Fanny Packin’

C3-095182          Occurred: 10/21/23

The victim in this case had her wallet stolen from her purse when she was at Home Goods. She got a text alert reporting her to potential fraudulent charges on her cards at Sam’s Club on Andermatt. Her cards were attempted to be used for over $4,000 but the suspect, shown here, walked away empty handed. Sam’s provided this video and we’re hoping someone recognizes this individual. If so, help us out and say it here!

Just Need You to Know the Chiefs are 8-3

C3-104853          Occurred: 11/22/23

The suspect shown here pushed out an entire cart of groceries past the point of sales. An employee confronted him in the exit and asked to see his receipt at which time the suspect pushed past him and then once outside the doors, struck the employee multiple times in the arm. The employee backed off and the suspect took the items and got into a silver Hyundai Elantra as a passenger. He was wearing a red plaid jacket and a KC Chiefs beanie. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Zales Robbery

C3-090048          Occurred: 10/06/23

On October 6th, this man went into Zales inside Gateway Mall around 11:15am during the day and demanded the employee open the jewelry cases. When the employee declined, the suspect told him multiple people were coming with guns. The suspect then went over to two different jewelry cases and smashed the glass to them with a hammer, grabbing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and running off with it. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Not Cool

C3-093442          Occurred: 10/13/23

Country Inn and Suites, 5353 N. 27th, reported several items missing from their conference room and storage closets. Those items included nine heating and cooling units, two TV’s, a chest freezer, and a cart believed to be used to haul the items out. Security cameras captured the suspect shown here. If you know who this is, say it here!

Stolen Purse | Credit Card Fraud

C3-102713         Occurred: 11/15/23

These two are believed to be responsible for stealing a wallet from an elderly woman shopping at Russ’s Market, 66th/O Street. They then fraudulently used her cards for over $3,200. If you can help us identify these two men, one of them with possible a left side of neck tattoo, say it here!

Fake Checks

C3-094024          Occurred: 10/08/23

Glenn’s True Value Hardware on 70th and Van Dorn reported these two came into the store and passed bad checks to make over $1,400 worth of purchases. If you can help us identify either of them, say it here!

ATM Break-In

C3-103177          Occurred: 11/17/23

The ATM at Liberty First Credit Union was broken into on November 17th around 1:40am. Investigators are following up on leads, including some of the tools being purchased at Harbor Freight stores in Kearney and in Urbandale, Iowa. This suspect was captured on the footage during the purchases of those tools. If you can help us identify him, say it here!

Optimal Opportunity

C3-100564          Occurred: 11/08/23

A Kia Optima was left running in front of the Cornhusker Bottle Shop on 1st/Cornhusker. A man was seen getting into the vehicle and driving off with it. Officers later located the vehicle in an airport hotel parking lot with cameras capturing this guy getting out of that vehicle. If you know who he is, say it here!

Hyundai Sonata

C3-100880          Occurred: 11/09/23

The victim in this case reports the driver of the dark gray Hyundai Sonata we’re sharing here displayed some acts of road rage towards them. It started near 27th and South Street with the suspect cutting the driver off and then following them. The passenger of that car then threw a drink at the victim’s vehicle. The victim was followed to 21st and L Street where the driver of the Sonata then rear ended the victim’s vehicle. The suspect, described as a white male in his 20’s, finally let off the victim about 2 miles from where the incident began. The victim decided to pull into a busy business parking lot and the suspect drove off. We’re hoping someone can tell us where we can find this vehicle, or better yet, who would have been driving it. It has some damage to the back passenger side and a black bumper that doesn’t match the charcoal color of the vehicle. Have some info? Say it here!

Watch It!

C3-089488          Occurred: 10/04/23

The owner of Lin Jewelers in Piedmont Shopping Center reported noticing one of his window display watches was missing. He reviewed his camera footage and noticed this man near the watch, concealing it into his back pocket. Thankfully the camera captured some excellent images of the suspect and we’re hopeful someone can help identify him. If you know who this is, say it here! 


