My Porch was Picked!

C0-096499                                 Occurred: 10-10-2020

You have heard of your pocket being picked, but what about your porch?? This individual was in a very greedy mood and decided that a package that was on a porch in the area of 27th and Manse needed to be his!  He walked up and grabbed the package and walked off.  The victim didn’t know the package was gone until he was notified it had been delivered, but was not there.  He checked his video doorbell camera and found this individual picking his porch!  Know who this greedy person is?  Say It Here!

Making Your Own Luck!

C0-110303                                   Occurred:  11-30-2020

These individuals arrived at the Sunset Inn, 2920 NW 12th and one of them broke into a “game of skill” machine and removed the cash from it, damaging it in the process.  The parties then get into the car and leave.  If you recognize these fashion moguls, Say It Here!

Lock Your Doors!

C0-111903                                    Occurred: 12-04-2020

The victim in this case reported that this person came up to their unlocked  vehicles and rummaged through them, taking a small amount of change.  The person then fled in the circled vehicle.  It was similar to an older model Toyota Sienna.  Do you recognize the vehicle?  Can you t ell who that person might be?  Say It Here!


C0-109738                                  Occurred: 11-28-2020

VM Innovations had a door window on the North side broken out by this individual at approximately 0054 hours.  If anyone knows who this “Man in Black” is, please Say It Here!

Groceries and More!

C0-114810                                   Occurred:  12-12-2020

Costco was a victim of a substantial shoplifting loss by these two individuals.  They were asked for their receipt at the door.  The unknown male kept walking and the female searched in her purse, but then just walked out. If anyone knows who they might be, please Say It Here!


Bicycle Blues!

UNL Case #20003754          Occurred: 12-06-2020

Can you help the UNL Police Department solve their bicycle blues?  This individual removed a bicycle from the area of Smith Hall at 1120 North 14th on 12-06-2020.  If anyone knows who the party is, they are encouraged to Say It Here!

Checked Out!

C0-112752            Occurred: 12-7-2020

These 2 white females went to the Walmart at 84th and Highway 2 on 12-7-20 at about 3:48 pm and took several items to the self checkout where they scanned everything and swiped a credit card but cancelled the transaction before leaving with a shopping cart of merchandise.  The same females went to the Walmart on N 27th a few hours later and pulled the same heist there.  If you know who either of these Self Checkers are say it here.

Testing, Testing….Is This On?

C0-083807                                 Occurred: 10-08-2020

Can you help us identify this person?  He allegedly took a cell phone from a customer in Blessings and More at 4040 Adams on the above date.  She only knew her cell phone was gone when her earbuds alerted her to  the fact that her phone was out of range!  Imagine her surprise!  Help her get a clear signal again!  Say It Here!

Who Broke My Window??

C1-022257                                   Occurred: 03-12-2021

Can you help identify this car?  It contains at least one person responsible for damaging the victim’s window with a BB or Pellet Gun.  It appears it might be a 2012 Mazda 3i Hatchback, but we are not quite sure!  If anyone recognizes this vehicle from being in the area the 1600 block of North 28th on the 12th of March, let us know by Saying it Here!

Christmas – First Strike!

C0-111492                                     Occurred: 12-03-2020

These individuals appear again in C0-111833 as Grinch’s for Christmas.  They did the same thing as they did on 12-14-2020, shopping without money!  They loaded their cart up, scanned their items in the self-checkout lane and then pushed their cart out the door….forgetting they needed to pay!  Know who these two are?  Look at the pictures under Early Christmas, C0-111833 and help us stop the access to free presents!  Say it Here!


C0-111499                                    Occurred: 12-03-2020

This individual entered the Orschlen’s at 5640 Cornhusker and filled his cart with items.  He was contacted by an employee allegedly trying to go out the back door.  He was told that the door was locked.  He then grabbed a coat and pair of boots and ran out the front door.  Know who this person is?  Say It Here!

Hit and Run!

C1-026211                                     Occurred: 03-25-2021

This unknown Pontiac Vibe or similar was WB on Y Street approaching 27th.  As the victim began crossing the street in the crosswalk, the vehicle backed up, struck the victim, knocking her to the ground.  The car then performs a U-turn and speeds off EB on Y.  The victim had to be treated at the hospital for injuries.  Anyone in the area of 27th and Y on 3-25-2021 at 7:10 PM who might have seen this accident?  Anyone know the vehicle driving away in these photographs?  Say It Here!

Early Christmas!

C0-114833                                   Occurred: 12-14-2020

Christmas came early for this couple!  They spent time shopping at Walmart on North 85th Street.  They went to the self check out lane and scanned all the items in their cart.  The male exits the store with the items in the cart while the female stays behind and swipes her card numerous times through the card reader.  She then leaves the store, but the transaction never went through.  There was approximately $500.00 in loss.  Know who these Christmas elves are?  Say it Here!

This isn’t my house!

C1-026828                                            Occurred: 03-27-2021

This suspect enters the victims house by walking in the front door. She then opens cupboards in the kitchen.  She then leaves the house and looks at the address as if she made a mistake.  Nothing is missing, but the owner feels a little violated. We would like to talk to her regarding the surprise visit! Know who this mystery house guest is?  Say it here!

Gone in 30 seconds!

C1-026444                                  Occurred: 03-26-2021

This suspect with a faux hawk and red sweatshirt entered Alan’s Autos at 2040 O Street and ask for the keys to a 2014 Silver Kia Forte for sale.  Employees turned over the keys and the suspect promptly entered the vehicle and drove out of the lot.  The suspect did not have permission to do a test drive and the car has not been located.  Know this suspect or know where the car is?  Say it Here!

