C0-055525            Occurred: 6/17/20

Super Saver on 56th/Highway 2 reported a man came into the store and walked out with an unpaid for 12-pk of Heineken beer. They provided footage of this male they say is the suspect. If you know who this male suspect is, be sure to say it here!

Snacky Snack

C0-055538                Occurred: 6/21/20

Super Saver, 56th/Highway 2, reported a man came in to purchase groceries and had himself a smoked turkey stick snack while shopping. They say he ditched the wrapper and didn’t pay for his item. They provided video surveillance of this male they report to be the suspect. If you know who this Husker fan is, say it here!

Smashing Glass

C0-085587                 Occurred: 9/14/20

Casey’s Gas Station on 40th and Adams became the location of an overnight burglary by three suspects who smashed the glass on the front window to gain access. Once inside, they grabbed liquor and tobacco products before running out. If you know anything about this crime, or can assist with identifying the suspects, you can help us out and SAY IT HERE!

You can also leave a tip with Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000, or Lincoln Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600.

Let Me See Ya Grill

C0-095569                       Occurred: 10/13/20

Riddle’s Jewelry inside Gateway Mall reported they were helping a customer, when he ran out with three gold chains valued at a total loss of $6,300. They chased him into the parking lot where he got into a newer silver pickup truck and took off. He was described as a black male, six foot two, 170lbs, and had a yellow gold “grill” on his upper teeth. If you know who this suspect is, help us out and say it here!

Not So Bad Guy

C0-090446                    Occurred: 9/27 -9/28

Walgreens, 48th and Huntington. A truck was parked in the parking lot this night and had the back window shot out. We are unsure who the suspect is. The above people were in the parking lot that particular night and we would like to interview them and see if they heard or saw anything. The first three images are of the same male, and the last image is of another male. Is it you? If so, give us a call and help us investigate! Lincoln Police Deaprtment: 402-441-6000

You can also click to SAY IT HERE!

Boston Red Sox Fan

C0-061756                    Occurred: 7/8/20

The victim in this case reported she forgot her purse in her car overnight. She didn’t know it was missing until her credit card company alerted her that an attempt to make a purchase occurred with her card at the Tobacco Shack on 48th/Holdrege. Tobacco Shack reported a male came in and tried to purchase cigarettes, lottery tickets, and other items – but the card was declined. They provided surveillance of the male suspect shown above they report to be responsible for the transaction. He was wearing a Boston Red Sox ball cap. If you know who this male suspect is, say it here!

Questionable Behavior

C0-089774               Occurred: 9/26/20

On Saturday, September 26th, four teenagers were sitting on the stairs of the State Capital building late at night enjoying conversation when a man approached them and demanded their cash. One of the teenagers reported the suspect kept his hand in his right pocket, indicating threat of a potential weapon. The teenagers described the suspect as likely intoxicated, slurring his speech, and stumbling around. He was described as a male, age 20-30 years old, wearing a camo shirt, black pants, and one of the light blue disposable face masks. Surveillance images show this male suspect had a unique hair cut as well.

If you recognize this suspect, here’s how you can leave a tip:

Lincoln Police Department | 402-441-6000

Lincoln Crime Stoppers | 402-475-3600



Blink of an Eye

C0-082426             Occurred: 9/4/20

On Friday, September 4th around 5:00pm, the victim in this case pulled his car (2002 red Ford Focus wagon) into an alley near 11th/A to unload some work supplies. He was inside the shop for just minutes, when a man and woman on bike and foot, walked up to his car and drive off in it. The male is seen as the getaway driver while the female accompanies him in the passenger side of the vehicle. A broadcast was put out for the vehicle. One report came in of the vehicle being responsible for a road rage incident that same night from I-180 into downtown Lincoln. The vehicle continued to remain missing until 6 days after it was taken. It was located on September 10th near 12th and E Street. We are still looking to identify the suspects responsible for taking it.  

If you have any information that could help, here’s how you can contact us:

Lincoln Police Department, 402-441-6000

Lincoln Crime Stoppers, 402-475-3600



Beer Me

C0-059168              Occurred: 7/1/20

Walgreens on 13th/O reported a man came into their store and stuffed a beer into his pants before walking out without paying for it. They provided surveillance images of this man who they say is responsible. If you know who he is, say it here!

Mart Dart

C0-041035             Occurred: 4/29/20

The victim in this case reported getting a new credit card and finding out the old one had unauthorized charges on it. It was primarily used in the Havelock area for fast food. It was also used at Walmart on N. 85th and Walmart provided the images above of who they believe to be responsible for that transaction. If you recognize this person, help the victim out and say it here!

Ping Pong Paddle?

