal a trailer, but failed and hit two cars in their parking lot instead. The truck has some visible damage to the driver side. If you recognize this vehicle or have any information on this case, you can leave a tip here. 


Wine Not

B9-066760     Occurred: 7/23/19

A customer at Walgreens on 13th and O reported a witnessed shoplift. Security footage was reviewed and this man was seen concealing two bottles of wine under his coat. If you know who he is you can contact Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000 or click here!

Pry Me

B8-082846     Occurred: 9/6/18

Menards on N. 27th Street had a customer come to them and say two men in the store were acting suspicious. Store surveillance was reviewed and the male in the black t-shirt was seen stuffing a pry bar in his pants. They left in the vehicle shown in the last photo. If you recognize either of them or the vehicle, you can help us out by leaving a tip here!

Socks and Shoes

B9-069049      Occurred: 7/29/19


Kohl’s at 84th and O reported a shoplift of socks and shoes occurred at their store on this day. Loss prevention followed three males through the store. One of them did not appear to shoplift anything. Another of them has been identified as Cuong Nguyen (the male in the Husker Power t-shirt). He has already been cited for the shoplift. We are looking to identify the last male. He is shown above as the male with a tattoo sleeve on his left arm. He had blonde tips in his hair at the time of the shoplift. If you can assist with identifying who he is, leave your tip here!

Exit Strategy

B9-067943     Occurred: 7/26/19


Russ’s Market at Coddington and West A Street reported a shoplift. Video surveillance showed this person filling up a laundry basket with items and then exiting out the rear emergency door. If you have any information on who this person may be, you can leave a tip here. 


B9-066986     Occurred: 7/30/19

Marshall’s, located at S. 27th and Yankee Hill Rd, reported an attempted shoplift. They say the female in the dark colored top and the male in the white t-shirt appeared to be acting as look-outs for the female in the striped top. Store employees thought they were acting suspicious, so they confronted them which spooked them out of the store. Employees followed the group outside where the female in the striped top took two clothing items out of her bag and threw them on top of a car in the parking lot. We are looking to identify all three people. If you have any tips that could help, click here or call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000.


B9-069671     Occurred: 7/30/19

HyVee on 27th and Superior caught these two partnering together on a shoplift. The female in the black and white outfit was caught on camera stuffing a bottle of Bacardi Rum into the handbag of her associate. If you have any information on who these two may be, leave us a tip here!

Tip Grip

B9-069018     Occurred: 7/28/19

New Market located at 1111 . 27th Street reported a theft from the business. Upon review of surveillance, they located this man walking out of the store with their tip jar concealed in a box. If you recognize him, click here to leave a tip.

Prime Time

B9-067937     Occurred: 7/26/19

On July 26th, Lincoln Police Department received two reports of Amazon Prime packages being stolen in the Near South area of Lincoln. This particular theft occurred near 11th and Van Dorn. A camera captured this man pulling up to the house on his bike, snatching the package, and riding off. If you recognize him, his bike, or have any case details that could be helpful, you can leave a tip here!

Card-Drop Flop

B9-077042     Occurred: 8/20/19

The victim in this case dropped his credit card while at the Family Dollar near 48th and Leighton. Family Dollar provided us this footage of the person they believe to be responsible for a transaction on the victim’s card. He was described as an older black male that may be a regular at the store. He was wearing a unique hat as shown in the last photo. If you have any information that could assist in this case, leave a tip here!

Vanishing Vodka

B9-065240     Occurred: 7/18/19

Kwik Shop located at 23rd and Cornhusker reported a shoplift. They provided video of this guy they believe stole a bottle of vodka from the shelf. If you know this is, please leave us a tip here. 

Cold Move

B9-069151      Occurred: 7/29/19

Super Saver on 48th and O reported this woman came into the store and stuffed two pints of ice cream into her hand bag. If you know who she is, leave us a tip here!



B9-057731     Occurred: 6/27/19

Fast Mart at 33rd and A reported a shoplift. They provided footage of this woman, and reported she stole 3 packages of cigarettes. She has some pretty unique tattoos and a shirt that says “Queen”. If you recognize her, leave us a tip here!


Change of Plans

B9-067432     Occurred: 7/24/19

The victim in this case reported her purse was stolen out of her shopping cart at the Walgreens near 70th and Pioneers. Police located the purse discarded nearby at a restaurant. The victim was missing her debit card, but was able to cancel it before it could be used. Walgreens provided surveillance video of these two females; they were seen in the same time frame coming in empty handed, and leaving with a purse. If you know who they are, leave a tip here. 

Funny Money 2.0

B9-069927     Occurred: 7/31/19

Texas Roadhouse reported these two came into the restaurant, ordered and ate food, then left fake money on the table. If you have any information that could help us identify these two, leave a tip here!


Furious for French Fries

B9-066999     Occurred: 7/23/19

McDonald’s near 27th and Vine reported a vandalism. They said this woman was angry about the temperature of her french fries and became escalated. Video shows she shared plenty of angry words with McDonald’s employees before pushing the glass cookie display case onto the floor, shattering it. We’d like to know who she is so we can talk to her. If you recognize her, please leave a tip here. 

Smash and Dash

B9-076227     Occurred: 8/18/19

Lincoln Police responded to a door alarm at Robidoux, 1234 S. 9th Street. Upon arrival, officers found a door to be smashed in. The owner came in to assist with reviewing surveillance footage and this person was seen in the building for less than one minute; he grabbed a subwoofer and ran out. If you look closely, it appears he may have a tattoo on his left forearm. He was also wearing blue jeans with a unique pattern on the backs of his thighs and calves. If you have any information on this burglary, leave a tip here or call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000.


Pit Crew

B9-072055     Occurred: 8/1/19

Husker Auto Group on Telluride Drive reported a tire theft from one of their vehicles. Upon review of surveillance, this man was seen parking next to the vehicle, jacking up their vehicle, and taking the tire off. The vehicle he rode into the lot in was a newer Chevy Equinox, dark blue in color, with notable back end damage. He also had a temporary tire on the front passenger side of his vehicle, although he may have replaced it with the stolen tire by now. If you recognize the vehicle or the person, please let us know here.