In Emergency, Break Glass!

C1-024857                                   Occurred: 03-21-2021

This burglar is in no way a “smooth criminal”!  He has a time of it breaking through the glass at Fast Mart, 33rd and A.  He eventually has to crawl in through the bottom of the door glass area, after fighting with the window glass for some time.  Once inside, he loads up his tub with cigarettes and flees the scene.  If anyone knows who this befuddled burglar is, say it here!

In Emergency, Break Glass-The saga continues!

C1-025451                                  Occurred: 03-23-2021

This individual apparently had an emergency that required he have lots of cigarettes NOW!  He broke the glass out of the door to Phillips 66th at 4749 Normal Blvd with a tool.  He then enters and loads up the tub he brought with cigarettes and similar items.  He then leaves on foot out the broken door.  This is not the only burglary this suspect has apparently committed.  Anyone with information on who this might be, say it here!

Funny Money!

C0-092951                                  Occurred: 10-06-2020

This duo made some purchases at U-Stop, 2925 NW 12 and passed a counterfeit bill to pay for their purchases.  The clerk informed them it was a fake bill and they left.  They returned shortly with a lottery scratch ticket and paid for their items.  If anyone knows who the ladies might be, we would like to talk to them about the origin of the bill.  If you know who they might be, say it here!

Walmart walkout

C0-111492            Occurred: 12-3-2020

On 12-3-2020 at about 7 p.m. this white male and white female went on a Walmart walkout at the N 85th Walmart.  The walking duo pretended to pay in the self checkout lane but only scanned their merchandise before leaving without paying for a single item.  If you know who either of these Walmart walkers are say it here.

Camera Caper!

C0-096739                                   Occurred: 10-17-2020

This man with the glowing eyes is responsible for stealing security cameras from the victim’s house in the area of the 800 block of West A Street.  Anyone else have this glowing golem on their cameras?  If anyone recognizes this individual, say it here!

Game Changers!

C0-106607                                  Occurred: 11-17-2020

We all need to follow the rules of the game, but these two persons did not like the rules they had to follow!  They entered the FastMart at 33rd and A and the male immediately started playing a gaming machine.  He then came up and produced at winning ticket.  The clerk got suspicious and wrote down the plate number of the car.  The winning ticket was a fake and apparently Omaha has felt the effect of these rule changers as well!  Can you tell us who these two are?  If so, say it here!!

Hey Mac!

C0-084350                                 Occurred: 09-08-2020

This individual is suspected of taking a Mac Book out of a person’s vehicle while it was parked at the College Of Hair Design, 9000 Andermatt Drive.  The victim inadvertently left it in the car and found it missing when they exited the business.  If there is anyone who recognizes this individual, please, say it here!!

Irregular Check!

C0-091869                                 Occurred: 10-02-2020

Can you help us identify this masked person?  The victim in this case is out money by this party participating in a forged check on the victim’s account.  This occurred at West Gate Bank on 10-02-2020 at approximately 4:50 pm in the drive through lanes.  If you were in the area at that time and saw this person, we would like any tips you have!  Know who this is?  Say it Here!

Tis the Season……..For Theft!

C0-097452                               Occurred: 10-19-2020

October is the season for tricks!  But this trick is not the kind anyone wants to see!  This unknown soul approached a residence in the 8400 Block of Eagle Crest Rd on 10-19-2020 and removed packages.  He left in the very distinctive green VW Bug.  Anyone know who this is?  Say it here!

Scheels Shoplifter!

C1-019091            3-2-2021

On 3-2-2021 this male and two others that have been identified entered Scheels and removed approximately $1400 in items and left without paying.  Officers have found and been able to return some of the items and identify the two others involved,  but we still need your help!  If you know who this male is,   say it here.

Glass Breakers!

C0-108670                                  Occurred:  11-24-2020

Now, we realize that this looks just like two ghosts from a video, but two people broke the windows out of that car and did not take anything.  The victim does not know anyone who would target the vehicle or them.  If anyone was in the area of the 3100 block of South 25th St at about 0430 hours on 11-24-2020, please help us out with any information you might have on these two night terrors!  Any info, Say it Here!

Tax Break!

C1-024102                                   Occurred:  03-18-2021

The victim in this case left his H&R Tax refund debit card on the counter at KFC, 9th and South.  Soon, he was being notified of a variety of uses across the city to the tune of approximately $400.  One of them was at the CVS at 1550 South Street, where these images were gained.  Do you know who this unknown Tax Break-er” is?  If so, Say It Here!

Target of Opportunity!

C0-100391                                   Occurred: 10-26-2020

This unknown couple decided on a shopping spree at their local Target.  Unfortunately they did not wish to pay full price!  They “ticket switched” their expensive items with tickets from food and beverages and then “paid” their bill in the self-check out lanes.  If anyone recognizes these two or the vehicle they left in, Say It Here!

The Imposter……..

C0-096095                                 Occurred: 10-15-2020

The victim in this case had his wallet stolen.  His debit card was taken and then used at Walgreens, 14th and Superior, by this unknown female. She purchases a number of baby care items at approximately 4 o’clock in the morning with it.  If anyone knows who this might be, please, Say it Here!

And the Beat Goes On…….

C0-094453                                 Occurred: 10-08-2020

This case has the beat….so much so that the suspect in it wanted headphones to keep it going!  AT&T, 2950 Pine Lake, reported that this individual was recorded on video removing a pair of wireless earphones from the store without paying!  He ‘beat it’ after he made his selection. Know who this is?  Say it here!