C0-093587                 Occurred: 10/8/20

The victim in this case, a resident near 16th & D Street, reported being awoken by a knocking at the front door around 1:45am. By the time he got to the front door, it was open and a ping pong paddle was missing from it’s spot in the front room. The resident had security cameras that captured the person believed to be responsible for this. Do you know who he is? Or did a random ping pong paddle show up? If so, say it here!


C0-087923           Occurred: 9/20/20

On Sunday, September 20th around 9:30pm, two boys were walking to the Walgreens located at N. 84th and Northern Lights. At some point, some words were exchanged with an adult who had some interaction with them prior to entering the store. This adult followed them into the Walgreens, made a purchase, and then left. As the boys were walking away, the adult then allegedly followed, confronted, and assaulted one of the boys. The victim was taken to the emergency room where it was discovered he had a broken nose and concussion among other injuries. We are releasing images of the male suspect to ask the community to help us identify this man believed to be responsible for the assault.

Leave a tip, here’s how!


Lincoln Police Department 402-441-6000

Lincoln Crime Stoppers 402-475-3600




Molotov Cocktail

C0-076629                    Occurred: 8/20/20

The victim in this case reported someone threw a molotov cocktail at his house near the 1700 block of N. 32nd Street. The car shown above had it’s headlights off and was seen driving away after a flash of light occurred near the victims house. If you know anything about this case, help us out and say it here!

Cable Cutter

C0-068958                Occurred: 7/29/20

The victim in this case reported he had his bike locked up on the side of his house near 33rd and F Street. His home surveillance system captured this male suspect walking up to his bike with cable/bolt cutters and cutting the cable lock off of the bike, and taking the bike with him. If you know who this male suspect is, help us out and say it here!


C0-093096                Occurred: 10/06/20

The victim in this case had her wallet and credit cards stolen from her while she was in Trader Joe’s. The credit cards were used at Target on S. 56th/Hwy 2 for over $500. Target provided images of the above suspects believed to be responsible for the transactions. If you know who they are, say it here!

Garage Visitors

C0-088218                Occurred: 9/20/20

On Sunday, September 20th around 3am, a resident that lives at The Aventine apartments near 27th/Yankee Hill caught a male and female entering into her garage and taking her security camera. Nothing else was reported missing from this event, however, another garage at the apartment building was entered into on the 13th of August and $500 worth of tools were removed from that particular garage. The tenant of that garage also had their car rummaged through and their wallet stolen. We are asking if anyone recognizes the suspects in this video to leave us a tip, as we try to figure out if the crimes are related. 

Lincoln Crime Stoppers: 402-475-3600

Lincoln Police Deaprtment: 402-441-6000



Fraud Alert 🚨

C0-086083            Occurred: 9/15/20

On Tuesday, September 15th, the victim in this case reported her wallet being stolen from Whole Foods (60th/O Street) while she was grocery shopping. She was then alerted that her credit card was used at the N. 85th Walmart. One attempted charge of $1200 was declined, but one charge of over $2000 was approved. Walmart provided video surveillance of the person they believe to be responsible for using the card, and a female he was with. We are seeking assistance in identifying these two. Anybody with information is asked to leave a tip:

Lincoln Police Department: 402-441-6000

Lincoln Crime Stoppers: 402-475-3600




C0-088550                Occurred: 9/22/20

The victim in this case was shopping at the Andermatt Walmart when her wallet was taken from her purse. Her credit cards were attempted for usage at that same Walmart she was at, and the N. 85th Walmart. Walmart provided still images above of the suspect believed to be responsible for the fraudulent transactions. If you know who she is, help us out and say it here!

Walking Away

C0-058821                     Occurred: 6/30/20

Lincoln Police continue to work on an unsolved burglary that occurred back in June. This male suspect was seen leaving from the area (28th/N) around that same time. We are looking to ID him. If you know who this suspect is, leave us a tip: say it here!

Garage Door Openers

C0-089317            Occurred: 9/22/20

Three people were caught on camera prying a garage door open in the 1900 block of SW 27th in the early morning hours of September 22nd. It was reported an impact wrench was taken from the garage, but thankfully nothing else. We believe this case may be related to C0-089287, another garage burglary that occurred around that same time frame. If you know anything about these garage burglaries, help us out and say it here!


C0-089508              Occurred: 9/25/20

The victim in this case was grocery shopping at the Hyvee on S. 40th/Old Cheney when she noticed her wallet was missing from her purse. She then noticed two unauthorized charges at the Walmart on S. 27th & Jamie Lane. Hyvee was unable to locate the theft from her purse, but Walmart was able to provide the surveillance above of this male suspect allegedly using her credit card for over $1,700. If you recognize this male suspect, help us out and say it here!