C3-090657          Occurred: 10/08/23

The following individuals were present at Casey’s, 606 West A Street, shoplifting alcohol. When confronted by the clerk, they proceeded to physically assault him. The clerk said he was punched twice, hit in the back of the head, and when he fell to the ground, they attempted to stomp on his head which he then escaped. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

🚨 Fraud Alert 🚨

C3-080253          Occurred: 9/7/23

A wallet was stolen from a Nebraska Wesleyan office. These three were captured on camera at Sam’s Club using the credit cards from that wallet to make fraudulent transactions totaling over $2,000. If you know who they are, say it here!

Wrong Hands

C3-082335          Occurred: 9/14/23

The victim in this case left her purse at the front counter of Kwik Shop, 40th/A Street, on accident. A nice man saw that she left her purse and ran it outside to her, however he gave it to the wrong person on accident. This woman shown here is the one who took the purse, that wasn’t hers, and left with it. She was driving a red Ford F-150. If you can help us identify her, please say it here!


C3-093759          Occurred: 10/18/23

A family in the area of N. 1st and Adams forgot their garage door open overnight. Around 2am, these individuals were captured on cameras entering into the garage and taking two scooters and two electric bikes, valued at $2,800. If you have any information on this case, say it here!

1995 Honda Accord

C3-091415          Occurred: 10/10/23

The suspect shown above was captured on camera in the parking lot of Casey’s, 16th and Q, getting into and taking off in a 1995 Honda Accord that was not theirs. If you can help us out with this case, say it here!

$12,000 Burglary

C3-084426         Occurred: 9/19/23

This truck was captured on camera near a business at 70th/Pioneers that was burglarized while it was under construction. A plywood door was kicked in and $12,000 worth of tools and other items taken from the business. If you have any information that could help us solve this case, say it here!

**MISSING** Tyler Goodrich

C3008339          Occurred: Friday, November 3rd at 7:30pm

Lancaster County Sheriff and Lincoln Police Department are asking for help with any information that may be available regarding the whereabouts of Tyler Goodrich, a resident of Lancaster County that went missing on Friday, November 3rd around 7:30pm. The last information LSO has is that Tyler’s phone was active at his residence near SW 11th and West Burnham around that same time. He has not been seen or heard from since then. If anybody has any information that may be helpful, they can leave an anonymous tip here.

Stolen Honda Civic

C3-085835          Occurred: 9/24/23

A vehicle was stolen from the neighborhood near 40th/Nebraska Parkway. Video captured two individuals arriving on bike and then the stolen Honda Civic leaving the neighborhood shortly after. If you can help us figure out who took the car, say it here!

Four Winds without Four Corners

Case Cleared  11-1-2023

C3-092618          Occurred: 10/14/23

We are asking the city of Lincoln to keep their eyes peeled for a Four Winds camper that hit a car in the parking lot of Russ’s Market, 17th and Washington, on October 14th, and drove away. This camper is going to have unique damage to the overhead bunk above the cab, and more unique damage to the back corner on the driver side where it made impact with the victim’s vehicle. It also has a sticker on the front windshield that says “Mad Slope” or something similar. We’re asking if anybody knows where this camper is parked or can recognize the female suspect that was driving it, to please leave us a tip. Say it here!

So Here’s My Number, Call Me Maybe

C3-072268         Occurred: 8/14/23

The victim in this case accidentally left his phone at the end of a checkout stand at the Super Saver on 48th/O Street. Two individuals were seen on camera arriving to the store and taking the phone with them when they left. One of them has been identified, but we still need to figure out who this guy is. Can you help? If so, say it here!


C3-082759          Occurred: 9/15/23

Super Saver, 48th/O Street, reported this suspect came into the store and shoplifted two containers of Olay facial care product. If you know who this is, say it here!