Cart Dart

C0-091210                   Occurred: 9/30/20

Menards (South Lincoln) on Andermatt Drive reported a man described as a white male in his 20’s, 170lbs, and wearing a Tap Out shirt placed several items into a shopping cart, exited the store with them, and loaded them into his pickup truck. It was reported he had purple rims in the back of his pickup truck. If you know the identity of this male suspect, be sure to say it here!


C0-083367                    Occurred: 9/6/20

Sark Storage at 1901 West O Street saw two suspicious vehicles this particular evening visit as multiple storage units were entered into overnight. If you recognize either of these suspect vehicles, say it here!


C0-077878             Occurred: 9/4/20

On August 22nd around 8pm, Black Hills Energy near 16th and Old Cheney caught on surveillance, a man coming out from the bushes into their parking lot. He is then seen on camera messing around the vehicles, even climbing on top of one of the trucks at one point. The business experienced around $2,500 worth of damages to four vehicles and other pieces of property. If you can, leave a tip to help us out:

 Lincoln Police Department 402-441-6000 

Lincoln Crime Stoppers 402-475-3600


One. Two. Three. Four?

C0-085800              Occurred: 9/14/20

A four car accident occurred near 33rd and R Street on Monday, September 14th around 4:15 in the afternoon. One of the vehicles involved took off. An image of that vehicle was captured and we are now releasing it to the public to ask for assistance in locating the vehicle. It appears to be a late model Mitsubishi Lancer, darker in color with a light colored rear bumper. The vehicle had no plates at the time of the incident, and is likely going to have some damage to the back passenger side door and the back passenger side of the bumper. We’re asking if anybody knows where we can locate this vehicle, to give us a tip and help us locate that driver.

Lincoln Crime Stoppers: 402-475-3600

Lincoln Police Department: 402-441-6000

Anonymous Tip:   SAY IT HERE!


C0-080914             Occurred: 8/30/20


A belated hit and run accident was reported on August 31st.
A resident in the area of North 40th and Dudley reported hearing a
loud crash the day before. It was later discovered a small SUV had likely crashed into a house nearby. Thankfully someone who heard the noise grabbed their phone and started recording. They captured this light blue or silver colored Mercury Mariner backing out of the yard after the alleged accident occurred. We are looking for help from the community to locate this vehicle so we can continue the investigation. We are looking for a 2004-2010 Mercury Mariner, as mentioned, light in color. It’s going to have some pretty obvious front-end damage from the impact with the house. If you have any information about this case, we urge you to call Lincoln Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600, or the Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000. You can also SAY IT HERE anonymously. 

Pioneers Park

C0-085723             Occurred: 9/11/20

An employee from the City of Lincoln reported observing damage to an attic hatch in a building at Pioneers Park. Upon review of surveillance, these two males were located on camera as persons of interest. If you know who either of these male suspects are, help us out and say it here!

Missing Tools

C0-083977                  Occurred: 9/6/20

A job site near N. 25th/Fairfield had over $7,000 worth of tools go missing from the work area. Upon review of surveillance, they located this male suspect. If you know who he is, say it here!

Trail Away

C0-078181            Occurred: 8/21/20

This case happened back in late August. A local Lincoln
business had their enclosed trailer parked at Revolution Wraps near N. 27th and Cornhusker as it awaited a custom wrap job. The trailer was worked on, and then parked overnight on Friday, August 21st, so work could continue on it in the following days. Cameras on a nearby business captured a newer white Chevy Silverado driving off with the trailer that same evening. The truck had some unique markings including red and blue side decals, numbers written in on the back window, and even a dog sitting in the back seat. We are asking for the community to help us locate this truck so we can continue the investigation into the missing trailer, as it has not yet been recovered. We are asking anybody with information about who this truck might belong to, or where we might be able to locate the truck and/or the trailer, to leave us a tip so we can continue investigating for the victim and hopefully recover the trailer. 

Leave a tip:

Say it Here!

Call Lincoln Police Department: 402-441-6000

Call Lincoln Crime Stoppers: 402-475-3600

Ding Dong

C0-084523               Occurred: 9/11/20


In the early morning hours on September 11th, a resident in the area of N. 58th and Tangeman Terrace reported she was taking her dog out in the backyard when her Ring app on her phone alerted her that a male was walking up to the front of her house. The victim did not recognize the suspect. She described him as a male with a dark stocking cap, a light colored Under Armour hoodie, gloves, glasses, a mask, and dark colored pants. In the video you can see him remove the doorbell camera from her house. We are asking if anybody else has experienced anything similar to please make a report to Lincoln Police Department by calling 402-441-6000. Additionally we are asking if anybody know the identity of this male suspect to help us out by contacting Lincoln Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600 and leave an anonymous tip.